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It was a dark cooled night as Temari walked to sakura who seemed to be crying. "Sakura…. What wrong?" Temari asked her as she went over to her. Sakura was by the lake outside the village crying. She looked up to see her and her bothers she tried to looked happy as she said "Oh Temari-san I didn't know you were in the village." she wiped her tears. Gaara and Kankuro followed Temari to sakura.

"Its nothing really am ok. So did you just get here?" she asked

"Um yes, we come to visit you guys but then we found you crying what's wrong?" Tenari asked, She then saw a bruises on her arms.

"WHAT HAPPEN TO YOU?" Temari yelled\asked, worried about her friend . Both Gaara and Kankuro took a look, and saw her arms beaten up, bleeding, and now that they looked at her closer they saw that she was mess up. Her hair had some dirt and leaves in it, her face was full with sadness.

"Who did this to you?" Garaa asked finally talking. He couldn't help feel sorry for her as he looked at her. This was a first. He couldn't explain it, but ever since they became friends he saw her as part of his family….

"No one ,I just fell, and you know how weak I am I just stared crying for no reason. Will anyways come on, let's go, am positive the others will be happy to see you all, but I hope you don't mind if we stop at my place so I can get clean up. I don't want the others to see me like this," Sakura said cheerful.

"Ya no problem, Come on boys." Tinari said, as she took sakura hand and pulled her up. They talked the whole way about girl's things. Things that Garaa nor Kankuro ever wanted to know about their older sister.

"So sakura how are things with you, and chicken hair ass guy?"

"You mean sasuke…." she said as she looked even sadder "We're find you know. same old same old. We started to go out not that long ago and he been great." she lied.

"That good, so what are you doing to do with you wounds?" Kankuro asked her

"Oh, I'll heal them myself. Am not a medic-nin for nothing you know." she said as she headed her wounds easily. After that she went in the shower quickly to take out the dirt. Once out, she was wearing a long hoodie and a pair of jeans.

"Ok, Am done lets go see the others." She said smiling like nothing had happen. They all followed her out and went to a cafe.

"Sakura where are you parents? I wanted to say hi to them." Temari asked, she really like Sakura's parents; and want to see them.

"Oh… They are died. They die about 2 months ago on a mission. I live alone now." sakura said as she looked sad again.

"Oh am sorry. I don't know."

"That ok, I mean you just got here you had no idea don't worry about it. So where are you guys stating tonight?"

"Will we were thinking about sating in an inn; but if you want we can stay with you."

"That would be great!!" sakura was happy that Temari and the other where going to stay with her. They then found the others and sat with them . Sakura left early as Temari and her brothers stayed…Temari couldn't put her finger on it but she felt like sakura was hiding something from her and she so wanted to know what it was but, then again Sakura would tell her when she it was time.

Days later

It had been a few days since Temari and her brothers came. They were all having fun. Sakura found out that Gaara know how to cook which scared her a little, sicne he did try and kill her once she would poke at the food and make Kankuro try to eat some of her's fist and see if he would just drop die but to no luck. Temari would laugh at this but after a while she got it thought her head that he wasn't trying to kill her and she got use to the idea, of him cooking.

As they houng out the Naruto and the other Temari and her bothers had to go meet with the Hokage leaving Sakura with her friends… ones they where gone they stared to push sakura down,

"Who do you think you are?" asked Ino

"What do you mean?" sakura asked not knowing what she did wrong this time.

"Don't act stupid how could you let those 2 guys in you house!! What are you cheating on me now??" sasuke said as he hit her

"You so weak!"

"Ya why are you even alive?"

"Your just troublesome"

Her friend stared to hit her.

"You have no talent why are you a ninja in the first place?" all of the hitting didn't hurt as much as what they had said to her. In side she felt like they were right. After a while they left one by one getting tired of looking at her. Until only she, and sasuke were lift.

"You been a bad girl sakura staying with 2 guys now I wonder what goes on at night…" he come closer to sakura. Sakura didn't know what was wrong with sasuke. He had been acting so weird since her parents died, all of her friend did. It was like they don't love her anymore like they know something that she didn't; sasuke went down on her and stared to kiss her. She loved him so much but lately he had been so mean to her as if he doesn't love her back as if he hated her more them love her. As he kissed her he said doing things she didn't like or was really for.

"Sasuke don't" she wiped but he didn't listen to her.

"SASUKE!!" she yelled but then he pinned her to the grown…

"Knock it off." she cried. He stared to rip her shirt off but don't get a change. Some sand griped his leg and thought him back. Sakura looked at who it could have been when she saw Temari and her bothers. Temari went to her and cheeked if she was alright.

"You pig!! How could you? If ever see you go near sakura again then you are much more then die. Do you understand ! "she yelled at him as she help sakura up. They then took sakura away with them taking her back to her home so they could bandage her up and to tell her the truth... They left an angry sasuke behind as they did so…