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3 mounts later Kakashi pov

Tonight the night that sakura is 'Alive'. She seems to be getting better everyday that I see her. A while I seen her so down like she don't want to live but now that she knows who she is she is so much more happier then she ever was. She comes over a lot so we could spent the little time she has here with someone who cares for her some of the village are staring to talk about us but that will all stop soon…

"Kakashi-kun come on you said that you where going to train with me today." she Yelled out from the kitchen I got up and walked over.

"ya am really but I thought we where going to meet at the training grounds." I said

"ya and then waste about 2 hours? No way come on lets go." she said as she took my arm and made me go out side.

~15 minutes later ~

We been training for the last 10 minutes and she really getting stronger so far she has leaned how to use the Raikiri ,Doku Gasu, Rasengan, and the Shadow Clone Technique and many other Jounin level technique am teaching her everything I know. And she is taking it all in like a sponge I now wish I would have train her more then the boys, In 3 shout mouths she has almost reached my leave but every time we finish training she feels like she's still weak no mater how many time I tell her she wrong. I wish I could convents her that she is stronger but nothing seems to work... Sakura thought a kick at me as I got it man that was too closers.

After training

We where done and I bray bit her. If she only know that then she would feel a little better but when I try to tell her she don't believe It. Right now we are sitting under a tree resting. She was drinking water.

"So this is the last time we will be trading." I said she looked at me and nodded

"Will at less until I come back. So make sure you don't get killed in any mission I won't be there to heal you." she said with a smiled

"ya will I keep that in mind. Come on we still have about 5 more hours." I said as I helped her up "Lets get some ramen." I added she smiled and we walked off.

Sakura's pov

After we eat we went to the shops these last full last months have be ok. I spent my days with Kakashi. I know there are some that are starring to talk about us but after today they will all shut up. We arrived at his house again and went in for about 2 more house we talked some more and read some books he then he 2 boxes

"what this?" I asked

"A gift from me to you," he said with a cat like smile. I opened them and in on of the boxes there was the whole series of Icha Icha Paradise. I looked at him

"Kakashi did you forget am 16?" I asked him he just gave me a smile

"oh sakura come on I know your mauch enough to hander it I mean I could never get this to Naruto or Sasuke and I want you to have them and once you come back I would like to talk about what you thought of them." I sighed

"thank you Kakashi I will read them so them went I come back I can bet the crap out of you for scaring me for life." he laughed at that the next box had a set of Kunai and on the header there was a cherry blossom. And there was also another book on A-Rank jutsus!!

"wow I love it thank you" I said hugging him

"I know you would like it now her put them in here so you have them I made a pack back for you it has clothiers, food and water and some other weapons you may mend they are all in the normal pocket so you can take them out easy." he said he was like a realy father to me he always know what to do and say to make me feel better or to make such am safe. By now its one in at night and its time for me to do. I give him one last hug

"I'll miss you too but I'll come back in 2 days with the sand siblings as my own cousin my name is going to be Rin she and you will have everything the house and all."

"ok then I will give you my address so we keep in touch." he said and I nodded as we walked to the door.

"Good bye sakura" he said I smiled at him

"its not good bye its so long. I'll be back as soon as am strong enough and you will see me in 3 days a my own cousin so it could be fun to make the other feel guilty." I said he laughed and nodded

"ok sounds like a plan so long sakura remember to write to me. And don't forget that your father may be gone but you have me here waiting for you to come back." he whispered I could feel be tears in my eyes now so I kissed his cheek and left I went in to the alley. One there I saw them 3 fighters with long black cloaks the tall one with blue skin he was the one who had a girl that looked some what like me in his arms she was dead there was also Itachi I know him he is Sasuke older brother and there was .. OMG its Sasori,

"I thought you where die." I said looking at him

"Ya will you thought wrong I don't do dying," he said as he gave me a smirk

"Here put this one Leader-sama" said Itachi as he gave me a Akatsuki uniform I looked at them.

'what is it? We need your clothes to put it on this girl that will be your clone! Once come on" the taller one with the blue skin said getting impassion

"will if you want me to change in these then turn around." I said blushing.

" Look you it not like you have anything spicier, we haven't see" Sasori said I looked at him I feel like punching him

"ya will your nothing but a puppet so how would you know what a girl looks like you should can't do anything since you are like a human size doll and fish guy am such a lot of girl just love the smiling like fish think and Itachi will I don't know about you but I will think of something later" I said as they looked at me

"wow pinky will make a good leader she acts like her mother already mush run in the family." the fish guy said

"just do as she said she is the new leader" Itachi said as they just turn I change quaky and then we put the clothes they gave me along with the cloak "ok you may turn now." I said they did as I told them they did as I told them the tall fish man put the girl on the ground.

"give me those clothiers." I did and he put it one the girl she looked just like me.

"who is she?" I asked

"she was your cousin she was ill and going to die so she voeentered to take your place she said it would be an honor. So they gave her something in her body that makes it look like she just die we just have to make it go down her "now we just have to look like we killed her." he said he took out a kunai and gave her some cuts and briers and then he stabbed at her hart, I felt bad for her she had to gave up her life so I could leave this place as Itachi pput a rice hat on me which coved my face

"Ok now yell bloody mutter." he said I did and took my place ahead of them . At once 2 ninjas came it was Naruto and the other was Sai a guy that I know and who was also kind to me even thought he did call me a hag. They both looked at the body and right always thought it was me.

"you basters what do you want?" Naruto asked

"Noting just leaving a message." the fish man said

"and that's we have a new leader and this is a little bit of what we will be doing." said Sasori"you had to kill sakura to do this!" yelled Sai I could see tears in his eyes.

"no she thought we where coming for the fox and she wanted to protect him. If she dint waster her time on that she would still be alive."

"don't sat that Kisame she wanted to die she wasn't happy here you could see it in her eyes. Too bad she would have made a good member if she wasn't bent on proctoring theses who hurt her here"

"really I don't see that. I thought she was crazy."

"you basted!! I'll kill you." Naruto yelled but before he could say anything I went in and press a pusher point, which made him pass out. Sai looked at me with whiled eyed.

"who are you?" he asked me

"am the leader." I went back to the other

"come on lets not waste our time here." and with that said we left. Leaving the only 2 friend an my "father" fighter known that in 2 or 3 day I would come back with the sand siblings only to be know as my own cousin , sad yes but this was the only way.