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Rose screamed as Emmett jumped out from around the corner at her, Alice behind him cackling evilly. I looked up at Edward only to see him as bewildered as I was, gawping openly at Emmett.

He was wearing a full length black cape, had visible eyeliner on, and was supporting a pair of plastic fangs. His hair had been gelled into spikes, and his eyes were so dark with the added make up, they were like pools of darkness.

Jasper started roaring with laughter, as the fangs fell out of his mouth, and dropped to the floor, Emmett scrambled down, and hastily put them back in, looking round at the scene he had just disrupted. Esme's hands were still raised where she has dropped the remote for the TV, she was looking at Emmett disapprovingly, and Carlisle was completely ignoring the scene, as if he had seen too many decades of Emmett's peculiar sense of humour. Rose was leaning against the wall glaring balefully at her sometimes-husband, evidently not amused. Jasper and Alice were both giggling happily, Alice had obviously helped Emmett prepare, and it's not as if anyone could've surprised her anyway.

"For god's sake Emmett, what the hell are you wearing?" Rose refused to look at him, and was glaring at the floor, pissed at getting humiliated.

"It's Halloween Rose, humans get dressed up like this. I'm going trick or treating!"

"Emmett Cullen, you are not leaving this house dressed like that." Esme stood up from the couch, her hands on hips.

"Aw c'mon! It's just a bit of fun! Edward, you want Bella to fulfil her human needs while she still can, well this is very human."

He very well knew I was Edward's weak point, and once Edward's been won over, of course, I'd follow through.

"Um Emmett, as fun as this sounds…" I interrupted before Edward could deliberate anymore.

"Oh, Bella, I've already seen you agreeing, so don't even bother arguing because you suck at it." Alice said, sticking her tongue out at me. I sighed as I realised how true that was. Emmett made his way over to Rosalie, and started whispering in her ear. I could see she was considerating agreeing, and even cracked a smile at his ridiculous outfit as she touched his spikes.

"Esme, Carlisle, you guys in?" Jasper asked hopefully.

Esme just raised an eyebrow, as Carlisle answered for the both of them.

"You kids go and have some fun. Anything to get some peace and quiet around here. Try not to get into too much trouble."