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My happy ending:

"Argh! Can you stop moving like a worm for at least one minute?" Asked Brooke with clear annoyance in her voice. "It's a custom made wedding dress Miss James, future Scott!" She added closing the buttons on her back.

Haley scowled at Brooke through the mirror. "Well I need to pee!" She said annoyed. "It's not my fault if your goddaughter is pressing on my bladder!" She added jutting her lower lip in a pout.

"Awww don't make me…what?" Brooke asked her hands frozen on the buttons. "My…. my goddaughter? Really?" She asked in a squeal.

Haley rolled her eyes. "Of course really! Like you didn't figure THAT one out!"

"Well…" Brooke said shrugging and cocking her head to the right pretending to be hurt. "I couldn't be sure you know…" she sighed heavily. "Since you hid so many things from me and all…I wasn't sure I was your best friend anymore." She added dramatically.

Haley shook her head. In fact, she always thought that it was Lucas who would go crazy about the pregnancy, but her mother and him took it fairly well knowing they could handle it as long as they were together. Brooke on the other hand was really happy until she found out that both Chris and Sam found out before her. It had been 2 months now and she kept playing that card to make Haley feel guilty. "You know…the guilt won't work forever…" Added Haley in a warning tone.

"Ehhh I'll get as much as I can…" Said Brooke with a cheeky grin. "Now go pee, I'll be waiting patiently! I'm done anyway, the dress is prefect." She added proudly helping Haley out of the dress. "You'll be the most beautiful bride in the world tomorrow."

"Uh huh." Said Haley looking at her friend doubtfully. "I'll be the pregnant bride." She added with a laugh.

"Yeah you will, but in an original clothes over bros dress even if by marrying Scott the bro comes first but…" .She shook off her own comment. "My wonderful goddaughter is worth it. I just hope she'll have a better fashion sense then you," added Brooke more to herself then to Haley's attention.

"Whatever Davis!" Said Haley pretending to be hurt by the comment.

About an hour later Haley, Brooke and Peyton were in pajamas eating cookies in front of the living room TV of the small flat she was sharing with Nathan. They had moved in together about a week after they decided to get married now that Nathan got a spot on the Cardinal's Team. Everything was falling into place even better then she expected them to be. Chris and Sam had built a nice friendship with Nathan and life was going rather smoothly.

An overplayed, exaggerated loud sigh brought her back to reality.

Haley locked eyes with Peyton and they both rolled their eyes.

"What's up Brookie?" Asked Haley trying to sound concerned, but wanting to laugh trying to imagine what kind of weird thought was going through her head.

"I was thinking that…"Started Brooke

"That's a first!" Peyton said laughing.

Brooke stuck her tongue out, but concentrated her attention on Haley again. "I was thinking that it's the last time we'll be like this." She said sadly. "I mean tomorrow you'll be a Mrs., nothing will ever be the same again."

"Aww come on!" Said Haley wrapping her arms around Brooke. "You know you'll always be my Brookie!" She kissed Brooke's cheek loudly. "Married or not…it doesn't change anything you'll always be my best friend."

"I love you H. James…Almost Scott…" Said Brooke her voice breaking with emotion.

Peyton muttered something under her breath that the girls couldn't really get, but sounded like 'Drama queen'.

"You want me to call Jake?" Asked Haley innocently.

Brooke considered that for a second before looking at Haley through narrowed eyes. "Nuh huh! Nice try young lady!" She said shaking her head. "I get it!! You call Jake whose staying with Lucas and Nathan at Chris's tonight then…" she scowled at Haley "conveniently Nathan would drive Jake to the flat and you'd get to see him huh?" She asked with accusation in her voice.

"What? I didn't even think about that!" Said Haley doing her best to sound hurt, trying to make Brooke feel guilty. She hadn't seen Nathan for two days now trying to follow Brooke's stupid rule that the bride couldn't see the groom for the 48 hours preceding the wedding.

"Oh don't even try that with me Hales." Said Brooke seriously. "I invented the 'I-look-sad-to-get-what-I-want' look. There's no way you are going to see Nate before the wedding." She looked at Peyton for a second before concentrating her attention back on Haley. "Lucky enough I sleep in your room so don't even think about sneaking out."

Haley let an exasperated sigh out. "You're Machiavelli!" She said standing up while Brooke stood up to follow close behind.

"I dunno who that is, but thank you very much," said Brooke starting to follow Haley.

"You don't need to follow me Brookie. I'm in my PJ's, it's night…I'm not going to sneak out I promise. I need to pee and it's something I would pretty much like to do alone if you don't mind." Said Haley squaring her shoulders

Brooke raised her hands surrendering. "Fine...GO!" She said sitting back on the sofa. She added something sounding like 'Grinch,' but Haley ignored her happy she didn't notice that she took her cellular from the table.

Nathan was in the car trying to get a glance at Haley through their flat windows. Two days without her was too long. I lived without her long enough. I don't want to lose a minute more then necessary. He thought seeing her standing up and going to the bathroom.

About 2 minutes later he heard his phone beep in his pocket. A big grin spread on his face when he saw who it was from.

I miss u…I love u. I can't wait for tomorrow and be your wife. I hope ur having more fun then me. xoxo H.

"More fun then you are? I don't think so…miss you like hell. Being away from you it's like having a part of me taken away." Said Nathan out loud while replying to Haley.

Haley sighed reading his reply. Was it possible to get everything we ever wanted and more? She asked herself with disbelief.


It was long passed midnight, but Haley couldn't sleep. She couldn't help but be lost in her thought of what her future would be.

She carefully stood up to get a glass of milk from the fridge. Almost as soon as she turned on the light she heard her phone beep on the table.

Open the door. Said the text mysteriously.

Haley frowned and walked quietly to the door. As soon as she opened it her face lit up with joy. Nathan was standing there with his perfect smile.

"Nate…What? How?" She whispered.

Nathan walked to her and wrapped his arms tightly around her waist and kissed her softly.

"I wanted to see you…See your beautiful face before tomorrow." He whispered against her lips. "You don't even know how much I missed you." He added before kissing the tip of her nose.

"I can imagine if it's nearly as much as I missed you." Said Haley bringing her hand to his lips and tracing them slowly. "It's risky for you to be here you know." Said Haley with humor in her voice. "The wedding tyrant is here and well…" Haley turned her head around still secured in Nathan's strong arms. "She might have a shot gun you know." She added pretending to be serious.

"I don't care…I would brave every danger if I got a chance to hold you in my arms." He said trying to be humorous too, but his eyes were showing all the seriousness of his affirmation.

Haley smiled blissfully. "I know how you feel. I would brave many things to be with you."

"And you did unfortunately." Nathan whispered to her ear. He loved her scent, and couldn't keep his nose on her neck forever. "I… I just needed to tell you so many things before the wedding. I needed to thank you…." he saw the confusion in her eyes. "Thank you for loving me." He added brushing her lips so softly with his thumb that it could have been a feather.

"I…Yeah of course I love you and there is no reason for you to thank me for that Nathan." Said Haley still whispering, but her voice full of panic. "What…Not that I'm not happy to see you, but why did you come just now? Is there something wrong?" She added breathing faster. An incontrollable panic took her by surprise and the horrible idea that Nathan came to say goodbye.

"No nothing's wrong," he said in a soothing voice. "There's so many things I need you to know before you walk down the aisle tomorrow." Said Nathan still keeping Haley securely in his arms, his eyes on hers as if they were the two only people in the world, but to some extent it was true, they were each others world. "Tomorrow you will be mine, you will declare to the world that you choose me and only me but…. I don't think I'll be able to say all I have to say then because…" He took a deep breath "The emotion will cripple me as always, but I need you to know that choosing me, giving me your heart was the most significant act that anybody could ever do." He gently brushed her hair with his left hand while keeping his right around her waist. "You saved me Haley…You don't even know it, but your love is what makes my heart beat."

"But Nate…" Started Haley.

"I'm not done love." Said Nathan shushing her with a chaste kiss. "I didn't brave danger for nothing." He added quickly looking at the bedroom door before looking at Haley again.

"Some danger indeed…" Said Haley with a small shudder imagining how Brooke would irritate her to death for the next decade if she saw them together just now.

"Thank you for giving me your heart, your love and a daughter." He said rubbing her belly adoringly. "Thank you…" He said kissing her nose. "Thank you…". He kissed her forehead. "Thank you…"He finished finally kissing her lips.

"My heart was yours since you shared that chocolate bar with me in what seems a lifetime ago." She smiled with nostalgia. "Europe…"

"Changed everything," said Nathan finishing her sentence. "That's when I realized that I couldn't live somewhere where you weren't. I noticed that someone might take you away from me one day and that…that hurt me way more then I thought it would. I couldn't ignore it any longer and boy…" He shook his head. "it scared me to death. I was petrified to let all my defenses down, but I had way too much to lose if I didn't tell you how I felt and that's the best choice of my life, that's when I really started to live."

"Me too…" Said Haley standing on her tiptoes to kiss Nathan's lips. "Me too…I mean I truly think we saved each other on so many level."

"Hales?" They heard Brooke's sleepy voice from the bedroom.

"I'll see you tomorrow my love…my heart. Sleep well and tomorrow you'll be mine," added Nathan kissing her quickly before going and closing the door quietly behind him.

"Just so you know…I've always been yours…I don't think I ever had a choice." Haley whispered to the door before turning around walking back to the room. "I'm here Brookie, go back to sleep."


It's had been 4 months now since Haley became Mrs. Scott. They both thought that life couldn't get better then that until they held their daughter in their arms. They've heard so many times of how holding your baby in your arms made you realize everything, but they never thought how much love, how complete they would feel.

"Welcome to the world…" Said Nathan taking his daughter from Haley's arms. "She's perfect… thank you so much for this amazing present" He said the voice shivering with emotion.

"She's got your eyes." Said Haley lovingly in awe.

"She's got your nose and lips…" Said Nathan looking at his daughter as if he was looking at an angel who had just flown down from heaven. "We waited for you…We couldn't wait to meet you. We love you so much Naley."

Naley Karen Scott was born on the 14th of February, which ironically was the best present that both Nathan and Haley could have dreamt of. The perfect symbol of their love…the proof that they were meant to be.