Puppet of the Leaf

Puppet of the Leaf.

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AN: let me first start by saying this is not a super naruto fic. Just using puppets wont make him suddenly Kage level. And while I've read, and enjoyed, many of those, I wanted something different for mine. All puppets that Naruto builds are my own ideas. If someone wants to use any for their own story please give credit where credit is due.

Chapter 1:

The Sandiame Hokage, leader of the Village Hidden in the Leaves, walked at an even pace through the streets of his village, never breaking stride nor acknowledging the protests of the grey-haired ANBU following him.

"Hokage-Samma, please listen to reason." The voice of the ANBU was still cool and calm, almost bored, "If you must go then take an escort with you, if not one of my subordinates, then at least one of the Jounin."

Finally the old leader stopped and turned with a sigh. "Listen, I appreciate you're concern for my wellbeing, however, since the old Kazekage vanished, Suna had all but severed it's ties to all other villages, now I must go to meet with their new Kage if we are to have any hope of forming a treaty with them. Besides, I am Hokage, I'm quite capable of taking care of my…"

His voice trailed off as a loud noise erupted from a nearby alley, accompanied by a fit of yelling. Sarutobi was about to continue his thoughts when they both discerned one word from all the otherwise intelligible obscenities…'demon'. As soon as the word registered with the two men they were off, the ANBU, not for the first time, surprised by the speed the old man was moving with.

The two rounded the corner in time to see two men standing over a few knocked over garbage cans, sprawled among which was a small figure with a blonde head of hair. The boy, no older then four or five, was crying, his sobs reaching them even from the front of the alley.

The first of the two men held the broken handle of a broom stick over his head, obviously intending to hit the boy with it. "Dam monster, Hokage's not here to save your demon ass now…" He brought the stick down towards the child's head, and went instantly pale when a good portion of its length clattered to the floor. The frightened man turned to look behind him in time to see a member of ANBU re sheath his katana on his back with a defining 'click'. His head snapped back to the front as footsteps could be heard coming towards him. There before him was a man he easily recognized, even without his traditional robes and large hat. "Ho…Hokage-samma…"

Ignoring the terrified man, Sarutobi knelt down and examined the boy. He had only minor injuries, and most of them, he saw wouldn't have been caused by the men. All in all, he was mostly just scared. Standing, Sarutobi came to a conclusion.

"Kakashi, take them away. Charge them with assault and lock them up I'll deal with them when I return." The two were quickly rendered unconscious and restrained.

"Hokage-sama, I still don't think it's wise to…"

"Don't worry; I'll bring an escort, alright?"

Nodding, Kakshi took the two and vanished. The old man turned back to the, now smiling, boy and helped him up. "Now then Naruto, how would you like to take a trip with me?"


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