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Author's Note: Response to the First Meetings Challenge on Missing Pieces.

I hurry to the elevator and get in, as the doors are about to close a slender hand stops it from closing and in walks a beautiful woman. My breath catches as I stare at her face. She is beautiful and I smile at her. I step out of the elevator and go to my office and hear that she is following me. I frown in confusion as to why she would come down here. Stepping into the sim lab and into my office I turn around and there she is.

"My name is Michelle Luca. I'm here to help you with the pretender project."

I smile at her in greeting. "Sydney. Glad to have you here." I sit down and nod to the chair that she should sit down at. We talk about the pretender project and Jarod and then we get up to get Jarod for his next simulation.

The End