A cherry blossom's Life

Sakura Haruto...Is a Normal...well Not so Normal Teenage girl..who is also...a Kunoichi For the leaf village of Konohagakure. Also the only Pink haired nineteen year old women who is a skilled Medic and Anbu captain.

After Sakura and Neji came back from their mission along with half the rookie nine...with them...Tsunade assigned her more missions, but not any too far away or alone...she had been put on more Hospital shifts now..to keep her in the village.

Yes Tsunade was being cautious very...ever since she learned of her ties with Akatsuki and specially...Uchiha Itachi, Sasori, and Deidara..those close ties...But...She had heard that recently...Those three had been doing Ninja work for all the villages. Now Konoha.

Naruto Kakashi and Sakura had moved in with Sasuke shortly after Sakura and Neji's mission on Akatsuki.

The Uchiha compound is now so full of life with those four again...Sai decided not to live their...by his own choice and she didn't blame him..He must feel abit lonely..since Sasuke is back in the village...

Tsunade has seen The changes Sasuke has made...He is laughing and having fun...the way any kid should..but he wasn't just a kid he was an Eighteen year old..shinobi...One who..was no longer on probation...Sasuke was now..a Jonin...After he took the exams...of course...

Kakashi was getting a new team at the academy...but he refused...saying there will always just be one..Team for him...The crazyest one yet...

Sasuke was happy now..Sakura was spending time with him..and he wasn't alone..and he realized he had actually alot in common with Sakura...they both liked the same types of books and some of the same foods...Yet Sasuke knew that Sakura was more like Itachi then he, but it made him closer to Sakura...at least somewhat...

Having people live with him he felt like he had a life again he couldn't kill Itachi..yet he still anted to revive his clan..yet he didn't want to with anyone but one..he would never tell Sakura his feelings for her...but how could he?...

Sakura still loved Itachi and Deidara..and Sasori..that one he could understand a bit..but...Why Deidara he was so much like the blond idiot that lived with him now why did she like him?...why love him it was like loving Naruto..it confused Him more then her falling for Itachi...who knew why it just did...

What surprised Sasuke more was that that same blond idiot..that Hyperactive moron who could never bet him..was engaged to The Huyga Heiress...How someone could love Naruto he had no clue..but it still was good for Naruto none the less that shy girl seemed to mellow the Dobe out just a bit...and that was better then nothing...Although Naruto wasn't around him much anymore because of the fiance.

And...Now that Deidara Sasori and Itachi lived with him again...well...His time with Sakura was also limited..as is..specially with the three glaring at him non stop..for being around her...he wondered if he did the same when it was just him and Naruto protecting her?...

Since the three Ex-Akatsuki members moved in to stay..they stayed with Sakura in Itachi's old room...although She spent the night with Sasuke when she was arguing with Itachi they do that alot the two didn't get along all the time..he hated to admit it, but they seemed like an old married couple..and yet he was happy..his life was getting back to normal well somewhat..normal..he had a family again including the one family he had left and just happened to kill the other family he had...but..that was in the past...he hated Itachi still but he was his brother and he was just glad he came back...

Itachi was different now..he was smiling now..not just smirks or Sadist grins no smiles...he was laughing..but he was till Itachi..so that pride got in the way also...and when you share one girl with three men its hard...he didn't understand the relationship the four of them were in but he didn't really mind..he was just happy to have Sakura with him again he really had missed her and Kakashi and..yes...even Naruto..

Everything was relatively normal...actually...it has been a year now that Itachi and Sasori and that Naruto copy-cat...Deidara...(thats mean Sasuke!) Moved in with him and his old team...Sasuke was close to becoming ANBU and The three ex-Akatsuki members were ANBU for leaf now...Yes...Kisame was there too...But..Sasuke didn't get along with that guy much..he was mostly out drinking anyway..he was in the room next to..Kakashi's...He was actually..close to Kakashi and Naruto then he would have thought and even if Sakura seems to get angry at him

She seems to like the fish guy too...

Kisame was actually close to Tsunade in the drinking partner sorta way...But..Kisame was still a Ninja for the leaf now and he was not Anbu..he didn't want to be so he was Jonin although Tsunade wouldn't let him have a team of his own saying he not only drank too much but he would scare the kids out of there sandals.

Sasuke was a bit..not upset but...Something he was there wasn't a word for it it was confusing that Sakura was Over Itachi...He knew Sakura was...very powerful but..still since she healed His eyes Itachi was...more powerful...and even learning more jutsu then ever...but yet Skaura was still Anbu Captain..and Itachi seemed fine with that...he seemed just a bit worried that she worked so hard both at the hospital..and...as a Anbu Captain.

He also felt just a tad lonely still Even though Sakura spent time with him..more then Naruto..even..He ..well hes not one to..well..he was missing..something..he hated..to be all romantic..and things...but..he wanted to be ..with that one girl...the only girl he ever felt conferable with..that was always there for him...but he couldn't have her could he?...no..His brother and thouse other two had her...but every where he turned...every one was getting married was married or...something...

Tenten and The Huyga were courting each other...Naruto and his fiance...Shikarmaru and that Tamari..from sand...Ino..and..Kiba...even..Choji and..Shino had found girlfriends does ask him how but they had...Choji found a chiefs daughter..in Stone...and..Shino..well he was courting some girl...from..Sand also...Sasuke could never remember there names..But Sakura made him..go to a ton of party's...he hated them..but..still..he went because she asked him.

Yes..Sasuke was wrapped around her finger..and he may hate it..but he couldn't say it wasn't true he grown soft for that Pink haired female...Her hair was longer now..to her waist...Itachi asked her to grow it out...she Didn't like long hair she said it made her look delicate.

Sasuke thought so too but didn't want to get hit..so would never say so...

" Sasuke?..." Said eighteen year old turned to the direction his name was called to find a tired looking Pink haired Medic...

" Sakura?...just get off work?..." He asked looking at the sky he hadn't realized he was walking for so long with out noticing it was now dark out.

She nodded..her White doctors coat still on..her Pink hair up in a pony tail...much like..Deidara's. Her eyes were tired...She once told him that she couldn't sleep that well with the three males...Itachi...Deidara and Sasori..were hard to sleep with even in the kingsized bed.

" Long shift?..." He asked she nodded...and sigh...then walked over..to stand in front of him.

" What are you doing out this late its almost 2am Sasuke...got a date?..." She asked and smirked. He rolled onyx eyes...

" Of coruse not...I Guess I was thinking too much and lost track of time..." He said and rubbed his eyes just a bit confused.

" That's dangerous your a Ninja Sasuke don't daze out like that..." she warned and smiled at him...he smiled back and held out his hand she took it and he picked her up she didn't really protest he felt that she was almost out of chakra...so..he knew she wouldn't anyway.

He lept from house to house...until he reached the Uchiha compound and walked her to their house...he slid open the door and walked her in.

" Are you hungry?..." He asked she shook her head...

" Do you want to sleep in my room tonight?..." he asked she shook her head..

" No thanks Sasuke..I told Itachi I would sleep in our room tonight...he's worried you might ravish me in my sleep or something random like that..." She waved off weakly Sasuke fought off a blush and scowled...

' I'll kill him..making me the bad guy again...' Sasuke thought...

" Alright..." Sasuke sigh and let her down as he approached..Itachi's room it wasn't that far away from his own...

She turned and smile at him...

" Thank you Sasuke..sleep tight...okay?..." She asked her Jade eyes were dull from lack of sleep and her chakra being drained.

She opened the door and Sasuke walked off going to bed.

Sakura looked into the dark room...she need to take a bath before she got in bed she must smell Honorable after a twelve hour shift...she had been put on a double shift...she didn't mind but she was exhausted.

Her eyes adjusted to see Deidara asleep with his arm thrown over Sasori..who...was sleeping peaceful in the blonds arms..it always made her blush how close the two were...but she never told them she found it cute..they had been partners it is normal for the two to be close even though they argued so much over art.Sakura ends the augment every time with...a ' Art is beautiful in all its shapes and forms weather it be in a few seconds of beauty or eternally...'..It worked every time.

She looked to the window..where Itachi sat waiting up for her he wouldn't sleep until she was alseep she rarely saw him sleep...she savored when she got to..he was so beautiful...he looked peaceful when sleeping and...just a bit Innocent..not as much as Sasuke..but..close.

He looked into her jade eyes with his own Onyx he had done as she said and not left his Sharningan on at all times only when he was in a fight like Sasuke...did with his own and she healed this eyes after every battle...She told him to be careful..at all time with his Mangakyo..Sasuke too..Sasuke had also learned it..she disapproved of both them using it to just spar...but they were stubborn.

" I'm going to take a shower then I'll go to bed Itachi okay?..." She asked he frown but nodded sharply.

" I'll wait for you.." He said she blushed..he always seemed to make her blush no matter when it was..she smiled softly at him...

" Sasuke carried you home?..." He asked the question stumbled her a bit. she nodded hesitantly she always had to be careful with Sasuke..she knew Itachi wouldn't let her...do anything close to a relationship with him...He wouldn't share her with his little brother..she loved Sasuke she really did..but Itachi forbid her to..well do anything...more then be Friends and to tell you the truth she had enough men on her plat...her three... Men..were stressful enough..and Itachi was hard to please...She had not slept with any of them...she was to scared..not of..them..but..of how it would work..she knew Sasori and Deidara wouldn't mind being together with her but Itachi is another matter all together even if he said he would share her with them...she still had doubts about how he would.

How exactly was it supposed to work out with all four of them in bed..sexualy?...she had no clue and was too embrassed to find out.

She looked at Itachi a moment longer before she walked to the closet...to fetch her clothes..

" Are you going to Sasuke bathroom to shower?...are you spending the night with him?..." Itachi's voice was so calm she shivered the tone wasn't dangerous but that look in his eyes was a silent warning he hated it when she slept in his brothers bed..he hated it more then he would admit..he knew she loved Sasuke..but she also loved him..and she wouldn't betray Itachi he knew it..but..still...Sakura 's first love was Sasuke..and no matter how long ...it had been he will always be.

" Yes and no..His shower yes..but I'm coming back..." She said frowing as she looked back at him carrying her clothes in her hands.

" Ah.." he said..quietly...

" They look so cute I'm jealous..." She said pouting Itachi looked at Deidara and Sasori then shook his head in a bit of amusement.

" They love you.." he said..she smiled and nodded.

" But they look so cute. I wish they would always sleep like that...I really..don't know how to keep my eyes off them though its distracting..." She mummered and blushed..Itachi walked to her he kissed her forehead.

" Now..I'm jeaolus..." He teased..she blushed and looked up to him...

He leaned forward they were close to the same height...witch made it easier to kiss ...there lips met ..softly...he never pushed..her..and yet somewhere in her mind she wanted him to like old times..where she was seduced by him...he was more behaved now...she was glad..and disappointed at the same time.

He pulled back first and backed up..she blushed more as he opened his crimson eyes...

" Itachi..." She said ..he smirked..."they Activate sometimes with emotion..." he said..she nodded she knew that but looking into his Sharingan eyes made her blush he was Itachi with Crimson or Onyx eyes...but the crimson..of that Sharingan...she was..more familiar with. He was different with out it on..but not a bad or good different just...more...behaved..in a since...she groaned in her mind..how was she supposed to say it when she didn't understand how to?...

" Hurry back.." He said and she nodded walking out to Sasuke's room.

She knocked quitely...he answered in his Blue boxers.

" Sakura?..." he asked she held up her clothes he understood so moved aside...

" Thank you Sasuke..." she said as she walked into his room to his bathroom..he shrugged.

" Its fine I'm useto it..by now don't you think Sakura?..." he asked she nodded blushing...

" Itachi is awake?..." he asked she nodded.

" He won't sleep until I do..." She said Sasuke shook his head...that was Itachi for ya..

She walked into his shower and closing the door she shredded her clothes..and took a fast shower..Sasuke knocked...she Tensed just a bit under the water.

" yes?..." She asked...

" can I come in?.." He asked she nodded...then groaned realizing he couldn't see her and called out a yes..

she heard the door open...then close. She couldn't see him since the black shower curtain was blocking both their views from each other.

" What do you have to work tomorrow?..." He asked she tapped her chin in thought. The hot water had relaxed her muslces and all..so she felt better..by at least a bit..

" Uh...I'm off tomoorow." She said...

" Oh..really?...that's good...You need to rest anyway." Sasuke's voice said softly...

" Your going to sleep right after this right?..." he asked she nodded blushing slightly.

" Yes why?..." She asked..Sasuke blushed.

" Just wondering..I didn't want you to be kept up my Itachi or anything." Sasuke said quickly she blushed a scarlet.

" I don't sleep with Itachi..well not like that..Sasuke...he Can't keep me up by anything but talking..."She said then paused and didn't think to say or kissing she didn't want Sasuke getting in a fight with Itachi again.

" What about Deidara?...and Sasori?..." He asked suddenly she blushed again..darker thsi time...why was he suddenly wanting to know if she was actively sexual with them for?...she had never been..and she wasn't now...yet at least...

" No and No..why do you want to know such personal things Sasuke if I was a normal Girl I would have smacked you for asking..." She said he winced...

" Sorry just curious that's all..." He said..she frown...

" Whats wrong Sasuke?..." She asked he frown.

" Nothing..." He said...and opened the bathroom door again.

" Sasuke." He paused at the door.

" We'll talk..later..." She said..he heisted...but sigh

" Fine..." He said..and shut the door...

She shut off the water after a nice long shower..she felt much better now..she dressed in..black..yes..black..all black..a. black t-shirt...Itachi's and Black shorts..Deidara's...she wore their clothes to bed more comfortable she brushed her long hair and left it undone...she had towel dried it but it was still damp.

She brushed her teeth and walked out...Sasuke was laying on his back in bed staring at the ceiling.

She sigh she walked over and climbing in bed...crawling over him..she looked down at him he just stared up at her..she was on her hands and knees over him.

" You should get to bed." He said she nodded...

" You should too..." She said...he leaned up..she blushed as he kissed her...

" I miss you..." He said against her lips..she nodded.

" I Miss you too..but..Its busy these days..I'm given alot of work from Tsunade...I can try to get some days off..for vacation.." She trailed off...he pulled back..laying his head back on his pillows..all that black hair spread around his face...and pillow...he was so pale...her pink hair trailed into his black hair...mixing and mingling.

" But they would take your time...I want to spend time with just you again..Sakura..." She nodded.

" I know..." She whispered.

" I will...I will..spend time with just you Sasuke..." She said he smiled softly...

" He won't let you Sakura..." He said..in almost a mock tone..she winced...

" Itachi...I know...but..Your my best friend I need to spend time with you too hes just...concerned..." She said..looking into those deep onyx eyes.

" Concerned...yeah.." He said...she sigh..and kissed his forehead this time..just as Itachi had to her...

" go to sleep Sasuke..." She whispered and slid out of his bed he didn't try to stop her she wasn't his to stop...

He sigh as his door closed after her.She walked to Itachi's room down the hall..opening the door..Itachi stood from his spot by the window..

" Finished?..." He asked she nodded and walked to the opposite side Sasori..she slid in bed..cuddled to Deidara's back..Itachi slid in also..and..Wrapped an arm around her waist.

" Goodnight..Itachi.." She said he kissed her neck..she shivered.

" Good night cherry blossom."...and with that she feel asleep...between Deidara and Itachi.

Sakura groaned as she awoke in the middle of the night. She heard loud snoring coming from down the hall and giggling in the night...and a random yell from the room down the hall.

Yep Sasuke, Naruto and Kakashi were asleep now... She groaned again. She tried to turn but a arm prevented her that was around her waist she looked behind her at Itachi's sleeping face.

She groaned again as he pulled her tighter...Deidara had his arm flung across her and Itachi and Sasori..where was he?...she looked around then to the floor he had fell off the bed. well Deidara was wound in the covers and Sasori tended to get kicked out of bed she rolled her sleepy jade eyes.

What had really woken her?...then she heard it...she tried to get out of Itachi's arms but it was no use.

she had to wake him.

" Itachi..." she said in his ear his eyes snapped open and he held her closer then his eyes focused on her.

" What?..." He asked in a husky sleep filled voice she smiled she always love to hear that voice when he woke it was so cute and sexy. But she frown.

" Kisame is out again..and there is a foreign Chakra in the compound." she said whispering he did that long blink that she knew was when he was thinking.

" It is..Pein..." Itachi said and sat up making Deidara wake and groan as Itachi threw his arm back at him he whipped at the slobber on his shirt from Deidara's mouth in his palm.

" What?, Yeah..." Deidara said whining he hated to be woken up. His hair was a mess but it was down and fell around him...it got tangled sometimes. Itachi's hair was also down and she loved it that way. He hated it.

" Pein is here." Sasori said rubbing his head that seemed to have a bump on it she figured it was when he fell out of bed.

" What?,Yeah.." Deidara asked his gray blue eye was wide.

" Why is he here?...Yeah. We quit Akastuki,Yeah..he let us go freely, yeah..." Deidara said suddenly more awake.

Itachi shrugged witch ment 'I don't know'...or 'who cares?' Sakura was betting 'I don't know.'

Pein was in the Kitchen when they found him he was waiting for them.

" What are you doing here Pein?..." Sakura asked looking at the orange haired man.

" Orochimaru is back...He managed to kill Kakazu and Hindan...and he has Konan...and Tobi now." Pein said with out looking up from his hands on the table.

" But Sasuke killed him." Sakura said her eyes wide.

" He came back..Hes more powerful...to kill two immortal Akastuki and kidnap Two very strong members he also has help from...someone from Stone,Mist and Snow." Pein said...

Sakura had an horrible thought.

" Are you here to warn us or are you here to ask for help?..." She asked surprisingly none of her roommates said a word as she and Pein spoke.

" Help...and to warn..." He said she looked at him with a curious suspicion.

" your not one to warn us about something or ask for help why now?..." Sasori asked finally someone spoke.

Pein looked a bit upset so she sat beside him never trust an Akastuki leader but even so...

" Its payment...I warn you and your village and You help me...retrieve Konan ...and Tobi." He almost forgot Tobi witch made her raise her eye brows.

" Why come to us?..." Sakura asked...Pein tensed.

" Konan is pregnant and Orochimaru will kill her and her the baby ...But I can't really defeat him alone...and you have my old members...Sakura...Haruno...He wants to kill Itachi." Pein paused and Sakura stood.

" If Konan is in Danger..." Sakura said but Itachi grabbed her arm.

" Continue..." He said to Pien. The orange haired man nodded.

" He wants Sakura's...he wants her to bear a child for him..." Sakura's eyes went wide.

" So he wants her that is why you came to us?..." Sasori asked narrowing eyes and he took her hand in his...

" He wants me to have sex with him?!" Sakura asked almost too loud. She would have woke Naruto and Sasuke and Kakashi.

" No..." Pein said and looked down again Sakura hated when he did that it ment he was hiding something.

" He wants your and Sasuke's child then...but he wants not only Sharingan but Deidara's Sasori's and his own jutsu's... he will inject you with their DNA and he wants your and Sasuke's child. As a weapon to train until they are old enough to take over that body." Itachi said and Pein nodded.

" Why not Itachi?..Yeah he's and Uchiha too...Yeah" Deidara asked.

" He hates Itachi..." Sasori said and looked at Sakura who had her mouth open in shock.

" What do you think we should do?...I want to help Konan and Tobi...I can't not help..." Sakura said trembling just a bit at the knowledge that Orochiamru wants her for his twisted experiments.

" If you think we should then we will...we tell Lady Tsunade and help Pein...but we have to protect you and Sasuke...I will not let him have you..." Itachi said wrapping his arm around her waist she nodded.

" So you will help then?..." Pein asked them they nodded and before he looked away Sakura saw relief flow over his face.

" Konan her baby is yours isn't it..." Sakura started she saw Pein tense but hesitantly nod.

" I promise to help save her Pein and your baby..." Sakura said he smiled a small smile but nodded and stood to leave.

" We'll meet up at Akatsuki's old base in stone...come as soon as your ready to..." Pein said and left.

Sakura looked up at Itachi...

" We have to tell Tsuande...and get there soon...to save Konan...and Tobi." Sakura said he nodded but frown.

" It will take a while to find Orochimaru if he is more powerful we may need more help..." Sasori said...from beside her she nodded.

" Are we help enough?..." Naruto asked with Sasuke and Kakashi beside him she frown.

" Your staying...I don't want..." She satrted but Itachi covered her mouth with a ruff hand she looked up at him again.

" You three may help...if Tsunade wishes it...Sasuke would be safer with us then here unprotected anyway..." Itachi said and then uncovered Sakura's mouth.

" But..Itachi..Yeah..won't bringing both Sasuke and Sakura together be like...Yeah handing Him them gift wrapped?..Yeah..." Deidara asked frowning she nodded and Itachi shook his head.

" I will never let him have her...And we will need Sakura to heal us if we get in trouble...and we will need her regardless I'm not leaving her here." He said Sasori nodded.

" So we go to Tsunade in the morning she won't be awake until noon." Sasuke said.

Naruto and Sakura grunted.

" She's never awake and when she is she's drunk..." They echoed together.

" Then we go tonight." Sasori said Sakura sigh and shook her head.

" She's not there yet we wait until morning...plus it will do us no help...we mise well sleep and go ready tomorrow." Sakura said and yawned.

Kakashi nodded and pulled Naruto back toward there rooms to sleep ...I walked over to Sasuke.

" I'm sleeping with you tonight your bed's bigger." I said he rolled his eyes his hair looked sort of like Itachi and Deidara's did messy and every where.

" I'm coming also." Itachi said.

Deidara and Sasori frown.

" If you two come too it defeats the purpose of going to Sasuke's room..." Sakura said pointing at them both they both pouted but shrugged.

" Good night.." She said and grabbed Sasuke hand and wondered off to his room with Itachi behind them.

End chapter 1

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