Chapter 6: A Score to Settle

Smarty Pants 2.0 had quite enough of Johnny Test still laughing at it, after Johnny made a quite attack with using the mech.

"Are you sure that was a good idea Johnny?" asked Dukey who was sitting in the seat next to him, to which Smarty Pants 2.0 was charging right at them, "Because I think we're going to need some help over here!"

The powered up nano pants made a devastating attack on the two, knocking both of them right out of the supernatural mech. Poor Johnny, landed right into some mud that was on the ground while Dukey landed right on top of his back.

"Get off of me!" cried Johnny as he pushed Dukey aside.

"I think we may make the Grim Reaper's day!" cried Dukey as he held closely toward his master as the Smarty Pants 2.0 was going to charge at them like a bull.

"Oh no, Johnny's in trouble!" cried Jimmy.

"There's got to be a way we can save him" added Danny to which everybody began to look at Sissy and Missy.

"Alright, we'll come up with a distraction for that powered up pair of pants" sighed Sissy.

"Yeah, you two go and do that, I don't want the reap the flaming-headed one, he's got a long way to go before I have a chance to do that" replied Grim.

"So, what's our plan here?" asked Timmy to Mandy.

"You're asking me to come up with a plan?" asked Mandy.

"Yep" replied Timmy.

"Fine" said Mandy, "all we have to do is just simply wait for Harold to go get his pants."

"Speaking of which, where the heck is my dad?" asked Billy.

Back at the battle scene, poor Johnny felt he was quite well out of luck as Smarty Pants 2.0 was about to charge at it. When suddenly, a rock was thrown at the powered up pants, but as Johnny and Dukey turned to see who threw the rock, Johnny was astonished that Sissy was the one who did it.

"Why are you helping me?" asked Johnny to Sissy.

"Well, if you're not around, I will have no one to compete against" replied Sissy.

"Makes sense to me" said Dukey to which he signaled Johnny, "now let's run!"

As Smarty Pants 2.0 ignored Sissy, Sissy continued to through another rock or two at it, this making the powered up pants made as it then turned on Sissy.

"Whoa, didn't see this coming, let's get out of here Missy!" cried Sissy as she and her dog began to run from Smarty Pants 2.0, as it began to concentrate on her.

But as Smarty Pants 2.0, seemed to have corner Sissy, Harold immediately came right into the scene using the old mech Sissy gave to him earlier.

"Not so fast pants, you have been a bad pair of pants, now I'm going to put you away for good!" said Harold.

Smarty Pants 2.0, simply glared at Harold, as if it were trying to ignore him.

"Trying to ignore me aye?" asked Harold to which he then noticed the many shiny buttons on the mech, "Well, maybe I'll just press some of these buttons here."

Suddenly Harold's mech then began to fire several deadly lasers from it, targeting Smarty Pants 2.0 as it was about to use its straps on its waist to tie up Sissy and Missy. But the lasers then hit the pair of pants, sending it flying right into the air and crashing quite hard on the ground.

"So, you think you pair of pants to be the one to control me?" asked Harold as he guided the mech to be right in front of it, "There's only one person here that you'll ever deal with, and it's going to be me!"

It was then, that Smarty Pants 2.0 had quite enough of Harold trying to put it in its place. The powered up pants used its waist straps, and began to try to smash Harold into the ground. Yet Harold managed to press some of the buttons on the mech and was able to dodge it.

"Wow, look at your dad go!" cried Grim as he was looking at Harold fighting Smarty Pants 2.0, "He might win this one for sure."

"Yeah, go dad!" cried Billy as he cheered on his father.

Back with the fight between Harold and his pants which had become Smarty Pants 2.0, it was Harold's turn to attack his pants. He fired some sort of grenade which, after it exploded, instead of putting his pants on fire, it put parts of his pants on ice quite well frozen.

"Yeah, now you're going to be mine again!" cried Harold as he pressed the same button again.

Harold kept on firing the grenades that were freezing Smarty Pants 2.0, to which Harold wanted to still keep his lucky pants intact, but still destroy the Smarty Pants and the nano technology that was helping it. Eventually, Smarty Pants 2.0 couldn't take anymore hits by Harold, and was completely frozen. Thus also included the original Smarty Pants belt buckle in the center to also be finally deactivated along with the nano technology being useless.

"Just you remember pants!" cried Harold as he shook his fist as he got out of the mech to his pair of pants, "The next time you decide to go on a rampage like this, I'm going to put you in a carefully locked closet for an entire year!"

"Well, now that's settled" replied Grim as he got out of his mech and headed to the frozen Smarty Pants 2.0, "time to power this pair of pants down."

With one swipe of Grim's own scythe, Smarty Pants 2.0 was no longer a threat, and the belt buckle which was the original Smarty Pants fell right on the ground with also a damaged nano chip.

"Er, is it safe to come out?" asked Dukey who came back into the scene with Johnny.

"And to make sure that Smarty Pants will never be a threat again" added Johnny, to which the flaming-headed boy quickly began to stomp his feet on the Smarty Pants buckle, turning it into pieces.

"Say dad, are you not going to punish me for hiring some out of town kid to do my work in getting your lucky pants?" asked Billy.

"Well, there's a punishment that only three pair of geniuses can come up" laughed Harold.

The scene then switches back to Mary and Susan Test's lab, where poor Billy was the test subject instead of their brother.

"Good luck with surviving this one Billy" said Mandy as she and Grim left the scene through a portal.

"Say guys, this won't hurt a bit, will it?" asked Billy to Susan and Mary who were behind a wall.

"Since you managed to break our security system, and not our brother" replied Susan, "we thought it would be a great punishment for you to test out our newest security system, just for you."

Suddenly quite a number of laser guns came right out targeting poor Billy, to which he began to try his best to dodge them with no luck. Back at Jimmy Neutron's lab, poor Johnny Test, along with Dukey, Sissy and Missy were his subjects to test his new security system.

"This is certainly going to be quite painful" sighed Dukey as Jimmy was behind a glass room with Timmy, Cosmo, Wanda, Poof and Danny watching them on.

"And we certainly didn't see this coming" sighed Johnny as the security system was going to be activated.

Back at Mandy's house, Grim was back on the sofa with Harold wearing his lucky pants watching the two forms of punishment going on Mandy's television. Along with Mandy also sitting on the sofa.

"This is a great punishment, I may never think up of something like this ever again" said Harold.

"Yeah, I just love to see Billy get blasted to bits by those two red-headed geniuses" replied Grim as he laughed at poor Billy.

"How the heck is the flaming-headed kid doing, and his associates?" asked Harold as he took the remote control and changed the channel, "Hmm, seems about the same as Billy's."

"Hand over the controller, I want to see what else is on besides this" said Mandy to which the scene then ends.