It was a bright and sunny day, clouds were out, and the entire of Konoha was in a bright and friendly mood

Okay, this is a kind of dumb plotline, but let's see what YOU think of it.

It was a bright and sunny day, clouds were out, and the entire of Konoha was in a bright and friendly mood.

Meanwhile, Kabuto was bathing Orochimaru, a flicker of love in his eyes. He knew that Orochimaru was "the one."

Oh so sadly, Sasuke beat Kabuto to the punch. Orochimaru only had his eyes for him, and Sasuke wouldn't let Kabuto have Orochimaru.

So of course, a duel occurred between the two, and while Sasuke had his full-body chidori, Kabuto tried hitting him with his chakra.

Meanwhile, Sakura can't stop thinking about his glasses, the way they shined when he looked at her, she was in love with Kabuto, it was a simple fact.

Kabuto was jealous, very jealous, but he just couldn't beat Sasuke. Finally, he was forced out of their secret hideout, while Orochimaru and Sasuke were cackling with laughter while kissing behind him. Kabuto tried forgetting about Orochimaru, he tried to move on.

Three days later…

Kabuto went to Konoha because he thought that maybe he could find another lover in a large city.

Naruto was eating ramen with Iruka-sensei, with only one thing on his mind. Naked Sakura-chan!

Iruka saw the devious look in Naruto's eyes, and knew that he was definitely thinking about someone "special."

Sakura, as usual, was looking for Naruto, her backup to Kabuto, when suddenly, there he was. She thought it must be a mirage, but was delighted when she saw that he was REAL.

Kabuto was looking for a substitute for Orochimaru, but with no luck, until… Sakura-chan jumped into he face.

'Oh Kabuto, please, I know you are the one!'

-Sakura jumps into his arms

'HELL NO Sakura! HELL NO! My love goes to Orochimaru, not you!

And so, what will happen next, will Sakura steal Kabuto's heart, or will they both die a long and painful death. Will Naruto get involved. Are the Akatsuki going to intervene? Tune in… tomorrow! If you didn't think this was crappy that is…