Summary: Edward leaves Bella, like in New Moon, and Bella gets changed into a vampire a year later, but by a very unlikely person. Edward and Bella meet and well… things happen.

Well here's a new story that I've written to chapter 4 already. There's a song that I listened to while I made it. I feel nice today so I'll give you the name of the song and person who sang it, the song: Torn, the singer: Natalie Imbruglia. The lyrics are to long so I'm not writing them; I mean the song is like 4 minutes and 3 seconds. Well it's a good song. Anyway here is my story, Tomorrow Let Me Go. Enjoy the first chapter.

Chapter 1:

I held my ground, even though it was unsteady. It's been a year since… Edward left. And I just learned to handle saying and thinking his name.

I still ate, barely, just enough so I wouldn't be al bone and skin. My hair was beautiful and bouncier that before, and I had a certain knowing light in my brown eyes.

I didn't and couldn't go down with all that shit Edward had dished out to me that one night. I was going to stand up for that puny part of my heart that still loved him. I wasn't giving up, surrendering, throwing my hands in the air saying, 'You win!' to the much larger part of me that hated Edward with every single fiber in it.

There will be no white flags that will be shown in the mist of battle in the arena.

I was visiting Charlie for Christmas, this year. I've gone to college last year the moment I graduated.

I drove fast these days – it amazingly doesn't make me think of him – so I was there in no time at all.

I held my head high and strong as I took the keys out of the ignition and walked up the steps, wondering what he thought of me, if he stills likes me.

I knocked on the door but it was already opened. I opened the door a little then threw it all the way opened, with a horror-struck expression on my face.

When I saw the entire inside I yelled, "What the fuck happened here?!" all around the living room there was blood, a lot of blood, covering the walls, the table, our couch. Broken glass was everywhere, and the furniture was strewn across the room. Charlie was in a even worst condition. He had blood covering his face and hands, and there he was paler than me.

A name flashed through my head: Victoria.

My hands covered my mouth as my eyes looked at Charlie's neck; there was a cresset shaped scar, just like the one on my hand.

I felt dizzy as I walked across the room, careful not to step on the glass, of blood.

I screamed when I took a better look at Charlie, His eyes were red, but he was still changing, changing into a vampire. And is transformation was almost complete.

Well, I was going to stop there but I said, "What the hay," and wrote the rest.

Chapter 2:

I kept on whispering, "No", stepping back till I was flat against the wall. I shook my head over and over again, not caring whether the glass cut me or not.

His head snapped up towards me, "Bella?" he said, "I'm sorry, you just smell so good, and I'm really thirsty." He stood up and walked towards me.

"No, no, you don't want to do this," my fingers dug into the wall, barely making a mark. God, I wish I was stronger. I looked pleadingly towards the door.

He placed his hands on my shoulders and bit my neck.

I didn't have time to think, my mind was already shutting down.

Then he let go.

I fell to the ground, screaming in pain as the vemom started to flow through my blood system. This was one of the things I didn't want anymore. A enternity without Edward or any of the Cullen's, would matter of fact be a new kind of hell. One that only I exist in.

Here's Charlie's POV.

Charlie's POV

I was extremely thirsty, not for water, but for blood, human's blood. I didn't understand it at all, it was as if… I was a vampire. But it didn't seem likely, vampires don't exist. Or do they?

The ache in my throat was burning now, until, I smelled something, almost like lavender.

I heard the door creak open, then a sudden burst of air. I heard footsteps coming towards me, then a scream the sounded a lot like Bella.

My eyes were wide open.

I heard someone whispering, "No" over and over again. The smell, the blood was closer to me now. My instincts starting taking over as I looked into my daughters face. I tried, I tried not to give into the sudden thirst I never knew I had. I whispered, "Bella?" still completely oblivious as to who it was. I was standing up by now, walking towards her, without even knowing it.

The ache in my throat grew as Bella's smell hit my nose. It was so mouthwatering. I felt my mouth fill with a type of venom.

I kept on stepping forward, "I'm sorry, you just smell so good, and I'm really thirsty."

"No, no you don't want to do this," she said.

I placed my hands on her shoulders, and bit her neck before I recognized what I was doing.

Bella's blood filled my mouth, quenching my thirst as I drank more and more. But I remembered this was my daughter. And I was killing her.

So I let go.

I watched as she fell to the ground in agony, a agony that I remember all to well.

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