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Chapter 7

Yet they were still arguing. The useless, harsh words being conversed made me

Cringe. I felt extremely lucky I couldn't read their minds. Just imagining

What violent thoughts they thought...

Soon enough, expectedly, I got tired of listening to them arguing over this

Bella person. The unusual thirst I felt, the burning in my throat, made it

almost seem that in a matter of seconds another person would take over me. I

really wanted to leave.

I got up slowly from the edge of the couch at which I was seated. Getting

more cautious with each step, I finally made it to the door.

I started running at impossible speeds. It was incredible! The wind massaged

my hair and scalp, making me calm. I missed inhumanly beautiful creatures by a

hair and none, surprisingly, took a second glance at me.

I smiled, completely enjoying myself. If only this burning would stop, the

other me was coming into access with my mind. I could feel it telling me we

were almost there.

What was there?

All of a sudden, there was a small girl standing ignorant of me. Her pixie like

features were turned into a frown. "Where do you think you're going, Bella?"

"I don't want to be Bella..." I whispered back mournfully it was true.

"Why not?" she asked. Her expression was kept blank carefully.

The other person was taking over my actions.

"Those two, in that room, were fighting over Bella. And if they started

fighting...I just don't want to be the cause of that."

She nodded and sullenly left.

So I continued running, but got cut off. I ran straight into the wall which,

spontaneously, had to be there.

I started growling while the other me was laughing, "Try climbing up," it

said. The voice it possesed was terrible, like it wanted everyone dead as soon as possible.

I looked up to see a giant tunnel with smoothed out dirt edges. My mouth

formed a 'O'. At the top of the tunnel there was a metal covering, I told the

other me this.

"You have the strength, push it off," it responded, "and hurry up before

another one of them come and get you."

I nodded and started climbing up the tunnel. The tunnel went on for forever.

When I finally made it to the top of the tunnel, the other me said, "Push." One

my first try the metal was pushed off. The other person was smiling. It

whispered a thank you.

I felt taken over, like someone was taking over my body and mind. I was

running, not of my own account, through the bustling streets. The scents

around me were so delicious I just wanted them all.

It stopped me before one of them. These people weren't nearly as beautiful as

the ones under ground. Some of them screamed at me. And the oddest thing: they

were all wearing red.

The human infront of me was visibly scared. You could see it cowering

infront of me. It made me want to laugh. I bent down until my lips pressed

against his neck, then I bit.

Well I almost bit, I felt another person, hard as rock, run into me. It was

so sudden, and I didn't feel a thing! We landed about thirty feet away from

where I was standing.

"What the hell do you think your doing!?" he said. I remembered him, he was

one of the guys who were arguing.

"I don't know. I'm just thirsty! It's like instinct," I replied.

He helped me up quickly. I looked around; all the humans were looking at us,

still scared. The other me just spat at them. There was a huge crater in the

ground at which we landed.

Then it hit me, I almost killed an innocent person, who, most likely, did

nothing wrong.

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