AN: this is my very first attempt at posting a story.
Summary: Bulma is princess of the Chikyuu-jin Empire, she is promised to Prince Yamcha of Earth Colony
Regal 7 by her parents. Vejiitasei declares war on Chikyuu but a larger war looms with the cold empire. This
is defiantly a BV and I was inspired by a commercial I saw for captain corelli's mandolin. I've never seen the
movie so I'm sure this is defiantly nothing like it.

Disclaimer: I do NOT own it. So =P

By Saijiin Butterfly

The sun dawned brightly on the palace of Chikyuu. Highlighting the stunning gardens
that surrounded the house making it look like a tropical paradise. The beams of light drifted
through a window, gently waking the sleeping occupant inside. She opened her eyes slowly and
rose and walked towards the window to gaze out at the gardens below. The gardens at dawn
always brought a sense of peace to the young woman, and for a while she could forget the life
she led. Many would think that a princess of an entire world would lead a happy and care free
life. It wasn't that her life was so terrible, but something was missing and she always seemed to
feel rather empty. She supposed she was just lonely and needed some companionship. Her
parents were searching for the perfect husband for her. She did not like the idea of being given
to someone; she was too free spirited for that. She wanted to marry a man that she loved and
not someone that was chosen for her.
"I suppose I have no choice", she thought to herself. Even being the princess she did not have
much say in her own life.
She walked to her closet to dress herself before the maids came in to assist her. She did not
comprehend why her parents still had them come to dress her; she was perfectly capable of
dressing herself in the elaborate gowns that she wore. She chose a dark blue floor length gown.
It was cut low but not indecently so, and the back was cut out in a v-shape that dove almost
dangerously low. It had a bow in the back that's ends trailed down nearly to the bottom of her
gown. She decided to leave her dress shoes off since no one could see her feet anyway so that
she would be more comfortable during the proceedings. Today the suitors would come and her
parents would choose her husband. Normally she would not even have been allowed to be
present at such an occasion but she had talked her father into it. He always was rather soft
when it came to her.

There was a knock at the door, it was the maids so she informed them that she did not require
their assistance dressing and asked that they bring her, her breakfast instead. They quickly
scurried off to do as they were told. "The irony of it all" she thought. "I could tell someone to do
anything at all and they'd do it." "I have more control over the lives of others than I do my

After she finished her breakfast she made her way to the throne room where the proceedings
were to take place. She walked up to the heavy wooden doors and the guards on either side of
them immediately pulled them open for her to enter. She made her way up the long blue carpet
that led up to the throne. She stopped in front of her parents and curtsied to them, as a sign of
respect, before taking her seat beside her mother. "Aren't you excited darling?" her mother
whispered to her.
"Oh of course mother who wouldn't be ecstatic to be given away to some strange guy that
they've never even met before", she snapped. "Please dear try to control your temper and
behave today or your father will be furious", her mother chastised, in her ever-cheery voice.
"Yes mother I shall try", she reluctantly replied.
"You wont try, you will", stated her father whom had been inconspicuously eavesdropping on
their conversation.
"Oh daddy you shouldn't even be listening its very unbecoming for a king to eavesdrop", she
scolded him.
He gave her a stern look reminding her that she's best behave before he took his seat and
ordered that the suitors be brought in.

They were let in one by one and asked many questions to see if they would make a suitable
husband for the princess.
Many men came for it was well known that the princess was beautiful. When the king found
someone to be acceptable they were sent to a small banquet hall just to the left of the throne
room to await the final judgment of the king. After several hours all suitors had been
interrogated. Her father had deemed only 7 acceptable. They rose from the thrones and made
their way to the banquet hall to choose their daughter's husband. The Princess was told that she
was to dine in her quarters tonight, as she was not allowed to be there when they chose him.
Needless to say she was infuriated. "This is ridiculous!" she had yelled when a guard had pulled
her aside to inform her that she was not permitted to be present. "It's my life they're deciding in
there and I don't even have any say what so ever in this." She continued to rant even as she
made her way to her room. The hall was abnormally empty. Most of the servants and guards
had quickly made them selves scarce. The Princess in a foul mood was not something any of
them wished to deal with.

She reached her room and after throwing most anything she could get her hands on she plopped
on the bed and tried not to break into tears. It wasn't fair. This was not how she wanted her life
to be. She wanted to marry a handsome prince but she wanted to at least have a say in the
matter. She could hold back her tears no more and burst into tears burying her face in her silk
pillow, and cried herself to sleep.

The next morning she was as always, gently wakened by the rays of the morning sun. And as
always she walked to the window to gaze out at the gardens. Not even they seemed to bring
her peace on this day. She quickly dressed and ate the food that was brought to her. She then
left in search of her mother. She wondered around the palace for a long while before she finally
found her in the library reading some romance novel. "Mother" she said gently. Her mother
spun around suddenly. "Oh darling it's you!" she exclaimed. "You startled me! You mustn't
sneak up on your poor mother that way", she chastised.

I apologize mother but I must speak with you. "Oh about your husband darling?" asked the
queen. The princess held back her anger towards this and responded sweetly, " Hai mother,
what is he like?" she said taking a seat across from her mother.
"Oh, he's very handsome and the sweetest young man. So polite."
"When will I meet him?" asked the princess.
"This afternoon darling" her mother responded. "Your father wanted you to not meet each other
until the wedding but I talked him out of it"

"Thank you mother that's all I needed", she said standing to leave. Before she could go her
mother grabbed her hand. "It will be all right darling," she assured her. "I'm sorry that it has to
be this way, but this is just the way things are." "That's how I came to marry your father you
know." She had known this of course and had always wondered if her parents loved each
other. She had to know. "Mother", she started, taking a deep breath. She wasn't so sure if she
wanted to know the answer.
"Yes darling?" her mother asked happily. "Do you love Daddy?" she asked after a moment.
Her mother was taken aback for a moment this was not a question she was expecting. After she
recovered from the question she responded, "Of course sweet heart." The Princess looked at
her for a moment studying her to see if it was true. She wasn't exactly sure. Her mother sensing
that her daughter needed more of an answer than that added quietly, "I do love him but I did not
at the beginning of course." "It takes time to love someone." "I did grow to love him though,
and I'm sure you'll grow to love your husband as well", she said brightly. The Princess turned to
leave but not before saying one last thing, "But does Daddy love you?" She pushed open the
doors and left before her mother could answer.

The queen simply stood staring after her daughter, pondering the question that she had left her
with. She moved back to her large plush chair and sat down. She was not so dense as she
would have some believe. She always acted so happy and ditzy but it was just that, an act. She
would always put on the facade especially around her family. She did not want them to know
that she was not at all happy with her life. She did care for her husband but she was not in love
with him. And now that her daughter had brought it up she wasn't sure if he loved her at all. He
had told her that he had before, but that didn't mean that it was true. She was sorry that her
daughter had to go through the same thing as she did, to marry a man that she did not truly love,
but that was just the way things were and she wasn't sure anything could change that.

That afternoon:

The Princess made her way to the banquet hall where she was to meet her future husband. She
was not looking forward to meeting this man at all and the conversation with her mother hadn't
much helped. She didn't want to marry someone that she didn't love and she didn't believe that
anyone could possibly grow to love someone just because they were married to him or her. 'I
wonder if I act badly enough if I could possibly drive him away?' she pondered to herself. Yes
that might just work. It's worth a try anyway.

When she finally reached the banquet hall she paused outside the door for a moment, steeling
herself for what she was about to do. Her father would defiantly not be happy about this. He
knew she had a temper and that she would generally stop at nothing to have her way, but he did
not tolerate it often especially when guests were around. After mentally preparing herself she
walked into the hall.

As she entered she saw who must surely be her 'husband' for he was the only other man in the
room besides her father and a few guards. She had to admit he wasn't to bad looking. At least
her father had chosen a handsome man, now if only he had a personality to match with his
dashing good looks he might not be so bad. She walked over and stood next to her father. "Ah
there you are my dear", her father said when he noticed her standing there. "Allow me to
introduce you two." "Sweet heart this is Prince Yamcha from the Chikyuu colony on Regal 7."
"Yamcha", he said addressing the prince, "this is my daughter and your future wife Princess
Bulma Briefs."