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Chapter 29:

Dear Journal,

I'll pick up directly where I left off. Sorry I had to cut off there, but my hand was getting a cramp and anyways, I was exhausted. I think I actually fell asleep for a little while as Jack kept watch. He wants to leave as soon as it is safe. We're in danger for as long as we stay here. Any minute someone could barge in, or the people who own the shop could come in, find us fugitives, and give us over to the law. Not such a good thing right now, for us.

So...where was I? Ah, right. Waiting for Jack.

I admit I was a bit nervous. After all, I'd never been with anyone like that, but I wanted him so badly...it overwhelmed me.

Hearing soft footsteps - bare feet padding along the wooden floor - I looked up to see Jack coming towards me. His eyes flicked over me as he noticed that I was still wrapped in the blanket, when I should probably have gotten dressed. "Elizabeth?" he questioned, the heat of his gaze making my heart leap into my throat. There had been that moment of doubt before, but now that he was looking at me....there was no turning back. Not ever. This was it. "Ye're not going t' get dressed?"

"No." I whispered, stepping towards him. He blinked, and the silence that followed aloud me to hear how his breathing had become uneven. He was affected by how I looked...it was only then that I realized how great his self control had to be, and that he would never physically hurt me. He wasn't able to. "No. There would be no point." I smiled slightly, coming to stand right in front of him.

"Eli-" Quickly I put my finger to his lips to shush him, and then leaned up and kissed him.

His hands came up and took hold of my shoulders, gripping them tightly. For a moment I thought that he might push me away, but he merely pulled me close to him, attacking my mouth with a desire that couldn't be quenched.

Reaching my arms up, I wrapped them around his neck, pressing my mouth harder to his as he began to lead me backwards. Before I knew it he spun me around and pressed me up against the wall, trapping me. I shivered and fisted my hands into his dreadlocks, and then leaned back, pulling his head closer to mine. He ran his tongue along my lower lip, and then parted my mouth, deepening the kiss.

He explored my mouth hungrily, his tongue dipping under mine, running along my teeth, gliding along the roof of my mouth... I inhaled sharply, and by the time he pulled away I was weak in the knees and light-headed; he had made sure that no place would go untouched. Looking up at him, our eyes met, and at the unspoken question in his eyes I nodded. Yes. I wanted this, I wanted him. Never had I been more sure of anything in my entire life.

Ducking his head, he kissed my lips again, then pulled back and looked me over. The blankets had slipped slightly, and when his body left mine they fell, but I quickly caught them, feeling heat flood my face. He frowned, then gently took my hands, pulling them slowly outward until the blankets fluttered to the floor and I was bare before him. I inhaled deeply and shut my eyes, then looked at him when he cupped my chin and tilted my head back.

"Don't be nervous." he told me quietly, his voice deep and husky. I felt my body prickle from the sound of his voice, and shifted myself, pressing my legs together. "I want you, Lizzie. I want you so much." He leaned in and kissed me, then pulled back, letting his gaze dip down and run over me. "You're beautiful." he said after a moment, glancing back up with a roguish grin. "Beautiful, and good enough to eat."

The heat in his words made hot desire rush through me, leaving me light-headed once again. I ached, my whole body ached, and I so badly wanted to rid of it. At that moment, every fiber of my being told me that only he could get rid of it, and I clung to that thought tightly and without hesitation. "Please." I whimpered, twisting my hands in his grasp. He searched my face, smirked, and then in one, quick moment pushed me back against the wall, pinned my wrists above my head, and devoured my mouth with his own.

I moaned softly and gave into him, letting him delve between my lips again when he wanted to. In fact, I didn't even let him, he took what he wanted and without question. His knee parted my legs, sliding up to put pressure against the place between my thighs. Another, dizzying wave of heat rolled through me then, and I felt my face flush with pleasure.

"Jack!" I gasped against his lips, almost begging him. I felt him trap my wrists with one hand, and then he slid his other hand down, running the pads of his fingers against the skin of my side. He stroked from hip to shoulder and then back, repeating the action over and over until I felt I might go mad. "Oh! Jack, please!"

He chuckled and dropped his head from my lips to my neck, just as he took pity and swept his hand up to cup my breast. I arched into him and he pushed back against me, trapping me between the cold, wood wall and his hot, firm body. Which, I realized, was still fully clothed.

Jack seemed to not care about that at all, and instead nibbled gently on my neck before sliding his tongue over the teeth marks he'd left indented in my skin. I whispered to him and he pressed his smirk to my collar bone, then peppered kisses along my throat and stopped to inhale deeply at my pulse. His teeth prodded there after a moment, his lips left a burning kiss, and then he took my flesh into his mouth, gently nibbling and sucking until I arched into him again, shutting my eyes tight and moaning his name.

"Aye, Elizabeth?" he asked, releasing me and swooping up to take my earlobe into his mouth.

"I need you. Please, I need you. Just please." I hated that I'd dissolved from being strong to begging, and him no less, but I couldn't help it. He was doing things to me, wicked, skillful things with his mouth and fingers that left me breathless and needy.

"Need me how?" his voice purred in my ear, sending a rush of blood through me to pool in my stomach, to settle between my thighs. "Like this?" He bit the skin below my ear gently and tugged on it, making me cry out. "Or like this?" Jack trailed soft kisses along my jaw, and then kissed me firmly, and for a second, on the mouth. "Or perhaps even like this?" His head ducked down, and then latched onto the breast he wasn't caressing with his hand. I threw my head back and whimpered his name, pleading for him to stop tormenting me so. He grinned, and then came back up. "Or maybe like this?" he wondered softly, and his hand slid down and between my legs, fingers lightly pushing and searching.

His fingers brushed against something and I stiffened. Oh, that had felt good! I let out a breath, and then he pushed there again and I bucked my hips against his hand, lips parted and sucking in gulps of fresh air. He was doing something, and I didn't know what, but I never wanted him to stop. Ever!

"Ooh." I whispered, rolling my head from side to side against the wall.

"Does that feel good, love?" I heard him ask, and then he buried his nose into my hair, continuing to stroke and rub me with his fingers. I bit my lip and shut my eyes, feeling something growing deep inside me, tightening and tightening and never letting up. He slid his fingers down as he whispered into my hair, though what I wasn't able to make out, and then I felt him slip a finger inside me. I gasped and whimpered, and then he pulled back, rubbing for a moment before he did it again.

Three times that happened, and then suddenly I locked up and cried out his name, shaking and trembling beneath him. "That's a good girl." he groaned against my neck, sliding his nose along my skin and inhaling deeply. "It's okay, Lizzie, it's okay." He continued to reassure me and I continued to gasp, all my senses on override. The ache was gone now, but I wanted more. I wanted him now, not just his fingers.

Jack pulled away and let me go, catching me in his arms when I melted without his support. Cradling me against his chest, he stooped down and grabbed the blankets, then went and threw them on the floor before laying me down. I started up at him, a bit drowsy and very satisfied, then watched as he tugged off his belt and sashes, then lifted his shirt up and over his head, throwing it to the side.

Hungrily I looked over him, taking in all his scars and tattoos, all the things that defined just exactly whom he was. He was beautiful and rightly so, a pirate and a gentleman. My friend, my enemy, and now soon, my lover. I followed him with my eyes as he stood, watching anxiously as he undid the ties to his breeches and then tugged them off, throwing them over to the pile of clothes beside up. He knelt down and grabbed his coat, then helped to put it under me for more padding.

"Jack." I whispered as he crawled over me, naked skin sliding against naked skin. I shuddered and wrapped my arms around his broad shoulders, tugging him close. It felt so good to finally be like this with him, to see him bare before me and with nothing hiding him. Cupping his cheek, I brushed my thumb across his kiss swollen lips, feeling my heart lurch in my chest. I said the only thing I could say. "I love you."

He smiled. "And so you should." he told him, then leaned down and kissed me. I ran my hands down his back, feeling the scars that littered his skin as I tried to dodge the disappointment that I knew I would soon feel. I knew he wasn't one to say that he loved someone, I'd known a long time ago that I'd never hear him say it, but it still hurt. Was it wrong for me to want to hear him say it back?

No. I didn't think so, but that wouldn't make him say it. I slid my legs up and rest my feet against the floor, cradling his hips as I pressed a few kisses to his shoulder. He asked me if I was ready and I looked up at him for a moment. Was I? He told me it would hurt, he told me there would be pain.

"I trust you."

He nodded, dropped a kiss to my lips, and then in one move he pushed inside me.

The pain I felt was blinding. It felt like someone had ripped me apart. The burn was uncomfortable, my muscles locked up and ached from it, and I felt tears well up in my eyes only to slide down the sides of my face.

There was one nice thing about the whole situation, though. Jack had stopped. He'd pushed into me, and then stilled, cradling my face and kissing me as he tried to help me past my pained discomfort.

Finally I relaxed, taking in a few deep breaths before I looked to him through blurred vision. "Keep going." I whispered.

"You sure?"

"Yeah. It's okay. It's tolerable."

"It doesn't feel like this the whole time, 'Lizabeth. I'll make sure of that." He caught my lips between his, and then rocked his hips forward. There was a twinge of pain, but then he did it again, and again, and soon enough it felt better. My fingernails dug into his shoulders and I rest my head back against my makeshift pillow, gasping as he thrust into me over and over. I heard the sounds he was making, the grunts and sighs that floated into my ears and took over my senses as he found his own pleasure through my body.

I felt special, somehow, knowing that I was the one whom was making him sound that way. That I was the one whom made him bury his face against my neck, gasping and breathing my name against my skin. I arched my body up into his, seeking flesh against flesh contact, then moaned when I felt his whole body shudder against mine.

He rocked against me, and I rocked back against him, losing myself in a world of pleasure, love, the smell of rum and spices, and him. My arms held him tight, and his arms cradled me from the harshness of the floor, and we made love against two blankets and a coat.

I had never experienced something so amazing before in my entire life, and I hoped to God I would never forget such a perfect moment.

Soon enough Jack quickened his pace, growling my name as he got a little rougher. I cried out and held him tightly, just as desperate as he was. Then his hand was between us, and he rubbed at me with his fingers just as he had before. He didn't have to for long, for that, coupled with me feeling of him within me, was enough to send me flying over the edge, crying his name to the ceiling. He followed with a groan of my name, and then collapsed against me, whispering my name as I whispered his.

After a while he rolled off me and gathered me in his arms, holding me to his chest. His breathing audibly slowed, and then he kissed the top of my head, rocking me slightly. Despite myself, and rather comfortable and drowsy, I whispered that I loved him again before I dropped off to sleep.

In his arms.