Oh say can you see that Strider?

(Note: I don't own Half Life. It'd be pretty cool if I did though)

/ - /

I have seen the terror stay
over this Earth, day by day
A Strider lumbers closer now
and sends it's fire down like rain

The night sky is painted red
while the strider shish-kebabs the dead
I jump to miss the Strider's leg
as questions float around my head.

Oh, why have they sent you here?
Why the havoc, terror and fear?
All I had wanted was some water
but I hadn't had a quarter near.

And so with anger hate and contempt
I had kicked the machine 'till the metal was bent
I shook it and punched it and when my hand bled
I wondered: When had my quarter been spent?

Oh look! What's this? An officer here.
With a sigh of relief and a smile of cheer,
I walked to the man with the stick in his hand,
My happiness so great that I shed a tear:

"Please sir, I hate to be rude,
But it seems you have a contraption quite crude
It asks me for quarters, of which I have none
How much must I pay for some bad tasting food?"

With a snap of his wrist and the press of a button
He hit me and hit me 'till my skin felt like mutton
Stop! Cut it out! All I wanted was water!
A rebel ran by and started a cuttin',

At the Combine, I mean
I got out of that scene
but I couldn't run faster
than a certain machine

For while I was running, you see
The mob had grown, because of me
and reinforcements were being sent
To 'calm' the crazy murder spree.

From there on, things got worse,
And more and more Striders were sent to disperse
The rioting crowds of civilians
Most of which belonged in a hearse.

Three hours later, amidst the melting pot
of chaos and mayhem, I had a thought:
Was the water really worth it?
I'm guessing not.