Title: Behind Closed Doors

Chapter 9: Confessions and Plans

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"So you're seriously telling me that you can't see Johnny Depp topping Gene Wilder?" Tristan nodded and then thought for a moment.

"The original is always better than the remakes." He took a minute to contemplate that. "Okay nine out of ten of them."

The Gilmore Girls nodded their approval. It was nice having him around, knowing that he wouldn't leave her. Rory had never been that girl, but here she was, falling for a boy she barely knew. The security that his presence brought was a bit unsettling, but a Gilmore Girl can power through anything.

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The initial awkwardness that had surrounded the trio when they first arrived, combined by Loreali having to unlock three dead bolts and a regular door lock and then chaining the two chains above and below said locks once inside, reminding them all of the incident. Of the accusations, of the pain and horror, of the trust lost.

"Rory honey, will you go get the movie and food set up? I need Tristan to help me." Rory shot her a look that clearly said she was displeased.

"Mom, he just got here. For the first time, he is not changing the water bottle." Loreali smiled and took Tristan's elbow and led him out onto the back porch, both of them trying to talk at the same time.

"Elders first." Tristan nodded, not sure if it was supposed to be a joke or if she was really serious. "I see the way she looks at you. She explained everything." Again Tristan tried to say something but she held up her hand, silencing him again. "Listen, my kid was in the hospital and out of it for three days and four nights. Dean was there and he was the only one who was able to tell me anything." Again she holds her hand up, signaling she wasn't done yet. "But when Rory woke up and she heard what I had done…" She broke off and her eyes told him she was somewhere far away from him in that moment. "Rory is a great kid. And what he did…" She shook her head, gathering her bearings. "I will accept you and give you a chance, but I need you to understand that this changes some of the rules around here. No going out after nine. You're welcome to come here and stay as late as your parents will let you. You can go out onto the porch, but no walks or drives after dark." She was clearly fixing to spout off a thousand more things so Tristan saw his chance to get a word in edge wise.

"Loreali, I want you to trust me. I understand that he hurt her and he abused both of your trust. He was Rory's boyfriend for over a year and he was good to her up until this. And I see when you look at me you see the life you left. When I'm with Rory I don't have to be that guy. I will never make Rory do anything she doesn't want to do. I respect her and I respect you. And I will respect your rules because I want to be with Rory and I know that that will not happen unless you give your blessing. You are her best friend and first confidant. I don't want to ever come between that. And I hope, in time, that I can prove to you and Rory for that matter that I am worthy in more ways than Dean wasn't." Loreali's eyes had misted up clearly trying to take in all he had said and process it all, and then she hugged him and nodded. It took her a moment to speak again.

"The water bottles are in the shed." And she disappeared inside. Laughing he pulled one out and brought it inside and changed it effortlessly.

"He's hot when he does manual labor!" He heard Loreali mock whisper making Rory blush when he looked over at them and smirked.

To an outsider it looked as if they had always been a trio, that there wasn't someone new and someone they had liked… someone they had loved that had taken themselves out of the equation. And the outsider looking in clenched his fists as Rich Boy put his arm around his Rory. This was too much to take. Loreali would have to see reason. Smiling, Dean walked slowly away, plotting his next move.

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