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45. The Happily Ever After:


It's been a week since I died and came back. That was a weird experience, let me tell you. It had hurt like no one's business and then, perfect and complete blackness and loss of feeling but not loss of comprehension. It was like I was trapped inside my body with no way of moving, speaking or otherwise communicating. And then my family had come. My blood family. Their love and energy had filled me up and made me whole again.

Because of what they had done, I now had bits and pieces of them in me, too. I can feel them, each one of their personalities inside me when I do different things. For instance, I am now a very handy green thumb courtesy of my grandmother, Sarah. The roses that I had inexplicably wanted to plant in front of the porch are already starting to bloom.

I'm also criminally good at conjuring things from thin air now. That I had help with from both my mother and Marcus. Another handy trick I learned was how to heal minor cuts and bruises that I had acquired during my short re-life. Mary is to blame for that. I haven't figured out what I've gained from my grandfather or Trent yet, but I'm sure that they'll present themselves when they're needed.

Going back to work was horrible. Facing Mrs. Newton after Alex's kidnapping was the single most difficult thing that I had ever had to do. She was so depressed and I couldn't do anything about it. It took everything in me not to blurt out that I knew where her son was and that he was alive and well, so to speak. I wasn't looking forward to the heartbreak she was going to face when the police discovered his charred remains...Which would happen as soon as Carlisle could find a John Doe that matched Alex's physical description as much as possible. I had elected to sit that event out, when it came time for that.

Hours after Alice and Jasper had taken Alex to Alaska to introduce him to the Denali clan, we got an exuberant phone call from my father's cousin, Tanya. He wouldn't tell me exactly what she had to say. He only summerized that she was very grateful to us for thinking of her and sending her such a "handsome spessimine" to nurture. Somehow, I think Alex finally found himself a soul mate and I couldn't be happier for him.

Speaking of soul mates, Jacob was living with us now, much to my father's and Aunt Rosalie's chagrin. Esme was currently drawing up blueprints to build him a small home of his own on our land, just to make everyone happy. She promised me that she would allow enough space for two for when I finished high school. Alice was already planning the wedding so I didn't have to worry about anything until I came of age.

All in all, life was pretty much back to normal. Well, as normal as it could ever be when you were a witch who had been adopted by a coven of vegetarian vampires. My junior year of high school was starting up in a couple of months and I can't wait for it to come. The sooner I graduated, the better. I now had something to look forward to in my future and I was going to strive for it. It felt good to have some level of stability back in my life.

Beside me, Jacob's hand entwined with mine. I turned my face toward him and gave him a smile. His answering smile dazzled me with the love that radiated from it. I leaned my head against his bicep and sighed, taking in the rest of the room and ever single member of my family. This was how it was always meant to be. This perfect moment was supposed to happen. Though it had been a tragic beginning, fate had dealt me a loving, perfect end.

No. This wasn't an end but a whole new beginning. This was the start of a new branch in my life and I would do my best to make sure that that branch grew. I had all of my life ahead of me now, unhindered and filled with a certainty that the ones I loved would never leave me and I would never leave them. No more would I have to fear for my safety or theirs. We'd be fine. We always were. I sighed again with perfect contentment and settled in against Jacob's side, blissfully awaiting my bright future.

The End.

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