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Title: Waiting for the Rain

Chapter One: Shards of Broken Light

Italics: Flashback/Rhyme

Italics/Bold: Dream Sequence/Rhyme

"Rain, rain, go away…"

Raito felt as if he were slipping.

"Come again some other day…"

His mind was slowly caving in as he anxiously held onto his consciousness, even whilst a part of him felt disgusted for doing so.

This declining slope called life wasn't meant to sustain the parasitic creature he had become, leaving the rest of him praising to whatever God there was (for the fact that he was dying was proof enough that there was one) that this reign of terror both inside his own mind and out there, within the society he had been trying to gradually corrupt, was ending.

There was no longer any need to hang on.

Molten golden-brown eyes carefully looked up at the barrage of water falling down from the sky, wincing at both the pain in his chest and the liquid burning his unprotected irises. In this utopian death trap, he had succeeded in sealing his own fate, bringing down his disillusions of false grandeur.

His dreams, which at one time seemed paved with gold, blew away into the winds of oblivion, severing any ties between him and what could have been his humanity.

Dying alone…

"Rain, rain, go away…"

It was more than what he actually deserved.

"Come again-"

It was more than what the jilted heart withering in his collapsing body could ever hope for.

If only these memories would leave him be, then he could truly-

"Some other day."

Die in peace.


Raito blinked as a monitor filled with useless Kira-related information illuminated his mahogany gaze. Clinks of a chain slowly beating against one another alerted him of the others' cold hand as it settled over his lean bicep.

"Is Raito-kun alright?" A smooth baritone voice invaded the young 17-year-old's ears as Raito turned to his left and fallaciously smiled, his heart still palpitating within his unsteadily rising chest.

"I'm fine, Ryuuzaki. Just a bit tired, is all." L lazily brought his gaze back to the screen in front of him, his thumb unconsciously straying to his mouth. "It is rather late for you, isn't it Raito-kun?"

'No, 3 o'clock in the morning is always my peak-of-the-day when it comes to mental bursts of inspiration.' The younger genius grouched as L blankly stared at the screen. "I suppose allowing Raito-kun a small amount of sleep is mandatory if I wish for his full mental capabilities to be refreshed."

Raito almost staggered to his feet as L pulled him up without a second's hesitation and dragged him to the elevator via chain.

"It seems that something has startled Raito-kun." L suddenly stated as he pushed the up button on the elevator and scratched his right foot against his jeaned-calf. Raito said nothing as he stared at his own distorted visage through the metallic elevator doors.

'Who is this staring back at me?' Hazelnut colored hair glistened against the silvery shades in his reflection, cinnamon colored eyes narrowing against Raito's face. 'I feel as if… there's something not quite right with me.'

"Rain, rain…"

"L…" Raito whispered as the doors finally opened. "Why is it do you…"

"Yes, Raito-kun?" The older of the two's vacant gaze caught the college student's figure, covertly analyzing every tense muscle in the teenager's body. "What do you wish to ask me?"

"It's nothing." The younger man's voice decreased ever so slightly in volume as he hesitantly lowered his head. "It was a stupid question. Don't worry about it." The rest of the ride consisted of silence and awkward stares (on L's part) as the two finally exited the elevator and made their way to their room.

"Go away…"

"Will Raito-kun share his question if I ask one of my own?" Raito gave L a queer look as the detective unlocked the handcuffs that hung between them and turned away, quickly slipping his white shirt (stained with coffee and residual sugar remnants) over his head.

The teenage prodigy, as opposed to L's rapid stripping, slowly began unbuttoning his shirt, certainly in no rush to get naked in front of the other strange man. "It really wasn't a big deal, Ryuuzaki."

"Nothing Raito-kun ever brings up is considered irrelevant to me. Therefore, it peaks my interest as to what could possibly be going through his mind, so much so, that he dare try to speak to me about it." L owlishly blinked as the tanned expanse of Raito's back was exposed, shoulders overwrought with obvious tension.

"What do you want to ask me then?"

And really, L always did like it when he won.

"What is Raito-kun thinking about?"

And really, Raito could always count on himself to expect the… well, expected.

"You're a real ass, Ryuuzaki."

A small smirk was L's only response as he perched himself on the bed, fully dressed for bed, carefully watching Raito as he pulled a tee-shirt over his head. "Raito-kun has mentioned that on occasion."

"Damn straight…" Raito muttered as he pulled his pants off, uncomfortably aware of the fact that L was still staring right at him. "Rain."

L blinked.

Then blinked again.


"Yes. Rain."

"Come again some other day…"

'If anyone can manage to confuse me,' L thought to himself as he roughly gnawed at his thumb, 'it would be Yagami Raito.'

"What is it about the rain that you wish to speak of, Raito-kun?" L queried, his ember black eyes peering up at the young man, faux-innocence radiating from the expression on his face.

Raito was obviously not fooled by it.

But none the less…

"Rain is supposed to represent rejuvenation, right? A... revival of sorts. Yet everyone seems to hate it so much… It makes you tired, it's boring to look at, and quite frankly, I've never known of anyone who actually watched 'Singing in the Rain' and thought 'That's a wonderful idea!'" Raito paused as he laid himself down on the bed, thoughts scattering about in his head. L chuckled as he reached for the chain that lay beside their bed and picked it up, crawling to Raito's reclined form. "But do you… ever find yourself wondering why that is? Just why this one element is supposed to represent something so wonderful, yet is still scorned by everyone who is surrounded by it?"

"I cannot see why Raito-kun would be bothered by such a minute observation, but I suppose I can offer my own opinion if Raito-kun wishes it. The rain is rather dreary, I suppose…" L drawled out as he caught Raito's wrist and bound them together once again. Coffee brown eyes drifted off to the side as Raito faced the detective, both lying parallel next to each other. "But not depressing. The drab colors associated with the rain may have a lot to do with the emotional aspect, but in all, there are many personal reasons as to why people do not respond well to that type of weather. Perhaps others' simply assert such negative connotations with the weather for reasons known only to themselves."

"What do you mean?" Raito yawned out as L grabbed the blanket and draped it over both of their figures. "'Reason's known only to themselves'? How evasive and vague can you get, Ryuuzaki?! What kind of answer is that, anyway?"

"The thoughtful kind, of course. Now what prompted Raito-kun to ask me such a mundane question about rain of all things?"

Molten golden-brown eyes carefully looked up at the barrage of water falling down from the sky, wincing at both the pain in his chest and the liquid burning his unprotected irises.

Raito could have told L about his strange dreams, detailing his own death against the onslaught of precipitation and pure unadulterated pain…

"No reason. I told you it wasn't a big deal."

But that was his own burden to bear, even if he didn't know why.

L stared down at the boy beside him as he shut off the light, weary eyes watching the younger geniuses every shift and fidget made beneath the sheets that covered them both.

'What is going on within that brilliant mind of yours, Yagami Raito?'

It was the rain that bothered him the most.

The constant screeching of water violently hitting the ground around him as he lay there, his heart beating it's last song of life.

This moment…

It seemed to last forever.

"Rain, rain, go away…"

It was strange how that silly little song continually repeated itself within his own mind as the pain clogged up his throat. It reminded him of his childhood, watching children run around the playground as the rain would begin to come down in torrents. He hated getting wet, really. Even as a child, he had been high-maintenance.

Raito gasped, attempting to take hold of his chest as the pain began to become all-consuming. Tiny spots began to encompass his vision as the added effect of the falling rain made him nearly blind.

"Come again some other day…"


Soft mutterings floated into his ears as the teenage genius tried to hold onto these last precious moments.

"… sorry."

Tears gathered themselves in the corner of his eyes as the familiar voice continued to comfortingly whisper into his ear.


"Rain, rain go away…"

"L… I can't breathe…" Raito quietly rasped out as he attempted to search for the older man's void gaze.

"I know, Raito-kun. I know."

A soft pressure pressed against the boy's lips as he closed his eyes, the waterfall of ongoing rain disappearing for just the smallest of moments.

"Come again some other day."

"Soon, we will both be together again, Raito-kun. That I can promise you."

That was the last thing Raito heard as the nothingness enveloped his consciousness, leaving nothing but the emptiness of a cold corpse.

Sepia eyes shot open as Raito gasped out for much needed air, a feeling of terror nestled deep within his mind. 'It was different this time… he was with me… what does that mean… why was it different this time…'

Raito blinked as he noticed hands that weren't his own gently stroking his hair, halting once the possessor realized Raito's breathing became regulated, and he was finally awake.

"Is Raito-kun alright?" L whispered as he stared down into the boy's fear-writhen face, sweat pouring down Raito's forehead in sheets. "You were thrashing about quite terribly in your sleep."

"I'm fine." Came Raito's steely response, turning away from the detective with a shudder.

"Would Raito-kun care to share-"


"I thought Raito-kun would say that." L muttered to himself as he crouched in the bed and continued to stare at Raito's prone body. "It would make Raito-kun feel a lot better if he accepted my help."

"No thank you." Raito said nothing more, the inner-cogs of L's brain working at a hasty pace, trying to figure the young man's strange behavior out within the workings of his mind.

As the empty silence continued to filter the room, L made one last ditch attempt to get the boy to reveal just what he was feeling, at the cost of his own frigidity.

"Did Raito-kun have a sex dream about me?"


That startled him out of his reverie.

'Though I would not be surprised if Raito found it within himself to punch me in the eye.' L contemplated to himself. 'And I do not think I would be able to fault him for it this time.'

"What the hell, L?!" Raito sat up, hair disheveled over his eyes, his face taking on an expression of absolute fury. "Who says that to another man in the middle of the fucking night!"

As the sugar addicted detective looked intently into those hypnotic brown eyes, which so loved to lie, an unknown emotion began to devour L whole.

"I do?"

"You are so demented." The college student stated as he flopped back onto the bed and put his arms behind his head, not even pretending to go back to sleep. "And no…" A flush spread itself across Raito's cheeks, an unnaturally bashful look creeping onto the teenager's face. "I did not have a sex dream about you, you little freak."

"Then why does Raito-kun not feel inclined to share?" The older genius pouted, dark eyes widely peering down at Raito.

"Because-" Raito sighed as he picked himself up once more and settled himself a couple centimeters away from L's face. "Just, because ok? Does everything I do and feel have to be examined, Ryuuzaki? Even as simple as a little nightmare?"

"From what I saw, Raito-kun," L leaned in closer, making the younger boy's flush deepened against his cheeks. "It was more than just a 'little' nightmare. Raito-kun could not even breathe."

"I…" Raito's eyes began to blur over a small bit, glistening against the darkness of the room. "I can't…"

"You cannot what, Raito-kun?" L breathed out, his face coming closer to Raito's own as both of their eyes began to close, the distance dwindling to nothing.

"I can't win with you, can I?" The ebony haired insomniac chuckled as he closed the space between them, smoothly pushing his lips against Raito's. Chocolate colored eyes closed, a hand coming up to caress L's cheek as Raito reveled in the pure sensation of it all.

'Why do I feel as if this is something I have to hold onto?'

Raito's lips became more insistent as arms encased his lithe frame, bringing him down upon the bed in a heap of pillows, sheets and a mess of limbs.

'I can't explain it L…'

The pure innocence of the act nearly broke the young man down as L pulled away, his own cheeks carrying a faint blush against the paleness of his skin as he stared down at the man beneath him. Without a second moment's hesitation, L dove back into the safe haven of Raito's arms as he attempted to devour him once more.

'I don't want to keep feeling as if I have so much to hide, but what choice do I have, L? No matter how good this feels, no matter how right this feels, in the end-'

Passionate kisses were pressed against his lips as the older man's hands slowly slid up Raito's shirt. L explored the smooth expanse of his chest with his fingertips as the 17-year-old moaned at the touch.

'We're still worlds apart.'

Mouths parted in a clash of tongues and teeth as a warm awareness settled itself deep within his gut as Raito closed off his consciousness and merely enjoyed the moment while it lasted.

"I wonder how everyone manages not to suspect a thing." L nuzzled Raito's shoulder as they looked out at the city scenery, minds faraway from the Kira investigation. Raito sighed as he closed his eyes and leaned back into the thin embrace the detective afforded him, carrying himself off into his own mind.

A shiver ran down his spine as parts of the ever-changing dream that continued to haunt him within the far reaches of his thoughts invaded his half-hearted meditation.

'This is my time with him… don't do this to me, please.'

"I don't know." Raito whispered. "Maybe we're just really good at keeping secrets."

"I do not doubt Raito-kun's secret-keeping abilities in the least," L smirked against the college student's shoulder. "Yet we have been neither overly cautious nor exceptionally stealthy. You would have thought for investigators they would have at least caught us in a compromising position at some point."

"Well maybe if you stop insisting in having sex in the damned break room, where anybody could see if they decided to stop by, then we wouldn't have to even worry about the possibility of getting caught." Raito snapped as his eyes popped open, the feeling of L's smirking lips stretched out even further against his clothed shoulder.

"Maybe I wish to get caught." L mumbled in Raito's ear, already anticipating the glare the younger man sent his way.

"Then you're an idiot, and I can't believe you fooled me long enough into thinking you were actually one of the most intelligent people in the world."

L shrugged as he kissed Raito's neck, eliciting a small set of purring mewls in response. "If Raito-kun is convinced of my lack of intelligence, I fear Raito-kun only wants me for my body."

"Of course." Was Raito's dry response as cinnamon eyes closed once again, giving L better access to his neck. "Why else would I hang around you all day? Kira investigation? Ha. Rubbish."

The smirk on L's face softened into a smile.

"Rubbish indeed."

As both geniuses flirted with one another, neither noticed the sky beginning to gray over, small droplets of water, at first lightly sprinkling the top of the building, only to then gather around them unnoticeably. A couple more minutes and the rain began to pick up in momentum, catching both L and Raito off guard at the suddenness of the outbreak of precipitation.

"Fuck!" Raito yelled out as he tried to unsuccessfully burry himself in L's embrace. "C'mon, Ryuuzaki, we have to get out of here!"

L stared up at the sky as sheets of rain pounded against their unprotected bodies, shivering at the burst of cold air hitting them from all directions. "This rain…"


"I do not wish for Raito-kun to fear the rain any longer." L stated matter of fact. His arms tightened around the 17-year-old's finely muscled shape as Raito's eyes widened in panic. "L…"

The detective spun the younger man around effortlessly, swiftly crushing his lips onto his own. Raito stiffened within his arms, the fear he held overriding any other emotion that existed in precognitive brain. His hold on the boy tightened as he enveloped Raito even further within his embrace, trying to reach out to him through the barrier of that existed within the confounds of the college student's psyche. A hand twitched at L's hip, eyes slitting open just a bit to stare up at the face above Raito's own.

'L... why are you trying to help someone you think is your greatest of enemies?'

The aching sense of dread that hung above his head faded into the back of his mind as Raito clutched on L like the lifeline he was. They carefully pulled apart from each other, blearily staring at the other's blurry form through the ongoing rain.

A small smile tinged with a bit of bitterness spread across L's pale lips as he kissed the brunette once more, almost as if he had a hidden secret he wished to share through the kiss alone.

Lips fell onto his ear as L whispered something he would never forget against his cold wet skin.

Raito's eyes glimmered with what could have been unshed tears as the rain continued to pour down on top of them, grasping onto each other as if it were the last time they would ever do so.

'You can't save me, can you L?'

But that was alright.

Raito doubted he had been meant to be saved anyway.

"Raito-kun? Are you there?"

'I'm right here! I swear!'

Raito attempted to run to the dark-haired insomniac, but was thwarted by an invisible force. The brunette opened his mouth, but no sound escaped. all Raito could do was watch his lover frantically search the dark space for him, not knowing Raito was barely three feet away from him.

"Raito-kun?! Please, do not hide from me…"

'Why can't you see me? Why can't I speak? Why, why, why, why...?'

"If Raito-kun is trying to succeed in scaring me, he is doing a fantastic job."

'I don't want anything to happen to you, L...'

"I only wished to say…"

'L… I wish I could help you.'

"That I will miss you when you are gone."

'You deserve more than what I can give you.'


'Don't say it. Please, just don't say it. I don't deserve to hear such words. God, I don't know why, but I don't deserve you.'

"I love you, Raito-kun. Even if this is the only time I am able to say so, please believe what I am saying is true."

'I know it is. And I need you to know…'

"Maybe I will see Raito-kun again someday…"

The invisible force holding Raito back finally dissipated, the young man relishing in the control of his limbs as he opened his mouth once more, the sound of his voice finally greeting both his and L's ears.


"Raito-kun? Is that you?"

Dark russet eyes gazed into charcoal orbs glistening against the darkness that surrounded them as his appearance finally became corporeal to his lover's vision.

"I don't have a lot of time…"

"I know Raito-kun. Neither do I."

"Then you know-"

"Yes, Raito-kun."

"I'm sorry."

"And I as well. We both truly have much to apologize over, but I doubt one sorry will ever be enough for all the damage we have wrought."

"Just… hold me please? If it isn't too much to ask?" The brunette felt the beginnings of tears welling up within his cinnamon-brown gaze, wanting nothing more but to feel the warmth of his lover's arms around him once more.

L strolled forward as he enclosed the young man's body against his own, tears running down both of their faces in a medley of sorrow and regret.

"Don't hate me when it's all said and done."

"Of course not, Raito-kun. I doubt I have the capacity to anyhow."

"Is this goodbye, L?"

"Quite possibly."

"… … … I love you."

"Thank you, Raito-kun. Thank you." Neither had much time to prepare as the darkness cleared away, only to leave a never-ending gauze of opulent white in its wake.

All they could see... was each other.

A silent scream heard only within his mind…

A thousand whispered voices inside his head…

A mentality, hollow of nothing but one goal…

The last of his sanity silently ripped from his blooded clutches…

A love, slowly broken as innocence is trampled upon, hidden amongst the chaos inside a broken heart…

Hands clutching onto the instrument of both his and his lover's destruction, as a malignant smile killed the last of what could have been.

The small part of him that continued to hold on screeched in agony as the downward spiral, the same one that had allowed him to feel something for the first time in his life, consumed Yagami Raito whole.

"Rain, rain, go away…"

A small smile tinged with a bit of bitterness spread across L's pale lips as he kissed the brunette once more, almost as if he had a hidden secret he wished to share through the kiss alone.

Lips fell onto his ear as L whispered something he would never forget against his cold wet skin.

"If only it could always have been like this…" Warm breath slowly puffed out onto seductively against the patch of skin that lay there. "Maybe then, we could have had a fighting chance."

"Come again some other day."

Yagami Raito's eyes darkened, a decrepit shade of crimson violently shining through the cinnamon eyed gaze.

Kira was all that now remained.

There was nothing to be had now but his new world... and L would witness it with his own, soon to be dead, eyes.

'Your time is up, L.' Kira smirked as he silently pricked his finger with the needle. 'And soon… I'll have the perfect world along with the perfect sacrifice.'

And really, two dead geniuses were always better than just one.