A shadow like figure appears in a clear area, only the remaining of a house stood. After further observation, one would realize that the figure was wearing a black cloak with red clouds scattered here and there over it. The figure's face was covered by a mask with swirls of orange intertwined with those of black. Only one eye could be seen through the mask, and it was a blood red.

"What is it that draws us to this forsaken place, one this day, every year?" A new figure appeared. He wore the same cloak as the other, but no mask. This new being had auburn hair, and light gray eyes that seemed to spiral out from the pupil. The being was fairly pale, and had piercings running over his ears and nose, and two more piercings on his chin.

The masked one sighted, he had hope, but it was running thin. "Eleven years, and still I feel like she's out there…I just don't know where."

"I know how you feel…but we can't always live in the past…at some point, we have to let go, Tobi." A gentle breeze seemed to twirl around the auburn haired one before it danced away.

A sudden spike of anger ran through the masked figure, "Damn that snake! I should have known he was no good! I-I should have…" The man's voice broke.

The fire haired man turned, not able to look at the clearing any longer and control the feelings he held within. "Come, Tobi, there is nothing left for us here…let us leave."

The red eyed one turned and grabbed the other by the shoulders, roughly holding him in place. "How dare you?! How can you leave so easily!? This is the very spot were our loved ones died!! And our daughters disappeared!! How dare you fucking say there is nothing here for us?! How the hell do you expect me to forget?!" The masked man snarled at the gray eyed one. All of his anger showing through, as if yelling at the other would make everything better…or seem better.

The auburn haired one pushed the other away, his rage showing like a core of a flame in his eyes. "Do you think this is easy for me?! Do you think I want to forget them?! Get this into your fucking head!! I cared, I loved the ones I lost!! If I could have, I would have done anything to save them!! So get the hell of my back!!"

Silence fell between the two cloaked figures. Their eyes were locked, and the air between them crackled from the tension. Suddenly, the masked one cast his gaze to the ground. "I-I'm sorry, Pein-sama. But why did it have to be them?" Even though his voce was steady, his sobs shown through.

A gentle hand was placed on the masked one's right shoulder. A friends hand, an understanding touch. "I don't know, but sooner or later we're going to have to let it go."

An understanding feeling passed through the two males. Slowly the two turned to leave the clearing, until next year. The moment right before the two were going to slip off to who-knows-were, however, a high-pitched screech rang through the clearing…bringing life back into it. The figures turned to see a black owl with white spots, the exact opposite of a snowy owl.

"Tobi…are those owls usually found around here?" The gray eyed one murmured, not wanting to look away from the bird.

"No," Tobi sighed.

The two men looked at each other, then back to the clearing. But by that time the bird was gone. All that was left was a single feather.

A small token of hope…