Chapter 13

"So…Christmas," Sly stated, looking at Zane.

"Yep," The fire-haired girl nodded, "Christmas."

The Riddle sisters fell silent as a few giggling girls walked into the dorm room. They watched the strangers with eyes lacking patience. Finally, slowly, but finally the other girls left the room, and the Riddles were able to rekindle their interrupted conversation by exclaiming at the same instant:

"We gotta go shopping!"

Sly squealed, "I want a heat-seeking rocket launcher, an AK-47, a war jet—

Zane overlapped her rant, "I need some new earrings, nice outfits, a sexy dress would be nice. Maybe some different nail polish colors—"

"—a few nukes, a hack saw, a chainsaw, a bunch of knives, spears, a bow and an arrow, but just one arrow—"

"—A few scarves, and other jewelry would be nice—"

"Wait," Sly suddenly renewed the silence, "What the fuck are you saying?"

Zane shrugged, "Sly, Sly, Sly. You're not looking at the whole picture, you're looking at small details—"

"Don't give me that shit."

"Fine. A lot of these guys are sexy. A lot of these guys have noticed I'm also sexy. So, this Christmas," Zane winked her fading blue eyes, "I'm gonna be a pimp."

Sly raised an eyebrow, "You're 11."

Zane suddenly looked to the ceiling, "Oh, yeah. Never mind. I want twin swords, and throwing knives, and bombs that actually look like little lady bugs that swarm together, attach to someone, and blow them to hell!"

"And some poison gas!"

"Yeah, and," Zane paused as she shared a look with her friend.

"Gerard Butler!" Both girls squealed.

Sly piped up on her own, "And Ewan Mcgregor…in a puppy suit."

Zane smirked, "And Paul Bettany."

"Best," Sly began.

"Christmas," Zane added.

"Ever!" The girls laughed.


"Fred, George," Zane smiled, "We need your help getting out of this school."

"Oh?" Fred smiled.

"You wanna go to Hogsmead do ya?" George smirked.

"No," Sly snapped. "To many teachers."

"Then where?" Fred questioned.

Zane murmured, "London. Duh, the place of actual shops."

George and Fred whistled, "You wanna go to London? That's some hard work."

Sly shrugged, "You think you can do it?"

The twins suddenly laughed, "Can we do it?"

"Of course!"

"It's actually—"

"More of—"

"A question of—"

"When," The twins finished.

"Okay, we gotta talk about this whole switching of the speaker thing," Zane smiled.

Sly gently sung, "I believe I can fly…"

"Shut up," Zane hissed.

"I think I'm paranoid…"

"Shut up!" Zane growled, and then turned her attention back to the twins, "How quickly can you get us there?"

"Well, you see, after our prank war," George began.

Fred smiled, "We got detention with Filch, as you know, and we found this map."

George hastily pulled out a folded piece of paper from the inside of his robe, "Apparently he had confiscated this from some students years ago."

"They were geniuses! So," Fred smirked, "We must outdo them."

Sly looked at the map, "What exactly is special about—HOLY SHIT THOSE NAMES MOVED!" Then, softer, "And they track footprints in the direction they go."

"Dude," Zane gaped, "How do you make a map like this?"

"We…Don't know," The twins answered.

"Whoever did had to be wickedly gifted at charms," Fred explained.

Sly nodded, "That's awesome, but how does it get us to London?"

George smiled, "It doesn't, it's just so cool!"

Fred elbowed his brother lightly, "But it does show secret passages out of the school."

The girls shared a smile. They were SO going to London.


Zane's footsteps made no sound as she led the way to a secret exit. Sly padded behind her, keeping an eye out for any sign of a teacher, or worse, a prefect. The fire-haired girl knelt beside what looked to be a normal wall. Blue eyes glanced once more at the map before she nodded to her companion. Sly moved to squat beside Zane, they ran their hands against the cold stone, looking for some trigger to open the passage that stood, hidden, in front of them. Sly traced pale fingers against a brick. It sank under her fingertips slightly. Zane looked up to see the passage revealed as two parts of the wall slid apart. The girls shared a smile as they stood up.

"To London," Sly smiled.

Zane nodded, "To London."

"Zane?" A voice gave them pause. The girls looked at each other before spinning around to see Percy Weasley approaching. "What are you two doing?"

Zane looked sideways at Sly before walking to Percy and kissing him on the cheek before turning and running into the passage. Sly followed the other girl, snickering as she looked back to see a blushing, gaping Weasley.