Brody wiped the sweat off his forehead as he made his way backstage; the calls of his fans were ringing in his ears. His adrenaline was pulsing; he could have done another show. They were calling his band, My Vampire Romance, back to the stage to play just one more song. They were playing in London for a large crowd of blood filled teens, he licked his lips just thinking about it.

Gage came up behind him and placed his hand on his brother's shoulder. Telling him that he was thinking the same thing, they all were. He removed his hand and walked out the stage door that was right in front of Brody. When the door opened Brody could smell the cold night air and longed to be it.

Brody knew he should go after his brother, Gage didn't have the control Jude, Riley, Jackson and he had. Brody turned away from the door and peeled of his concert jacket, under it he wore a tight black shirt that was soaked with his sweat.

"Riley you might want to go find Gage, he went outside alone. Never know who might suck dry tonight." Brody said in a giddy voice.
"Not funny Brody!" Riley said as he rolled his eyes and walked out of the door Gage had disappeared out of just moments before.

Brody looked in the mirror across the room from him and smiled. He needed blood and soon. Running his hand through his hair he made his way over to Jackson, who was taking off his shoes on the couch pushed up against the wall. When Jackson looked up and saw Brody coming towards him a secretive smile played at his lips.

"I saw you eyeing the blonde." He laughed as he said this, but Brody's head buzzed, he had been eyeing the blonde, and he had been staring at her through the whole concert.
"Her blood did call to me." Jackson thought Brody was joking when he said this, he was not.

There were two girls in the front row whose blood seemed to be stronger than the thousands of others there. Brody had been eyeing the pretty blonde right in front of the stage; he had seen Riley looking at her friend with the curly red hair that stood right next to her.

Brody's nostrils flared as the scent he was just thinking about hit him again. He turned around and there were the two girls walking towards him with V.I.P. passes around their necks.

Brody slowly started making his way towards them; images of sucking the blonde's blood ran through his mind at a top speed. He could practically taste the warm, salty, yet sweet red liquid in his mouth.

Soon Riley came bursting through the door his eyes trained on the curly haired girl and no one else. He must have been standing right outside the door. Brody thought to himself as he watched Riley begin to make his way over to the girls. Brody got over to them the same time Riley did, their blood was more tempting this close.

He grabbed Riley's shoulder reminding him that there were others around, others that knew nothing of vampires or the fact that they still roamed the earth.

"My name is Prue. Big fan. Fucking love you guys!" the blonde said with a laugh in her voice. "This shy bitch right behind me is Annabell." She said pointing over her shoulder at the curly haired girl. She was staring at Riley with a playful smile on her lips.
"Brody May and Riley Pip." Brody stuck out his hand and Prue took it eagerly.

They talked awhile longer until Gage came running through the door, blood dripping off his chin. Riley tried to step in front of Annabell, but it was too late she had already seen Gage. Not knowing what else to do Brody and Riley hit the girls on the back of the head knocking them cold.

The band ran to the tour bus at inhumanly speed, they were impossible to see to the human eye. They set the girls in there bunks and returned to the front of the bus were Gage was quickly trying to wash off the blood. Jackson and Jude were standing watch outside the tour bus making sure no one came in.

"What the fuck were you thinking Gage?" Brody screamed at his idiotic brother.
"A tasty red head was trying to sneak back stage, it all happened so fast." Gage hung his head in shame and stared at the floor.

Brody stared at his brother; he had never attacked a human before. They were always able to stop him before he could press his fangs into the unlucky girl's throat, but this time they were too busy, to busy staring at the girls.

Riley walked back to the bunks and stared in at Annabell, her stomach rose and fell slightly with each breath. She's beautiful. Riley thought, he looked back at Brody who was now rubbing his temple, he wouldn't let him kill her, and he would kill anyone who tried to lay his hands on her.

Brody made his way to Riley and the girls. Prue was in the bunk across from Annabell sleeping soundly just as her friend. Brody couldn't get over the beauty he was staring at; Riley was staring at Annabell in the same way.

"I won't leave her Brody and I won't let you kill her." Riley reached and gently pushed back a curl that had fallen into Annabell's face.
"Do you think I could do that to Prue? I feel the same way about her as you do Annabell, Riley." Brody slowly slipped off Prue's black squared rimmed glasses and set them in his cubby.
"Then what are we going to do? We can't let them go; they might tell someone about what they saw." Riley said, he was fighting the urge to crawl into his bunk with Annabell and fall asleep with her safely wrapped in his arms.
"We take them with us." Brody said giving Prue one more glance before going and telling the others to hurry and get the things packed.

A half hour later they were on the road. There were two sleeping human girls in the back of the tour bus having no idea that they were riding with five vampires. Riding towards events that would change their lives forever, but were the events good or bad?