I'm Not Okay (I Promise)

Annabell stared at the ghost for what seemed like only seconds before she felt an exploding pain coming from her temple, she closed her eyes and gritted her teeth, willing the pain away. Spasms racked her body and she flew face down onto the floor, her body shaking. She couldn't understand what was happening to her, but she knew it was connected to the ghost. Suddenly the pain faded and everything stopped, she laid there breathing heavily. She had no reason to breathe this way, her vampire body didn't need the air, but of course old human habits die hard.

She sat up suddenly, but she wasn't the one to will her body to do this, she searched around the room for the ghost until suddenly she stood without willing her legs to do so.

I'm here Annabell.
Where are you?" She spun around thinking the ghost was standing right behind her, but there was nothing but the broken room.
In your head Annabell, in your body, sorry for the pain, but it was necessary to get what I need. I need you to kill the man that killed me. A man you hate more than anything in the world, do this for me and maybe I'll leave your body, but for now it's mine.
"No! This isn't right; I was warned about your kind. The bad ghosts wanting to use me for bad instead of good, I won't let this happen to me. Not now, not ever." She spoke aloud, to no one expect for the girl in her head and she began to think she was crazy.
Then stop talking out loud, I can hear what you say when you think it, we can have our own little conversations right inside your mind, won't that be lovely?
No I don't like this Matty warned me; I'm not supposed to help you! GET OUT OF MY BODY!

She fought with all her might to get the ghost out of her body, but she had no idea how to, suddenly the ghost threw her body to the ground making her crash into the already broken coffee table, a large piece of glass cut her arm and she hissed as Gage's blood began to seep from the cut.

Now listen, I control your body and I can make you go through a lot of pain until you finally listen to me. I'll even make you harm the ones you love. You will listen to me and you will do as I say starting now, finish picking up the pieces and return upstairs. Act normal or I will make you regret it.

She did as she was told gently pushing herself off the ground and finished picking up the many pieces of Riley that was scattered all over the house. Once she had them all together she carried them upstairs and kept her emotions hidden. Riley didn't know what was going on; he didn't need to know she had a homicidal ghost taking over her body.

Gage and Riley were still in the places they were before she left; they both glanced up at Annabell as she walked into the room. Both noticed that whatever had changed about her when she "died" was still there. The haunted look in her eyes and the way she carried herself, like she was the strongest one in the room. At the moment no one doubted it, she dropped to her knees beside Riley and dropped the pieces to the ground.

Look at him sitting over there like he's all innocent and he was the wronged one. He nearly killed you and he took life away from me. It's taking all the power in me not to reach over there and just strangle him. Take life away from him like he did me.
Your blood is what turned him evil, I admit I was terrified of him, but there is something about him now. Something strange, I want my revenge yes, he had me running from him for the longest time, checking over my shoulder every time we were out of the house, endless nightmares…
Then take your revenge Annabell! I can help you!
Don't mean you'll force me?

The ghost didn't answer her back, slowly Annabell placed the pieces of Riley were they needed to be, she tried not to flinch every time a piece fused itself back to the body, and finally she came to the last pieces which was his face. His smile was back, but there was scars covering every inch of his body, she hated them. It made her hands ball into fist and her rage towards Gage surfaced stronger than before, she was overcome with it. She wanted to kill and ripe him apart, the sudden feeling of this scared her.

This is our rage, mixed together.
I don't like this, it's not normal, not for me.
Get used to it; it's going to be around until you help me kill him!

"Baby are you okay?" That honey sweet voice reached her ears and she raised her eyes to look into Riley's, he stared back his eyes sad for what he saw, "What happened to you, and you're not the same."

She turned away from him, her eyes catching Gage's, no she would never be the same again.