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The sky was dark and silent.

Behind an old abandoned, broken-up building that had been empty for years was a thick patch of trees, and behind that...

hid his secret lab.

Inside the air was thick with tension.

He stood brooding over his new invention. If only he could get this damned thing to work. If only. Then all his troubles would be over.

The man brought his hand to his temple to feel his head where it was throbbing. Several hours of continuous effort had gone into this. Several irreplaceable hours of work, exhaustion and fatigue.

He would have quit hours ago, yes.

But his impulse of anger, his need for revenge was much too strong for him to just give up. If there was one thing, Tim Scam was not a quitter. He was going to get what he wanted whether anyone liked it or not.

What did he want?

Most of all to rule this world, and rightfully so. How many other humans at his age had his kind of intelligence?

Forget age...how many humans ever had his kind of knowledge?

His kind of drive?

his kind of determination?

his kind of lust,

to win and conquer?

He smirked in the darkness, knowing the answer.


He was not part of the norm. No. He was above them. This race called humans.

And in time...

he would prove it to the world.

But as for now, he wanted to rid himself of the one constant obstacle in his path.


They had gotten in his way too many times and now they were going to pay. All of them.

He snapped his mind back to his invention. He sighed, exhaling a shaky breath. With this invention he could do anything. Anything he wanted from any place in the world, and never get caught.

Genius was the one word that came to mind when he thought about his perfect plan.

He would win yet.

Bending down he carefully adjusted the last piece of the puzzle,

the last part of his invention.

It was complete.


And at last.

He had a chance.

To take his dream...

His desire for revenge...

And make it real,

make it happen.

There was no turning back.

He rolled his shoulders and shook off some of the pain in his body.


He smirked.

It could hurt his body, but never his mind.

He was above pain and comfort.

A man of secrets, mystery and blind revulsion.

His anger was the power that kept him going, long after most would give up.

Possessing a mind of gold and a will of stone,

his intentions were unbreakable.

He did not know how to shatter.

Only to break...

others of course.

Not him.

In his mind, defeat was unthinkable.

He would beat them.

Crush them.

Finish them.

One day.

And he would live to see the light of day.

But who's to say that they would do the same?

Smiling to himself he placed his handiwork in his palm.

Already, he could feel the power pulsing within it.

He could sense the power,

that it.

would bring to him.

He would not fail.

Not this time.

It was time, for everything to change.

A sadistic look crossed his face as he thought about the people...

for whom he felt no pity.

Those agents. They thought they were so good.

So pure, so unstoppable...


Was what he thought about them.

In the end, it's the strongest one who survives.

He almost laughed when he thought,

"Let them hold on to their silly illusion, that all good wins and all evil fails."

Nonsense, all of it.

They way he played it.

the outcome was twisted.

Good was good...

as long as Evil wasn't better.

He walked over to a younger man who sat in the lab. Who had agreed to help him, for the chance to live.


Tim had very easily threatened the man that he would kill him, if he was stupid enough to not obey.

And as one would expect...

from such a threat.

He agreed straight away.

Tim placed the chip on the scalp of the man, right under the hair above his neck. He watched in silence as a look of pain crossed the man's face.

It didn't affect him, not one bit.

He believed in the theory.

No pain. No gain.

And when life was at stake...who would complain?

A moment later the chip dissolved into his skin.

Tim smirked. Perfect.

He walked back to the counter and spoke into a small device.

He gave him an order, and he would obey.

the invention would make sure of that.

Waiting a moment, for the boy to respond, he realized that he didn't move.

Tim gave him a look of pure anger, one that scared him but still there was no reaction.

What was wrong? Why wasn't it working?

Tim walked over to the boy placing his hand on his shoulders, and watching him visibly tremble with fear.

A second later. He heard something that he was not expecting to hear.

"I hope he let's me go."

He would have killed the boy right there, for being so impatient, but then he noticed something. Although he had heard his voice, the boy hadn't moved his mouth. Not once.

Tim closed his eyes, not understanding at first.

He waited again and sure enough he heard it again.

"I hope he leaves me alone."

He opened his eyes in an instant, the realisation hitting him like a flash of lightening.

He had heard, not the boys words...

but his thoughts.

But that would mean..

He smirked a moment later.

This could get interesting...


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