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Staring before her at the image in the mirror with wide, startled eyes, it took Sam a long moment before she could even bring herself to breathe. What was going on here? Why had her reflection been replaced by Tim Scam's? Blinking her eyes slowly, she shook her head before looking again at the mirror only to find that nothing had changed.

Once again the face that was looking back at her with the same confusion and shock that she felt pouring through her mind was Scam's and not her own. It was his eyes, the beautiful sea-coloured orbs of the man she loved more than life itself that were returning her gaze.

Slowly Sam walked over to the mirror, her heart pounding all the while as she kept her eyes on it. When she was close enough she raised a hand and carefully touched the mirror's surface, slightly tracing the image of the man there before moving her hand back and touching her own face. A gasp left her lips as she watched the action being repeated in the mirror and felt her palm roaming over high cheekbones and a strong, masculine jaw and right then, it was at that moment that what had happened to her fully sunk in.

Somehow, Tim and her had switched bodies.

Standing there astounded, Sam tried to think back to how it had happened. What had been the exact moment they had switched? Were they stuck this way? Suddenly she paused in those thoughts with a staggering gasp as fear flooded through her when she realized something. If she was here, in Tim's body then he must be…

Trapped at WOOHP inside hers.

"Oh my God…"Sam thought, as her stomach panged with worry. Had she led him into a trap? If anything happened to him she knew she'd never forgive herself and he hadn't been prepared to take on a slew of WOOHP guards while he had been in his hideout. He hadn't had any escape plan in his head like she had when she went to destroy WOOHP's core. He hadn't had any weapons on him.

He…had nothing!

"God what I have done?" Sam whispered quietly as she felt tears coming. She had wanted to help him reach his goal faster by taking down WOOHP for him so that he'd value her and want her as bad as she wanted him but instead she had walked him right into the enemy's den. She knew they wouldn't take mercy on him.

Even if he was in her form at the moment, once they found out it was really him, or even if they never did anyone that betrayed WOOHP was treated mercilessly. Jerry hadn't even ever forgiven his own brother, his own flesh and blood after he brought WOOHP into their personal battle…he would never, NEVER forgive Scam or her for this.

Panic seized Sam as she thought about what they might be doing to him right now. Or had he been lucky enough to escape? Wanting to find out she tried to focus on his mind and hear his thoughts but she got nothing on his end. All she received was a slurred mix of static that made her shudder. He was still unreachable to her.

"What do I do?"she wondered as her fear kept building like a rising volcano inside her just waiting to erupt. She had to do something. God, she just had to do something because she couldn't stand here and just wait, just let him take this on by herself. She had to help him.

Making up her mind Sam moved to go back to WOOHP. She didn't care if she got caught and she didn't care if they killed her for this. She was not going to abandon him, she couldn't do that. Because she knew it, didn't she? If they hurt him…

She'd feel the pain.

And it wasn't just because they had a link that he had created, it ran much deeper than that. She was in love with him, in love in a way that she could never fall out of. She needed him to survive and she knew deep down she felt that if he ever died…

She'd die on the spot.

She's simply collapse lifeless right there, at the knowledge that he was gone.

That he was no longer with her.

And it could be happening right now. Right at this moment.

"No!" she screamed in determination. She had to stop them from hurting him. She just had to save him! Moving with speed she walked over to the door in two long strides and was about to rush out when the door opened itself.

And in walked who the world would see as Samantha Simpson but she knew was her Tim Scam.

A breath of relief, the same that she seemed to have been holding all this time released itself through Scam's lungs as she uttered two words in his voice. "…You're okay."

A look passed between them as emerald green eyes peered into sea-foam ones and for that moment it didn't even matter that they weren't really themselves. He could tell she had been worried about him by the signs of stress on the face, on the body she was currently donning. The way his jaw was tightened, his mouth set in a straight line and fists bunched at his sides. He knew his body only got like that when he was worried about something which didn't happen often.

Except for today.

Drawing in a deep breath and still saying nothing to Sam he thought back to how worried he had been when he had learned of her plan and realized she was close to being caught. How close, he realized fully when he ended up in her place but oddly enough he hadn't felt anger at being thrown head first into a situation he hadn't planned for and had had to use every bit of his prowess to get away from, instead he had felt a strange sense of peace knowing that he was dealing with this instead of Sam and that…she was safe.

The reason for that feeling, he had already come to grips with before he had taken on her form. He couldn't ignore it now anymore could he? No he couldn't. He glanced at her once again, seeing right through her foreign body and straight inside. He had fallen in love with her and that…

Was no secret to him.

How could he not after everything she had gone and done? After how she had put her life on the line for him and nearly died? There was no way he couldn't. And he did, he did love her as deeply as he now fully understood she loved him. She was no longer just a pawn in his plan, she was part of him. A necessary part of him.

"I'm sorry…" he heard his voice say and his eyes drifted back up to see the face before him. And it looked guilty. Guilty and miserable. Letting out a deep sigh, Sam slowly took a step closer and looked down into the eyes that she knew were her own but he was currently looking through. The man she had seriously endangered today.

The man that could have been taken prisoner, been killed because of her idiotic, hasty decision. She had to apologize. She had to even if he never forgave her. Even if he never wanted to see her again. Even if he exiled her from his side now and forever.

Even if that would kill her…

She had to do it.

"I'm sorry," she whispered, lifting an arm and moving to place a hand on one of the shoulder of the person that stood facing her in a gentle, faltering way, not knowing what else to do to prove her remorse to him right now.

She heard nothing from his side as he kept looking at her fixedly, mouth agonizingly sealed not even moving to announce her sentence. Her death sentence, that he didn't want anything to do with her ever again.

Not even for that.

No his mouth remained closed,

Words never coming.

Soon her anguish grew like a rapidly spreading disease in her blood and brewed in with the misery she felt. It all became too much for her, his not saying a single word, not even to tell her to go to hell for what she had done and she felt tears fill up her foreign eyes. Eyes that she knew would otherwise never shed a tear.

But as her shaky hand finally landed on the green-spandex covered shoulder in a defeated way with a gentle squeeze of failed reassurance and a tear started to split from a sea-foam eye suddenly she felt a rush in her body, as if everything was moving around her.

Heaving in a confused breath, Sam closed her eyes to gain control of herself. It felt like the movement would never stop as her thoughts tangled and untangled in her brain and her body swayed but soon it did stop. Soon everything came to a halt again.

And when she opened her eyes she was looking at Tim Scam who was himself again. Taking in a deep breath Sam raised a hand and touched her face and feeling her feminine feature she realized she too was back in her own body. Her touching him must have done that, made the effect of the switch reverse. But figuring out how that worked was the least of her concerns right now. Tim…although back to normal still wasn't saying anything.

Sam chewed on her lower lip, nervous and stressed as she watched him lift a hand and stroke away her tear from his eye before he went right back to looking at her silently. She stared back at him wordlessly, her guilt digging holes into her as she waited for him to say something to her.

But he never did. He just stood there quietly and Sam wondered if he was waiting for her to flesh out her apology to him. Just saying sorry she knew didn't make up for almost costing someone's life and especially not Tim Scam's.

Feeling even worse now as she didn't even know how to apologize for what she had nearly caused, Sam let out a quiet sigh before speaking again in a quiet, ashamed tone. "I'm sorry for what I almost caused today Ti-Scam," she said, not knowing if he would even allow her to say just his first name now.

She had ruined things between them, she could feel that. The intimacy between them was gone. In her foolish attempt to get more of him to herself she had lost what she had had: his partnership, his companionship…a real shot at winning his heart.

Feeling her heart fall at that, Sam ignored her own self-pity because she knew she deserved to feel this way for her stupidity and continued. "I let you down today, I let you down and you had to come rescue me and-" her voice slightly choked as tears began to fill up her eyes again at the memory of not too long ago when she had been thinking WOOHP had caught him thanks to her.

A tear trickled down her cheek then another messily joined it down her face. She couldn't stop them from coming now because her mind was fixed on it. Fixed on what she had nearly caused to happen, her monumental mistake.

He could have been taken.

He could have been KILLED.

And it was all HER fault. A shuddering gasp left her as she struggled to control her tears and get her apology out before she made him angrier than she knew he was right now. She knew Tim Scam didn't care for tears and her shedding them like this, at her own lack of thought would only make him loathe her more. Not that she thought he could loathe her any more than he already did right now.

After what she had done she was sure he never wanted to see her face again. All she could do now she realized, even if it hurt like hell was to make her own graceful exit. There was no way he would ever want to work with her to take WOOHP down now and even more ever want her the way she desperately wanted him. It was over.

All she could do now was save him the trouble of having to deal with her existence. That was unless he wanted to torture her to death himself for her mistake but seeing that he hadn't moved to do so already she felt all he wanted was for her to just fall off the face of the earth so he didn't have to run into her again. Her, the girl who had messed it all up. And now it was time to pay. By letting him go, even if that would break her heart into a million tiny pieces and kill her on the spot.

She had to pay for her mistake and this was the only way, by making her feel her life drain away at every second of every day by being away from him until she came to the end of her miserable existence. After how she had risked his life, that was the least she deserved.

Making up her mind and knowing their was no room for apology in Tim Scam's realm, she spoke for a final time. "I'm not worthy of being by your side…" she said, lowering her head in shame and self-repulsion. "I am and never will be fit to be yours…I'm sorry," she uttered before turning to go, turning to take that first of many painful steps she would have to, to get away from him.

But she was left gasping as she was suddenly pulled back, almost fiercely by the man behind her and spun around to face him again.

Feeling the tight grip on her arm, Sam bit her lip and looked up at him shakily, afraid he was going to torture her after all instead of just have her leave. But her fear turned into stunned silence when he lifted her chin with his index finger until she was looking him right in his eyes….

And then he kissed her.

Sam's eyes peeled wide as she stood there in the circle of his embrace as he kissed her passionately, like he never had before. And as happy as she was, so happy that she could drop dead right now, she didn't understand why.

Why was he kissing her? Why when he should be yelling at her? Screaming at her? Pushing her away like the failure, like the burden that she was?

Sensing the confusion in her easily because he could hear her right now, lost in her mind through her thoughts, Scam broke the kiss. Moving his hands he brought them up and held her startled face, making her look at him straight in the eyes.

And when she did he opened his mouth to say the words he knew he needed to say to make her understand why he wasn't mad at her and why he was kissing her like this. She had to know, he had to tell her because if she picked up on it in his mind…he knew she'd never believe it.

She knew what kind of man he was clearly and because of that, because of that identity he had built over his lifetime, over the years that she had known him for she would never accept this truth about him unless he told her it himself.

Always being a man who never beat around the bush and preferred to get straight to the point, Scam thought only for a quick moment before speaking in a firm, unwavering voice. "You're not a failure Sam, anything but," he said, stroking her face gently and leaving her eyes to widen more and more at his touch, at his words.

"And you made me realize something today…something that I didn't think would happen in a million years…"

Sam's eyes sparked with curiosity and even though she wasn't asking with her lips he knew she wanted to know what this revelation was that he had come to today. Come to today because of HER. It was on her mind, he could hear it.

A small chuckle, almost a defeated one left him. Some things could never be seen coming, could they? How determined had he been to walk this path alone? To be attached to no one? To have no bonds?

It all ended today, didn't it?

Strangely enough he found he didn't care.

He didn't care.

He didn't care anymore.

Because if she had the strength, the will, the power to make him feel THIS way…

To make HIM feel at all….

Then he had to accept it.

He DID accept it. And the words came out all on their own. Effortlessly, surprisingly with no shame or hesitation. But then again she was his other half. He had nothing to hide from her. Nothing at all. Least of all this, this truth that he could no longer deny.

She was more than his pawn. More than his target. More than anything to him that he hadn't realized until today…when she was almost taken from him.

"I love you…" he whispered leaving her jaw to drop open and her eyes to nearly pop out of their sockets.

She stared at him frozen in that state, barely breathing as her heart hammered in her chest and her thoughts ran wild. It took her several moments but when she spoke, she asked the question that he had been expecting.

"You…" she inhaled deeply before trying again. "You love me?" she breathed out, saying the words carefully as if her saying it with any degree of certainty would make him take it back.

But he never did. All he did was pull her closer to himself. Closer until he could feel her lips trembling against his and when he had her in that spot, had her shuddering in his arms from anticipation, from want, from need and desire he answered her.


He felt a shudder go through her body as that word hit her ears. It was like a lightning bolt, her lungs contracted and released and a shuddering sigh of astonishment left her. As if she had witnessed some miracle.

He only smiled at that, genuinely smiled against her lips because he could understand that feeling. After all finding his counterpart, his perfect counterpart, one that was ready to die for him, put her neck on the sword's edge, feel such devotion, such dedication to him…to find that in her, to find that in this world being who he was…

Was no less than a miracle.

And he knew something for certain.

She was his soul mate,

His dark, twisted soul mate,

His shadow…

And he wasn't letting her go.


Moving his head down he closed the tiny gap that had been hanging between their lips and kissed her deeply as if to seal his private promise. She welcomed the kiss as her shock left her and a moan arose from the pit of her throat.

This was finally happening. This was really happening. There was nothing left for her to prove now.

Nothing left to prove to make him hers.

Not anymore.

"He's mine…"she thought, in a daze before her hands lashed out and grabbed his head pulling his lips harder onto hers as tears formed in her eyes. Tears of joy, of sheer unspeakable happiness. How long had she waited for this moment? Lived for this day?

"He's mine…"she said to herself and when that realization finally sank in fully she couldn't stop herself. Untangling her fingers from his dark locks she brought her hands down and touched his chest, shakily at first before putting her hands against it and pushing him back. Not to push him away but to lead him somewhere. And he knew just where she was taking him.

He didn't stop her and it didn't take her long to push him back onto his bed. When she had him there, pinned under her she began to touch him erratically as if she could not get enough. Her hands, her lips moved everywhere they could reach, savouring the body of the man whose heart she had wanted for so long. The man who was her everything. The god of her world who was finally hers.

"Tim…" she half purred, half moaned out from her lips which were occupied with planting kisses on his strong jaw line. Her voice made the feelings coursing through her mind right now blatantly obvious and he couldn't help but smile to himself, somewhat pleased at the bizarre reality of this moment.

Sam, the once goodie goodie of the spy trio, the best WOOHP had had didn't want WOOHP and she didn't want to be good. She wanted to be bad like him and she wanted him, him and nothing but him.

And he had set it all into motion that day when he had accidentally created the ability to read minds while he had been trying to create something else. It had been fate then that had led him to learn of Sam's secret, the same that she buried deep inside her for years that she loved him but had been scared to act on it.

The smile on his lips turned into an all-out triumphant smirk. Scared to act on it, something she was no longer afraid to do. It was clear to him now that she loved him with her mind, heart and soul and would never betray him. After all she had willingly put her life on the line just to please him, that she would not do for anyone but him. He and only HE was the man for her.

There was no room in her life for irrelevant boyfriends, for those boys that still had so much growing up to do, the ones she would never look at again because she wanted him.

His hands that had been slightly clutching her waist tightened their grip as a low growl of possession erupted from his throat. She wanted him and now he wanted her. She belonged to him and he could hardly wait to see the look on Jerry's face when he learned that, learned that Sam, his perfect golden girl now belonged to the darkest demon of them all.

Belonged to him by choice.

"And there isn't one thing."he thought, his eyes growing dark with twisted amusement. "One damn thing that that old fool can do to get her back."

No exorcism,

No AMOUNT of it was going to bring the Sam the "angel" back.

She was doused in his darkness now,

As black as sin

And that was how she was going to stay,


With another growl from his throat, this one, one of pure arousal Scam let thoughts of WOOHP and his triumph fuel him as he rolled over in the bed, making the girl that had been on top of him switch places with him. Pinning her under him even though she wasn't going anywhere he gave her a look of pure need before he brought his head down in one swift motion and rammed his lips onto hers.

A tremor of satisfaction flowed through her form as she sealed her eyes shut and threw her arms around his neck tightly while her back arched itself giving away the sheer pleasure she was feeling at his touch.

He smiled against her lips, enjoying how she clung to him, how she refused to let him go as if he was a part of her that she just could not live without.

Like her life source.

Her hands unclasped themselves from behind his neck and moved down his back, lower and lower, feeling their way down his shoulder blades as she kissed him back relentlessly. Soon her fingers grabbed at the material of his shirt while her nails twisted at it.

From under his mouth she let out an impatient growl and it didn't take Scam any time to figure out what she wanted from him next. It was on her mind and it pleased him to be able to read her like an open book. It was because of that, he realized as Sam dug her nails into his back and continued trying to rid him off his shirt, that only he could ever know how to please her fully.

Only he could know all her little pleasure spots, those places on her body that would make her scream out his name until it echoed off the walls and threatened to break everything in sight.

It gave him a high like none other to know that he was the only man that could giver her exactly what she wanted. No he didn't have to resort to guesswork or use a method of trial and error because everything she was craving was there for him to use like an open wish list of secret desires.

And it always would be.

No other guy would have that insight into her hidden wants and desires. He and only he held that power. His eyes flickered in the darkness with delight as the idea of having power over her again., albeit a different kind than he ever had before thrilled him.

"Only I can make her feel that wayOnly me and no one else,"he thought before he continued, leaning back and chucking off his clothes and ripping off the ones she wore. Remnants of green spandex hit the floor, joining the heap of his clothes before he returned to her and kept going, using his hands, his lips, his breath to touch her wherever her mind begged for it.

He listened to her let out a deep moan as he touched her in what he was sure would have been a "forbidden" spot just a few months ago when she wasn't his and he couldn't help but smirk to himself as he listened to the sounds of her ragged breaths and her gasps of approval and how when he tried to move away, how quickly, how demandingly her hands moved and grabbed his to keep them there on her body to continue making her feel this way.

Making her feel this good.

His smirk widened considerably on his face as he stroked and kneaded her inner thigh and listened to her react with a growl of what could only be described as excitement. She was clearly enjoying, clearly in bliss with what he was doing to her.

And he asked himself as he watched her lay under him with her body inviting his touch , with her arms spread wide and her legs no where near attempting to block him off, with no hesitation whatsoever…

Where was the innocent, straight-laced, angelic Samantha Simpson now? Where was that girl who had rejected him once when he had turned out to be a criminal? Told him she was over him?

Nowhere to be seen.

She was gone. In her place was a fiery minx, a temptress and a seductress. And that was just fine with him because he liked her this way. He downright loved the fact that she was no longer an innocent virgin and even more the fact that it was him who had made her this way.

His fingers moved on her skin as his hands touched her in different areas, testing the waters to see where it would be that would make her scream the loudest. And as he did that he smiled to himself, yes he actually smiled because he was seeing her true colours tonight.

True colours.

He had had no idea what a secret wanton she was. Yes he knew she was on the dark side now, the side with no self-control, the side that cared only for impulse and indulgence but he hadn't known she had such licentious fantasies hidden in that once pure mind of hers.

Scam's smile couldn't stop from turning into a smirk again as he once more recalled the pure Sam Simpson he had met all those years ago while is hand travelled down her lower abdomen and slipped between her legs, his fingers darting lower and touching a spot that he knew no other man but him had ever ventured into leaving her to hiss and twist in the sheets while her eyes rolled back in her sockets and a small whisper escaped her lips.


The word left her again after that, this time louder as her body twitched with raw energy as if she was a live wire-


- an instrument running on the fuel of lust.


The best kind of ignition to him. And now she loved it too. Loved it like a drug, like instant adrenaline to her nerves.

Loved it…as much as he did.

Tracing his hands back up her body he led them up to her chest where he massaged her breasts before his hands suddenly moved down, taking hold of her hips and slightly raising her off the mattress. Slipping his palms under her butt he gripped her curves and pushed her up moulding her body with his, lifting her up and teasing her as he let their bodies touch but not join.

A hiss escaped her lips at the contact and she sealed her eyes together as she tilted her head back all the way and bit her lip hard enough to draw blood. He saw a trickle escape and he simply leaned down and kissed her, not being bothered by it but rather enjoying the taste of it on his tongue.

Of her on his tongue, he couldn't get enough of her.

Gripping her hair he pulled her head back further until the hollow of her throat became fully visible to him. He looked at it, bathed in sweat as it shone in the dim darkness of the room before he shoved his face in her neck and moved his teeth, his lips up, down, all around it, biting and planting kisses that felt like fire on her skin.

Sam's heart thundered in her chest as sweat beaded at her forehead and her flesh felt as if her every pore was on fire. Never had felt this way before and it made her so happy, so indescribably happy to know she would feel this way always now that he belonged to her.

Feeling her complete and utter satisfaction at this moment through her thoughts, he sped things up. Locking onto the pattern of her thoughts before they even formed he left her gasping even harder beneath him as he acted out any and all of her desires that came to her mind onto her flesh before she could even name them to herself.

Clenching her eyelids Sam moaned and soon she felt as if she'd explode from the need for release. But just as she was about to think he'd never stop tormenting her he did.

He moved fast and entered her in one strong thrust that left her screaming with satisfaction. Her reaction was instantaneous as her hands moved up and grabbed his shoulders and her nails viciously dug patterns into his back while her head remained plunged back into the pillows. As she felt him moving inside her, her mouth hung open letting out pants and ragged calls of his name.

"T-tim…mmm," she growled, thrusting her hips against his to bring him closer, even deeper to her core. And he allowed her to do that, allowed her to bring him closer and closer until it felt as if they were literally one body.

The fact that they really were "one" remained on Scam's mind as he thought about how they were now able to switch personas and become each other. And in a corner of his brain he began plotting for a plan to destroy WOOHP with what he knew was going to be a plan no one would ever see coming.

"Sam?" Scam said in the darkness, his voice questioning as he wondered if she was still awake after all these hours but soon after he felt her stir in his arms. Soon she lifted her head from where it had been nestled into his chest and looked up into his eyes with a dazzling smile on her lips.

"Yes?" she whispered, sauntering even closer and pressing herself into him as she inhaled his scent into her lungs and smiled harder.

Reaching up he took one of his arms off her waist and gently moved his hand through her tangled red locks, his fingers gliding through it and nuzzling her head leaving her to sigh in bliss.

"Sam," he said again before cupping her cheek and speaking to her in an urgent tone. "I…" he hesitated for a moment but when he saw her smile widen even more he knew he could ask her for this now.

"I want something from you… I want you to do something for me," he said and Sam brought herself closer gently brushing the bridge of her nose against the tip of his affectionately.

"Tim," she said, wrapping her arms around his neck and looking him deep in his eyes. "You know I'd give you anything…I'd do anything for you without a moment's thought."

Hearing her words a small smile formed on Scam's lips because he knew this was it. He could trust her and with her by his side he could finally reach his goal with ease.

"I want you to help me take WOOHP down," he said, watching her closely just in case she would show any sign of unwillingness to hurt who were once so close to her. But those signs never came and instead she just looked at him with wide eyes of astonishment. And in her head he knew, she had figured out what this meant.

"You…" she started slowly a moment later, clearly still in shock. And he knew why, after all he had taken so long to allow her this and so long to trust her. But some seconds later she said what he knew she was thinking since he made his request of her.

"You're letting me be part of your master plan?"

Scam let out a small chuckle before nodding his head and confirming her doubts. Moving closer to her he spoke in an intentful drawl, "My dear Samantha…" he said running his fingers through her hair again before he bent his head down and rested his forehead against hers, looking in her eyes once more.

He might as well do it now, let her know the role she would be playing in his plan.

And it was no small one.

Far from it.

Soon a small smirk, a small deliciously evil smirk that he knew she, she is other half would appreciate was on his lips. He knew she'd be pleased when she found out. He knew she'd be just as pleased as he was with this idea.

After all they were one.

One and the Same.

And after what he had planned came to be…

no one would ever forget that.

"You…" he whispered quietly, his voice low but the effect enough to send a delightful goose bump of anticipation down her spine.

And she listened on with baited breath, her ears alert while she didn't even dare breathe in case she missed his revelation. He said it a moment later, leaving her grinning from ear to ear in happiness.

"You're the MOST important part of it…."

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