My life began the day my life ended.

Weird thing to say I know, but my motto has always been "never be normal".

My worse fear happened when Kim came home from her second year at Oxford with Derek.

First glance he seemed like a great guy, smart, handsome, funny.

When she took me to the side and told me exactly what he was to her … yeah, that sucked.

I did what any self respecting man would do in such a situation: I bailed from the Possible home in tears.

And sure, I sulked for a while, but it took a good kick in the ass like this to get my head straight like it should have been years ago.

The very next day, I avoided anything Possible as much as possible, and went straight to Middleton College.

I requested a list of the most difficult majors and signed up for three that caught my attention.

After all, Kim always called me Potential Boy. Now, it was time to live up to that.

Everyone expected me to fail, to fall, to crash and burn with near fatal consequences... even Rufus!

But I didn't, I took off like a rocket.

It took six years, but I graduated with a 4.0.

My majors were in Mechanical Engineering, Mechanical Science, and Business Administration.

Kim and Derek showed up for the graduation, and she gave me a hug and a kiss on the cheek.

Apparently, she knew I could do it all along. Yay, me.

Wade and I decided to go into business together.

We went everywhere with it, home supplies, automotives, non-lethal military defense, and more.

We even went into fashion, Monique jumped on board for that with barely a question.

Stoppable Industries began as a small local business selling and producing brainchildren of my and Wade's design.

It quickly became a multi-million dollar international.

Meanwhile, Kim graduated Oxford, still dating Derek, and joined Global Justice, working with Drakken and Shego of all people.

And by some twist of fate, Derek was brought in by the board of directors of my own company as CEO.

And we all lived happily ever after…

More or less...


Chapter 1: Resurrection

Global Justice Lt. Commander Kim Possible sighed as she pulled up the long drive way to Ron Stoppable's mansion-like condo. "Probably still in bed," She said to herself as she pulled out her spare key from her purse and made her way to the front door.

"Good morning, Madam Kimberly," Jarvis, Ron's first and only butler, greeted her at the door. "Good luck, Milady. Madam Monique attempted earlier but has since given up and gone home."

"Is he alone?" She asked as she blew a stray hair from her face.

"I have since learned to not even look," Jarvis smiled. "It is often best not to know."

Kim nodded to the old butler before making her way into the overly decorated home. She walked into Ron's study, which lead to his bedroom, and paused at his desk. She picked up a piece of scratch paper and read the words 'Integrated Repulsor Operational and Navigational Systems'. Below it was a massive equation that she could only understand partially along with a few sketched out mechanical designs, all in Ron's sloppy handwriting. She still marveled at how far Ron had come.

She sat the paper back down where she had found it before turning to the bedroom door and took a breath to prepare herself for whatever she found on the other side.

A pair of squeals greeted her entry. She gaped at her ex-boyfriend/best friend and the three girls that laid across the bed. Tara had the decency to try to cover herself, the redhead covered herself completely except the tip of her head, but Ron and Bonnie just lay there in all their glory.

"Hey, KP, you're here early." Ron said with a smile to the only clothed person in the room.

"Good morning, Ron," Kim said with an easy smile as she walked across the room, stepping over the scattered clothing, and opening his closet. "Did you forget you're meeting with the Middleton seniors this morning?"

"Oh, yeah, I actually did KP," Ron said as Bonnie and Tara glanced from Ron and Kim while they had their conversation as if they were both dressed and not with a group of naked girls.

"Do you even realize we're still here?" Bonnie sneered at her old rival.

"Oh, yeah, sometimes when Derek's away, I sometimes forget to put my dildos away too," Kim said as she looked through Ron's closet. She glanced then to the redhead still hiding. "C'mon, Lindsey, this isn't the first time we met here," Kim said as she pulled out a dress shirt from the closet.

Slowly, the young woman lowered the sheet, and Kim stiffened. "You're not Lindsey Lohan…"

"Yea, not quite, Cousin …" Joss Possible smiled sheepishly at her older cousin.

Kim's demeanor changed instantly. "You two, out," Kim said, pointing to Bonnie and Tara. "Forget your clothes. Out. Now," she snapped, and the two quickly began gathering their things and trying to get out without a word for fear of the fire that was almost literally shooting from Kim's emerald eyes. "You two, stay put. And get some damned clothes on. NOW!"

"You have no right to talk to me like that," Joss said with a slight tremble in her southern accent. "I'm nineteen years and two months old."

"But you're still my younger cousin, and you will respect me and your elders," Kim fired back. "You're better than the mindless bitches Ron usually drags in off the streets."

"We're still here," Tara glanced up at the angry redhead.

"OUT NOW!" Kim shouted, and Tara squeaked before following Bonnie out of the room.

"Sure, Kim, I've had sex with Ron. I ain't denying nothing," Joss said firmly, "But at least I had sex with a guy while single unlike some people I know."

Kim's eyes widened and her nostrils flared as she glared at the girl and fought to come up with a retort. "You know what … go home, Joss, just go home," Kim sighed, suddenly very tired.

Joss said nothing as she finished pulling on her clothes and running out of the room.

"Get dressed, Ron. I'll be waiting in the car," Kim said softly as she too walked out of the room.

A short while later, Ron joined Kim and they pulled out of his drive silently. They drove for sometime in silence. "You're mad at me, aren't you?" Ron asked as he glanced at the redhead driving.

"No, I'm not," Kim answered shortly.

"Are you sure?" Ron asked with a timid smile. "You seem kinda upset."

"I'M NOT! SO DROP IT!" Kim snapped.

"Why Joss?" Kim asked after taking some deep breaths.

"Actually didn't know it was her till a few hours after we got back home," Ron shrugged.

"Didn't you ask her name before you all went at it?" Kim asked with a slight tick of her eye.

"I don't often unless I recognize the girl from school or something," Ron said with another shrug, "Usually better that way."

"I don't see why you don't find a nice girl and settle down for real, instead these damned one night stands," Kim said with a twitch of her jaw.

"I had a nice girl," Ron mumbled under his breath.

"What was that?" Kim asked, glancing his way.

"I said I'll think on that… so what am I supposed to be meeting these kids for again?" Ron asked, flashing a boyish smile and causing Kim to roll her eyes.

"You're giving a pep talk for college hopefuls," Kim shook her head.

"Ah, yeah, can do," Ron nodded, and the car fell into silence again. "So …" He said with a tone of curiosity in his voice. "You have dildos? I noticed a plural 's'."

"Ron!" Kim narrowed her eyes.

"What? I find that interesting," Ron said, rubbing his chin.


"LISTEN UP, PEOPLE!" Mr. Barkin shouted as he stepped out onto the stage at the Middleton High Auditorium. The senior class all silenced themselves and looked at the graying teacher. "We have a special guest here to speak to you today, so I want everyone to be quiet and attentive!" he barked before motioning to the side of the stage. "Let's give a big, Mad-Dog welcome to Ronald Stoppable!"

The crowd of teenagers clapped as Ron walked out on stage, waving with one hand and adjusting his tie with the other.

"Good morning!" Ron said, glancing at Kim and Monique, who had become his assistant, both just behind the curtain on the side of the stage. "High School's almost over, huh?" A round of applause and whistles came from that. "I've been there, and I never was so happy to be done with anything in my life! But let me give you guys a heads up: the fight's just starting." He said, leaning on the podium. "And one thing I learned the hard way was that when the chips are down, the only one you can truly count on is yourself. Want a job done right? Do it yourself. If you spend your life depending on others, you'll end up going nowhere."

"He's got that right," Monique said, glancing to the redhead, who suddenly found her shoes interesting. "Can never tell who'll be right there to stab you in the back and tear your heart out."

"People thought I was going to fail. Matter of fact, they seemed to be waiting for it," Ron said with a nod. "The college only let me attempt my courses if I agreed to go on academic probation. And if I made less than a C average that first year, I'd pay the next four semesters' worth of tuition without attending.

"But I worked hard, stayed focused for the first time in my life, and took it all the way." Ron said with a winning smile on his face. "A very wise man used to say 'Anything's Possible for a Possible', but I say anything's possible for someone who won't quit.

"So, all of you work hard, and for those of you interested in business," Ron smirked slightly, "I think my company's been getting a tad complacent lately, so let's get some good, strong competition out there, alright?

"One last note, this one to the outcasts," Ron said, glancing to the back of the auditorium. "I'm filthy rich. I mean, filthy stinking rich. I eat whatever I please, sleep with beautiful women every night, and do whatever I want. So, the next time a cheerleader rolls her eyes at you or insults you, just remember: in several years, when you're rich, she'll say anything to be your lady for a while. Thank you and have a great rest of the year!"

"That was good Ron… I think," Kim said as Ron joined the two women, and began walking out of the school.

"Thanks, now get me out of this place before I have any more painful flashbacks," Ron shuddered, "What's next on my agenda, Mon?"

"Mr. Stoppable? Mr. Stoppable! Can I ask you a few questions?"

"We really don't have time, Ron," Monique pressed.

"It's ok, Mon. So, what can I do for you, Ms...?"

"Christine Eberhart, Mad Dog Gazette. You've been called the Da Vinci of our time. What do you say to that?"

"Absolutely untrue. I don't paint. I do cook, though. I'd love to show you some time," Ron said with a smirk.

"What do you say to your other nickname, the Merchant of Death?" Christine asked, unfazed by Ron's advance.

"That's not bad. And now, if you'll excuse me, Christine, I have another lady that needs my undivided attention. A pleasure to have met you. If you ever need a job..."

"I'll be sure to look you up," Sonia said ingratiatingly before walking away.

"You were saying, Mon?" Ron asked, as if completely unfazed by this latest news.

"Now, we load you on a plane and ship you overseas to the active demonstration of your new defense system for the military," Monique said, reading off her calendar book.

"Alright, have we got any ladies to come along? Maybe some interested in the Mile High Club?" Ron asked hopefully.

"Sorry, just you and Wade," Monique said, both she and Kim visibly upset by the fact that Ron wasn't more upset as they followed him out of the school.


"It's about time, Ron. Do you have any idea how long I've been standing here?" Wade Lode asked of his partner as he stood on the loading ramp of Ron's private jet.

"I honestly didn't think my personal plane would take off without me," Ron said as he took his suitcase and briefcase from Kim and Monique.

"Be careful over there, Ron," Kim said with honest concern in her voice. "I have a bad feeling about this one."

"Hey, it's me, remember?" Ron winked, "Besides, worse comes to worse, I'll call Betty and have her send you and your Force Works team."

"I know, but still..." Kim hesitated. "I can always find another boyfriend. But I've only got one best friend, ok?"

After a moment, Ron glanced up at his still-younger-yet-now-grown-up partner and old friend. "So, what are we waiting for?" He asked as he started into the plane.

"You," Wade shook his head in disgust.

"Well, now we're waiting on you; c'mon," He said before heading into the cabin.

The plane ride was long and dull as Wade and Ron went over the demonstration several times.

"Wade, can I ask you something?"


"Do you know why I'm being called 'the Merchant of Death'?"

Wade spat out his Slurpster. "What?"

"That's what I said. Our tech is non-lethal, or is supposed to be, anyway. I want you to find out who's been modifying our technology."

"Of course. I just can't imagine who would. Everyone in the company is 100 loyal."

"Just find out who," Ron said, uncharacteristically brisk.

"Yes, Mr. Stoppable."

After a few moments, Wade stopped talking and turned his head toward the window. "You hear that?"

"Hear what?" Ron asked, narrowing his eyes.

"Where are we?" Wade asked no one in particular as he pulled out his portable GPS. The device read they were over Afghanistan.

"Wade … I know that sound …" Ron's eyes widened as he heard what his friend had been hearing, "That's the sound of Repulsors…"

Ron glanced to the side when he heard the sound grow louder before a pointed object slammed through the side of the plane. "GET DOWN!" He yelled, shoving his friend under the desk as the Repulsor-propelled rocket exploded, throwing small, jagged pieces of metal from itself and the now-jagged hull of the plane around the inside of the plane.

"RON!" Wade called out as he crawled out from the safety of the desk to see his best friend sliding toward the opening in the side of the jet. He grabbed his arm, pulled him back, and looked him over. "Ron, are you ok?"

"I don't feel so good, KP… I think Shego hit me good this time…" he mumbled with glazed eyes. Wade looked him over, and his heart dropped when he saw the white of Ron's shirt quickly staining itself crimson.

"First things first, Ron, we have to get off this bird alive," Wade said as he wrestled into an emergency parachute stored under their work desk. "Hold on, Ron, we're getting out of this."

"Wade?" Ron coughed weakly. "Tell KP I'm sorry I screwed things up…"

"That's quitter talk," Wade snapped, "Now, hold on, we're about to do something really stupid…" he said before taking a deep breath and letting go. He yelped slightly as the air flow pulled him and Ron on out of the gaping hole in the cabin. They tumbled in freefall for several moments before Wade finally pulled the chute, almost losing his grip on Ron as they were jerked upward by the air catching the chute.

They landed safely in the desert, but Ron was in a real bad way, drifting in and out of consciousness and mumbling things Wade had never heard from him before. "Hang on, buddy, I'm about to call for help right now…" he said, reaching for his old Kimmunicator to contact Global Justice.

"I would not do that if I were you, my friend," a middle-eastern accent spoke crisply and Wade, glanced up to see that they were surrounded by half a dozen armed men.

"Aw, crap…" He whispered as he moved to keep Ron's wounded body behind him.

"If you want your friend to see tomorrow, do as we say," the leader of the group said harshly, "Refuse and you both will die quickly."

"What choice do we have?" Wade sighed in defeat before the barrel of a gun slammed into the back of his skull, sending him into darkness.

To Be Continued …

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