Who Says You Can't Go Home?

Summary- This story takes place immediately after The Last Night- an AU story based off of Folsom Prison Blues. A brain damaged Sam is released from prison, with Dean now a spirit protecting him.

It would probably help to read The Last Night to totally understand this story. Spoilers for Season Two.

I went as far as I could, I tried to find a new face
There isn't one of these lines that I would erase
I lived a million miles of memories on that road
With every step I take I know that I'm not alone
You take the home from the boy, but not the boy from his home
These are my streets, the only life I've ever known,
who says you can't go home

Who Says You Can't Go Home? By Bon Jovi

Wednesday, Visitors Day at the Green River Detention Center in Little Rock, Arkansas

Bobby was sitting waiting for Sam to enter the visitors room. He was excited and nervous about this visit. Sam was going to be released on Friday and that was such a relief to Bobby, but earlier in the week he had gotten some scary news from Ash. News that changed everything.

He was no longer going to be able to take Sam home with him, and he dreaded telling the boy.

Through the Plexiglas booth Bobby noticed the door open, as Sam ambled through with a big grin on his face. He watched as Sam quickly sat and picked up the phone receiver. Bobby sighed and picked his up. He really hated having to communicate with Sam using the damn contraption but he could tell the new child like Sam got a kick out of it.

"Hi Bobby, are you okay?" Sam's smile had faded and he had a look of concern.

Bobby mentally rebuffed himself for letting his nervousness about what he needed to tell Sam show. He gave Sam a reassuring smile and spoke.

"Hey kid, I'm good. Are you excited about Friday?"

"Yeah, Bobby, I-I am. Um, so are we driving to your place or flying?" Sam brow was furrowed in thought.

Bobby smiled, it amazed him at how far Sam had come since being released from the hospital. Sam was still child like, but his speech had improved a lot. A slow pace and a slight stutter was all that set his speech apart now. It was only when the boy was upset or anxious that his speech became more stuttered and simple.

"Well son, the Impala is here, so I thought I'd drive it back. Would that be okay?" Bobby hoped that Sam would be okay with him driving Dean's car.

Sam's eyes lit up at the mention of the car. "Yeah Bobby, D-Dean would want you to take care of it for him."

"Well son, I was thinking that over time I could help you relearn to drive, and then the car could be yours. I know Dean would like that." Bobby could see from Sam's expression that the prospect of driving again made him nervous.

"I-I don't know Bobby. I-I'm slow. I might wreck it." Sam gave Bobby an unsure look.

"Sam, listen. I don't mean right away. We have plenty of time to teach you, besides handicapped people drive all the time. It'll be okay, don't worry about it." Bobby wished he could reach through the stupid Plexiglas and give the boy a hug.

"Okay Bobby, I-I can try to learn. So will we leave on Friday for your house?" Sam's face lit up again as he spoke of leaving.

"Yeah we'll leave on Friday, but not for my house. Do you remember that psychic friend of your Dad's, her name is Missouri?" Bobby watched as Sam frowned in thought.

"Yes sir, she lives in L-Lawrence right?" Sam smiled at remembering. "She was nice, but Dean kept making her mad."

"Well son, she's been mighty worried about you and wanted to come visit you here, but I told her to wait and I'd bring you by on our way to my house. But Sam, something has come up that I need to talk to you about. Do you remember The Roadhouse and Ash?" Bobby hoped that Sam did, because it would make things so much easier.

"Um, m-mullet guy right, he was really smart. And R-Roadhouse is his home?" Sam gave Bobby a smile, and looked like he had fond memories of Ash.

"Yeah, that's him. He called and needs help on a hunt. So, I was going to leave you with Missouri for just a little while, so that I can help him with the hunt. I hope you understand Sam. I hate to do it, but this hunt is important." Bobby could see that the news took Sam by surprise by the look of concern on the boys face.

"Um, yeah, I-I get it. I-I'm a uh, what Dad would call uh, l-liability on a hunt. If I-I went, I could get you killed." Sam replied and looked down at his hands.

"Damn it son, I hate this. I don't see you as a liability, but you aren't up to hunting. I don't want you to get hurt." Bobby's frustration at the whole situation was getting to him. He now wanted to shatter the Plexiglas that separated him from Sam.

"I-it's s'kay Bobby. I-I get it. Um, I-I'm not stupid but I-I'm slow. The old m-me, would've known t-that Officer Greg wanted to h-hurt me, right away. B-but not now, it t-took me awhile to understand. I-I'm not mad, just uh, f-frustrated." Sam spoke in a quiet voice and gave Bobby a small smile. Bobby knew that Sam was upset because his stuttering had gotten worse and that tended to happen with the boy was agitated or tired.

"You know Sammy, you're such a smart boy. Your Daddy and Dean would be so proud of you. Most people that had been through what you have, wouldn't of survived. In fact, if you were like most people, I'd be visiting you in some mental ward somewhere. You may not be able to hunt anymore, but I look forward to spending time with you Sam. Once this hunt is done, you and I are gonna take a break from the world, and just be for awhile, okay?" Bobby gave Sam a reassuring smile and was happy to see it returned.

"T-that sounds good. Uh, you could t-take me fishing? I-It's been a long time since I fished." Sam eyes sparked with excitement as he spoke.

"You betcha Sammy, we'll do that. Well son, I guess I should head, our visiting time is about over. But I'll be here Friday to get you, promise." Bobby said as he gave Sam a big smile.

"O-kay, see you then." Sam replied with a smile as he hung up the receiver and began to stand.

Bobby hung up his, and stood, nodding to Sam as the boy waved good-bye and left the room.

Bobby released a big sigh of relief, pleased with how well Sam had taken the news that he would be staying with Missouri for awhile.


Sam walked into the Infirmary and went straight to the supply closet grabbing the broom out so that he could sweep. He was deep in thought as he started his chores. His mind was trying to remember as much about Missouri as it could. He was pulled out of his thoughts when Nurse Cathy spoke to him.

Sam flinched in surprise as he heard her voice. "Hi Sammy, oh dear didn't mean to surprise you."

Sam looked up from his broom to see that she was smiling brightly at him. He smiled back and spoke.

"Hi, Nurse Cathy. I-It's …I was just thinking."

"What about sweetie? Something troubling you, baby?" Nurse Cathy's face was full of concern.

Sam had to smile, because when she was like this, she reminded him of Dean. They both knew how to mother him.

"Um, Bobby t-told me that he can't take me, uh to his home right away. H-He has to go away on a job, and uh, I will be spending sometime with a family friend. S-She's nice, so I-I'll be, okay." Sam finished and could see that Nurse Cathy still seemed worried.

"Well sweetie, you could stay with me if you need too. I'd love to have you. In fact, I could take some vacation time and we could do something fun." Nurse Cathy replied with a big smile.

Sam smiled, he really liked Nurse Cathy, but he knew that it would be better for him to stay with Missouri, she would understand him better.

"M-maybe I can come back and visit, but I-I need to stay with Missouri. S-She is psychic, and will understand when I-I talk to D-Dean." Sam smiled shyly and looked down and his feet.

"Oh Sam, I'm glad you have a friend you trust and that you can be yourself around. And, you know I don't mind when you talk to your brother. I think it's sweet. Tell you what, we'll just keep in touch like we promised, and maybe on my next vacation, I can come visit you. Would you like that?" Nurse Cathy was looking at him with a smile as he looked up and nodded.

"Yes, ma'am I-I 'd like that." Sam replied, happy that he had so many nice people that cared about him.


Sam walked into his cell and flinched as it locked behind him. He knew that by now he should be used to the loud clanking of the cell's door, but it still caught him off guard every time. It probably didn't help that his mind was preoccupied with the thought that he really needed to talk to Dean.

Sam sat down on his cot, and waited until everyone seemed to be settled in for the night before he called out quietly to his brother. "D-Dean?"

Sam smiled as his brother appeared next to him on the cot. "Hey kiddo, just two more nights and we get to leave this stupid place."

"Yeah, I-I'll be glad to go, but I'll miss my friends." Sam grabbed Dean's hand into his. "You p-promise that you come with me."

"Of course Sammy, I'd never leave you. Though I guess we'll be heading to Missouri's house, instead of Bobby's place. I'll just have to be on my best behavior so she doesn't get me with her wooden spoon!" Dean squeezed Sam's hand and smirked.

Sam chuckled, he remembered that Missouri had threatened his brother that last time they were at her house. But then Sam remembered what he wanted to talk to his brother about. "D-Dean do you think that M-Missouri will let me have you around, and do we tell Bobby about you?" Sam was worried about this. He didn't want either of his friends to send Dean away.

"Well, I think that Missouri will probably be more understanding about me staying than Bobby. After all she is used to talking to dead people. I just think that maybe we should wait until we get to Missouri's house before we spring ghost Dean on Bobby. Okay?" Dean gave Sam a reassuring smile.

"Okay Dean. W-Whatever you thinks best." Sam smiled at Dean, he felt better about the whole situation. If Dean wasn't worried, then things would be okay. Dean always took care of him.

"And you know what I think is best right now Sammy?" Dean asked eyebrows quirked.

"What?" Sam wasn't sure what his brother was talking about.

"I think it would be best if you got some sleep. You look really tired, kiddo." Dean replied as he rose pulling Sam to his feet. Sam watched as Dean pulled the covers down on the cot for him.

Sam was always happy when Dean took care of him. It made him feel safe, even in this scary place.

"Okay, kiddo, all ready for you to climb in." Dean replied and when Sam was lying down his big brother then helped tuck him into bed. Sam smiled at his brother.

"Night Dean."

"Night Sammy, get some sleep. I'll be here keeping watch." Dean smiled and sat down on the floor next to Sam's cot.

Sam closed his eyes feeling at peace as sleep claimed him.


Dean's mind wandered as he watched his brother sleep. Things had been harder than he first imagined when Sam went back to prison. He had thought that he would be able to protect his brother from all danger, but the incident with Officer Greg, had sickened Dean. There had been an occasional nightmare over the incident, and for that Dean really wanted to hurt the guy. He was just thankful that Sam seemed to recover and actually showed a bit more confidence after the attack.

All this week, Dean had been excited for Sam. It was his last week here, and they could both move on to Bobby's house. Dean had been a bit worried over Bobby's reaction to him hanging around but in the end was confident that he could make the elder hunter understand.

Today had been a shock, because now plans had changed. But the more Dean thought about it, the more it he liked the idea. Sam was psychic and being around Missouri could be beneficial. Dean hoped that maybe Sam's psychic abilities might be the answer to a recovery from his brain injuries. Dean hated to think that his brother was going to be stuck child like for the rest of his adult years. Dean was prepared to stay with Sam as long as he needed him, but still wished that Sam could lead a full normal life. The one his brother had dreamed about.

Dean also hoped that by going to Missouri's house he might find an ally. Someone to help him explain why he had to stay. Surely Bobby would understand if Missouri and Dean explained it to him. Dean just hoped for Sam's sake that things went well.

There was another thought that was bothering Dean, as hunter he was worried and curious about Bobby's hunt. He knew it had to be big, and something that Bobby felt he had to help with, or he would have never leave Sam with Missouri. Not after promising Sam he could go home with him, because Bobby was a man of his word. The hunter in him couldn't wait to find out the details about this hunt, and if in the end Bobby needed his help Dean felt he would have to do it. He owed Bobby so much when it came to Sam, and it wasn't like hunting was really dangerous to Dean anymore. As long as Sam was safe with Missouri, Dean would be willing to help.

The next few days, promised to be interesting.

A/N: I want to thank my wonderful beta- sendintheclowns for all her help. I also want to thank Floralia for all her input on this story. I feel blessed to have both of these wonderful writers in my corner. Thanks for reading and I would love to read what you think so far!