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SOTD: Wake Me Up - Ed Sheeran

Most people say waking up in the morning is the worst because you have to face reality. To me, waking, is one of the best parts of my day.

"Good morning," Quil murmured before seizing my lips so I couldn't speak. The kiss brought back the wonderful memories of last night. It seemed like a dream. I almost couldn't believe it happened. I excepted to be embarrassed by waking up still naked next to him, but instead I felt safe. Quil was the only guy I knew that would make me feel comfortable through that usually traumatic experience. I'm not saying it was perfect, but it was as close to it as I expected for my first time. I was broken out of my reverie when Quil slid his warm hands down my sides to rest on my hips, making my shiver. "How are you feeling?"

"Just fine, great actually. Why?" I asked smiling. I was euphoric. I felt like now that we'd past that mile stone, we were closer than ever. In those moments when he was looking at me and we were connected, we were truly one person. I couldn't believe how comfortable I felt now. I was overjoyed that it had gone so well. I looked into Quil's eyes though and I didn't see that same happiness.

"I just didn't know if it was what you expected, all that it was supposed to be." He was hesitant, worried almost. He was waiting for my confirmation. "I wanted it to be perfect for you."

"It was perfect Quil. I couldn't have asked for anything better. Thank you," I smiled sincerely and kissed his nose. Then his warm eyes glowed. Vulnerability wasn't an emotion that I usually saw on Quil's face. It made him feel more real, sometimes he never seemed human. He was just too good and strong to be real. But he proved his realness again as he kissed me. "Now, lazy. Get up we have a Christmas party to get to!"

I sat up and started to hop out of bed. The sheet slipped away from my skin and settled at my waist. I suddenly realized how cold it was being away from Quil, which made me momentarily forget that I was completely naked. I felt the urge to cover myself up, but as I brought my hand up to my chest, Quil's warm fingers pulled me back. "Come back here. I just wanna kiss you for a while longer."

I smiled as he kissed me. I laughed a little before taking a nip at his lip. He jumped back with surprise. His face was shocked for a moment before he smirked, making my knees go weak. I bit my own lip gently and backed up slowly, wondering if he was going to pounce.

"That was kind of hot. Come back here. So I can get you back." He growled, sitting up more. His broad chest came into view, distracting me from my goal.

"If you wanna kiss me, you have to get up and take a shower!"

I giggled and ran into our bathroom, letting the warm water start to trickle. It wasn't even ten seconds after I'd stepped in when Quil joined me. Then I learned the second time was always better, but Quil promised that third time around was the charm.

"Claire, you're really going to marry this bag of fleas?" Embry questioned after we announced our engagement to the pack. Quil smacked in the back of the head, but smiled. Brothers 'till the end. I already knew how overjoyed Embry would be to hear he was the best man.

"I guess so, I was always a cat person, but I can make an exception for him. Soul mates and all," I giggled, Quil grabbed me at my waist pulling back into my comfort zone. I settled into his lap and let my arms cover his. I laid my head against his chest basking in the glow of everything. It was perfect, I couldn't have written it better myself.

"Well congratulations guys," Sam smiled giving me a kiss on the cheek. It was important to me to have Sam's blessing and that was it. He had been such a father figure to me and someone who had always supported me. He was about to say more when Emily started to set out the food - then all concentration was thrown out the window. Even I was set out of Quil's arms as he rushed to grab a plate, I just shook my head, laughing at my friends who were more like my family than my real one.

Life was good, everything was good. My senior year was a breeze and was almost over. It had been so simple, it gave me plenty of time to focus on my fiancé. I was happy, really happy for the first time ever. I had completely moved in with Quil and my other house went on the market. My family was all still in tact and getting along relatively well. Our wedding was only months away and the plans were going smoothly. Quil and I had picked the date for that next summer at Christmas. So I'd be out of school and we'd have time to spend together before college. The time had flown and the day was almost here. The planning was driving me a bit crazy, but it was going to be worth it to see my handsome groom at the end of the isle.

"What do you mean you haven't found a dress yet?" Lena barked at me, almost killing me as she slams on the breaks. We had been out running errands around to finalize times and payments when Lena had asked why she hadn't seen a picture of my dress yet.

"I just...haven't found it yet. Chill." I said exasperated. If it wasn't Quil, my mom, Callie, Emily, Jake or Embry, of course, it had to be Lena jumping on me about it. I'd tried on some, but I just hadn't fallen in love with one yet. They all were nice, they looked just fine, but I just hadn't found it yet. I hadn't found the one that I saw myself wearing down the isle in, or the one that Quil would see and it'd take his breath away, or the one that he would be unzipping later that night. It had to be perfect, it was the one thing that I wanted to love more than anything else.

All the other plans were set. It was going to be the wedding of our dreams. The one both Quil and I had always talked about. Simple, but elegant. Small, but with all our loved ones. Of course, it was going to be at the beach. We'd set the date for seven so the sun could be setting. Callie, Lena and I had spent hours picking out everything. From the wooden chairs, to the terrace that would sit at the end of the isle, the tent for the reception, and the food too. That was Quil's favorite part, tasting all the cakes and foods. I hoped the dress search wasn't as hard as that had been, but it seemed to be much harder already.

"Oh I like this one." Quil said, mouth still full of the last bit I'd fed him. The tray of squares sat in front of us and he'd worked his way through almost every single one. Unfortunately, he hadn't found one he didn't like yet. I wasn't going to pick, the food was going to be his thing. When I'd asked what he wanted to do and what he didn't want to do, he said that he was only good at eating, so naturally he'd pick the menu. Too bad he didn't have a clue about calling a cake place or a catering service or about how much food we needed. Especially since it was his pack that was eating the most, meaning we had to order 80 people's worth of food despite having 40 or so guests.

"Quillll," I groaned. We we're going to end up with fifteen cakes by the looks of it. There were too many choices, I knew I should have brought the small sampler. "There has to be one flavor you like more than all the rest."

He smiled devilishly, "Oh, there is."

"Okay fine. Which is it?" I question hesitantly. I was praying it wasn't the lime coconut cake. I promised not to choose, but if that was it one then I wouldn't end up eating any of my own wedding cake. Despite the fact that bottomless Quil liked it, I was sure that it was not the shop's most popular choice.

"You," he replied smiling as he kissed me. I giggled, leaning back in to match his kiss. I let my tongue trace his lips, the taste of the cakes all over him. His mouth opened letting me trace his tongue, before he groaned taking back the dominance in our duel.

I pulled back before we got too carried away or else I'd never get a decision out of him, "Okay seriously you have to pick your top three."

"You, seriously." He leaned in kissing my neck before taking a lick, "This flavor."

I giggled again trying to push him back, but he continued his pursuit. His hot breath crawled up my skin to right behind my ear, making me squirm. "This one."

He came back to my lips, whispering against them, "and this one too."

I shook my head, "So you're going to serve my body, dead or alive? Or are you willing to let everyone take a lick? I'm sure all our male guests would love that."

Quil's face froze. I knew I got him that time. If there was one thing he hated, it was the idea of other people touching me. Especially guys. Any guys, even the other pack members. His eyes were hard and his hands balled into fist on my back. "No. There will be no one licking you other than me."

"You're the one who suggested it!" I laughed, taking a bite of chocolate cake left. It was heavenly. I didn't even like chocolate and it tasted great. I pressed the rest of my bite to his closed lips. Finally after a moment of defiance, he took the bait. "So what is it then? Me or the cakes?"

"I think I want the chocolate devil's food with hazelnut, vanilla butter cake with almond, and the red velvet." Quil said defeatedly. His little game hadn't worked out as he planned, I laughed a little to myself. He thought he was so clever and sexy and smart. Which he was. But I won this time.

"Thank you," I smiled warmly. Happy we'd finally made that decision. Not that there weren't two hundred others to be made. "Now we only have to pick the rest of the menu..."

I was dragged back to my current state as Lena pulled a U - turn. "You are not leaving here without a dress. No if, ands, or butts!"

"Lena. I've looked a lot of places already. Can't we just head back to La Push? Quil's off tonight and we were going to hang out." I didn't want to look anymore. I'd been so unsatisfied every time I left. I felt like I'd never find the dress.

"You have the rest of your life to spend with Quil! You need to find a dress Claire! You're wedding is very seriously two months away. I can't believe you'd let this be the one thing you don't get done." I sighed. As if I didn't know that, but I held my tongue. I realized this could be a couple hours so I had to shoot Quil a text saying I wouldn't be home until much later.

I'd finally managed to pull Lena away from the mall and back to the car, telling her this was all futile. She gave in and began to drive us back to La Push. As we rounded the corner to turn out of Seattle, Lena spotted one more store. We'd only looked a department stores and higher end places, this small hole in the wall didn't look promising. I sighed again, letting her lead me into what must have been the tenth shop of the day. It was a typical dress store. A room filled with white everywhere, all shapes and sizes and styles. They were all similar to the ones I'd seen everywhere else. Nothing new really.

"Oh come one." Lena rolled her eyes at my obviously unenthusiastic face. Her hands gripped my cheek, shaking the skin there. "You'll never find anything with that attitude."

I forced a smile. I wanted nothing more than to be home with Quil, but I knew I would never get out of here if I didn't look. I walked through the racks and let my fingers slide across the silky fabrics. White dress after white dress. Princess gowns, mermaid tales, bubble skirts. There were all sorts of dresses, but nothing caught my eye.

"Can I help you?" the women behind the counter asked. Her smile was warm, making me smile back. "You look like you've seen enough of these for the rest of your life."

"Sorry, it's that obvious. I've been looking for months now." I glanced back at the white dresses I'd come to hate so much. Lena continued around the store, picking something up every once and a while.

"When I got married, I didn't choose a dress until a week before." The women laughed, seemingly taken back to her memories. She blinked before looking back at me. "It was hell. I know the feeling. So tell me about what's happened? Why haven't you found it yet?"

"I don't know. If it isn't the right style, they don't have it in my size. If it has too much frill, it can't be taken off. If the price is right, the store doesn't have anything similar. I just feel like the perfect dress doesn't even exist." I slumped down into the chair next to the register. I never had felt like a bridezilla until now. I was close to the verge of tears. I wanted this to be perfect. So perfect for Quil and I. He was so perfect. I just wanted everything to be right.

"Oh dear, well. Let me help you then. Tell me what you're looking for and I'll pull a few things." I rambled off a few things off about a beach wedding and a flowing dress. Something simple, but beautiful and elegant. Nice material, but nothing that would put us in bankruptcy. A few things about Quil and I and in an instant she was off. She pushed through the racks and began digging through the plethora of dresses.

"What about this?" She held out long piece of fabric. It was beautiful. The picture in my mind finally matched what was in front of me.

"Lenny, what about this one?" Lena poked her head out from behind a rack. She smiled widely at the dress.

"I told you we'd find it!"

Quil's POV

"Claire? Honey, are you home?" I poked my head around the corner, hearing a rustling in our room. As I spotted Claire, the door slammed shut barely missing my nose. "Hey! What's up?"

"I have something to show you, but you can't see it until I'm ready!" Claire called out from our room. "I'll be out in just a second."

I laughed and settled myself on the floor waiting for the show. This had become routine when Claire would buy new clothes. Shirts, jeans, sweaters, lingerie. The latter being my favorite, of course. "What'd ya buy me?"

The door creaked open slowly. There before me was the single most breathing taking sight I'd experience. Claire stood in her dress, smiling at me cautiously. She was beautiful, more beautiful than she'd ever know. The white dress accentuated her every curve. The fabric hung tightly around her chest, with beading around the top that made her sparkle as she turned. The dress flowed out at the bottom and just lightly met the ground. I was stunned to say the least.

Seeing her in the dress, woke me up. This was all real. Everything I'd been waiting for. All the years that I'd spent with her and all patience I had. It had paid off. The girl I'd always dreamed of and wanted was actually here. Standing in a wedding dress. A dress she planned on marrying me in. This girl was perfect; in every way, shape, and form. She was far too good for me and had too many better things she could have been doing with her life. But somehow, she was in front of me.

"So...do you like it?" Claire questioned, looking down at me. She smiled at my silence, taking it as a good thing. She knew me all too well. I stood, hoping I still had functioning legs. Her hands took mine as I faced her.

"It's perfect. You are so beautiful, Claire." I pulled her tightly into my embrace. I gave her a tight squeeze. I rested my lips against her forehead, applying the slightest pressure.

"I can't believe we're finally going to do this." She smiled, pulling away. I laid in our bed and watched as she changed into her pajamas. She jumped into the bed and curled her body against mine. Something so natural now, I didn't know what it was like to go to sleep with out her head on my chest. Her eyelashes bushed against my skin and her ear laid against my heart. I was the luckiest man alive.

"I cannot wait to marry you Claire Elise."

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