"I can't stand the idea of being away from you for so long," Severus Snape muttered as he draped himself into an armchair, "Especially not now."

"You already know what happened," Hermione Granger pointed out to him, "And you know that it turned out fine… I don't have that consolation, only that I somehow have to make you fall in love with me."

"A far easier task than the one I am about to undertake," Severus retorted, "Making the eighteen year old you fall in love with the fifty year old me."

"Don't worry about it," Hermione answered with a knowing smile, coming over to perch on the edge of the chair he was still slouched in, "It's all history for me. Be yourself. It was partly how much you clearly loved me that made me fall in love with you."

"I know," he sighed as her hands started rubbing his shoulders gently, "And I fell in love with the woman I saw you would become."

"You didn't seem to mind the younger me when I came back," Hermione said with a smirk.

"Well… no," he said, straightening up in the chair a little, "I have always found you quite attractive and by the time the war ended you were no where near as hysterical as you were at Hogwarts."

"Just don't forget tomorrow morning," Hermione said with a mischievous wink, and somehow Severus knew he would… she wouldn't look so amused if he hadn't. It was a miracle she fell in love with him. From what she had told him of her time in the future, with him, it was an amusing escapade. He had wondered if it was worth trying to change it… but for her it had already happened. He might as well accept that what had happened would happen and if it hadn't he wouldn't be here.

"Be careful," Severus whispered to Hermione, "Though I already know you were. Are going to be. But be careful."

"Of course," she said, then with a slightly worried look added on, "I am okay, aren't I?"
"Haven't I told you a thousands times before that you were wonderful and fine and healthy…?" Severus asked, looking up at her and reaching a hand to stroke her cheek gently, lovingly, "The only part I cannot vouch for is your return. But we will know what happens in five months."

"Five months," she sighed, "I can't believe it's finally happening. It feels like forever since that day I woke up in this bed in this house in this time…"

"I know," Severus said with a soft smile, "Now we get to know the other side of the story. I love you Hermione."

"I love you too," she said, the leaned down and kissed him.

As they fell asleep that night, wrapped in each other's arms, he whispered to her, "I'll see you in five months."