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AN: This is a something I've wanted to write for a long time. I know stories about House's childhood have been written before and I'm not trying to copy, but to put my own spin on things. The main reason being that the stories out there don't seem to encompass every little facet about House's life before the show and this is my attempt to fix that.

Some of the events that will be covered in this story range from everything from House living in Japan and Egypt, his relationship with his parents, his attending Michigan and being kicked out of Johns Hopkins, meeting Stacy and Cuddy, the infarction, getting hired at PPTH and of course meeting Wilson. I plan on trying to be as accurate with the information revealed as possible, but of course some things are left to the imagination.

This story will end right where the show starts. I hope you all enjoy this.

Gregory House: The Early Years

Chapter 1: 1958-1959

Blythe House looked at the doctor in growing shock and wonder. The news she just learned was the most joyous one she could imagine, and Blythe couldn't wait to tell her husband. For she just learned that she was pregnant, something she'd been hoping for ever since she married John House. And now her wish was going to be fulfilled, she would soon be a mother.

She wondered how John would take the news. He was a stern man what with being a Marine, but he was kind and Blythe loved him dearly. As much as she longed for a child, it was never something they discussed. She prayed that he would be receptive to the news, but then having a baby was one of the greatest pleasures of life.

When John returned home from work that evening, Blythe tried to decide the best way to reveal the news to her husband. Luckily he seemed in high spirits that day, and she made it better by making his favorite meal.

'Thank you dear," John said looking down at the plate Blythe set before him.

"You're welcome," Blythe replied with a smile. "So how was work today?"

That was the magical question, for John loved his work more than nearly everything else. He was fiercely proud of the fact that he was a Marines pilot, and could spend several hours telling every little detail about his job. Blythe was on the receiving end of this on more than one occasion, but that was one more reason why she loved him.

"It was great dear, though I had to teach a rookie a lesson he'll never forget," John commented vaguely for a change, taking a large bite of his steak. "How was your day?"

Blythe took a deep breath, and knew that now was the time. "It was wonderful John. I went to the doctor today and he said that I'm," and she suddenly faltered looking at her husband's curious face. "Pregnant."

John's eyes widened and he swallowed. "A baby," he said in a quiet voice. "Isn't that a surprise."

Blythe couldn't tell if he was upset or not, but she decided to test the waters. "Are you unhappy?" she asked.

"Are you kidding?" John asked shocked. Then his face broke into a smile. "That's wonderful news Blythe. We're going to be parents!"

Blythe sighed in relief. "I'm so happy you think so," she said. "I'm due in June."

"John, give me your hand," Blythe said, beaming. John, who was very nearly outside the door, paused and turned to his wife.

"I have to go--," he started to say, before a look of disappointment crossed her features. He walked to her, and put his hand in hers.

"Our baby is kicking," Blythe said joyfully. "The child is quite impatient already."

"Definitely a future Marine in the makings," John commented happily.

"Unless we have a daughter," Blythe commented.

"I still think it's going to be a boy," John argued easily. Then he quickly kissed his wife and headed out the door. "I'll see you at supper time."

It was June 11, just after mid and Blythe couldn't sleep. She tried to ignore it, but for the last couple of hours she'd been feeling a strange tightness in her stomach. At first it wasn't painful, but just uncomfortable and she tried to think that it was just indigestion. But as the night hours progressed, Blythe was forced to realize that she was at long last going into labor.

"John!" she exclaimed shaking her husband.

"What is it?" he asked tiredly.

"The baby is coming," she whispered urgently.

All at once John was up and getting dressed, collecting Blythe's suitcase and calling ahead to the hospital. When he was ready he helped Blythe to the car, before driving the short distance to the base's hospital.

Later that night…

After several hours Blythe was worn out. The childbirth itself was more painful then Blythe imagined it would be, but she kept remembering that it would be all over very soon. The midwife was at the receiving end, and was constantly encouraging her to "push", like she was doing at this very moment.

"I see the head, one more big push and it'll be all over," the midwife said.

Blythe braced herself and pushed, despite the pain growing every second. And then she heard the most beautiful noise…her baby's cry.

"It's a boy!" the midwife exclaimed, holding the squalling infant.

Minutes later, the baby was swaddled in a warm cloth and lying in Blythe's arms. She looked at her son in wonder; he had such blue eyes that were studying her as much as she was to him. Blythe heard the door open. "John, come and meet our son," she said without looking up.

John walked in and sat down next to her, reaching out to touch their son's head. "I knew we would have a son," he said smiling.

"I'm just happy he's healthy," Blythe replied.

"Gregory," John said suddenly. "Let's name him Gregory."

"Gregory," Blythe repeated, letting the name roll off her lips. It was perfect. She looked down at their son once more. "Welcome to the world Gregory House."