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Gregory House: The Early Years

Chapter 13: 1993

Greg closed the last box and looked around with a smile on his face. He was finally done unpacking his brand new apartment and it already felt like home. Since leaving Michigan with his duel specialty degrees in tow, Greg had since moved to New Jersey, where he was offered an infectious disease fellowship at the famed Princeton Plainsboro Teaching Hospital.

He didn't know what to expect, but Greg was happy to be so far away from his parent's home in Ohio. He was going to work for Dr. Smith who was one of the foremost specialists in the field, and Greg just hoped his boss would be more understanding than some of the doctors he worked under at Michigan. It was a wonder he still got through it.

The following day when he arrived at PPTH, he was instantly annoyed because the first thing he walked into after passing the lobby was a clinic. Since the hospital was a teaching hospital they had a free clinic, just like Michigan did. Greg had a bad feeling that he would be forced once more to diagnose runny noses and coughs, but hopefully Dr. Smith would have more interesting work for him. He spent the first ten minutes walking the length of the first floor, figuring out where the cafeteria was along with the locker room. Afterwards he finally went to the elevator and went up to the third floor where Dr. Smith's office was.

"You're late," commented an annoyed male voice when Greg had entered the office.

"Sorry, got lost," Greg replied, only half apologetically.

"Don't make it a habit," the man said. "I'm Dr. Smith and you must be my new fellow, Dr. House."

"That's me," Greg replied, before looking up at his new boss. Dr. Smith was at least a foot shorter than Greg was and was quite pudgy with a scrunched up face and watery blue eyes.

"Now I've heard all about you Dr. House, and I understand that you don't take orders well," Dr. Smith.

"I'm offended," Greg joked.

"But I also understand that your one of the most gifted new doctors and that is the only reason I took you on," Dr. Smith explained.

"I'm flattered," Greg quipped.

Dr. Smith looked annoyed. "You will not do anything without my approval, and you will be expected to work five hours a week in the free clinic."

"I don't do clinics," Greg replied. "What if someone gets me sick?"

"We don't have a case at the moment, but I will call you when we do," Dr. Smith started. "Until then, do your clinic hours."

Greg sighed.

"Oh," Dr. Smith said suddenly handing something to Greg. "And wear your lab coat."

Four hours later, an increasingly hostile Greg House made his way to the showers after getting vomited on for the second time since arriving in the clinic. He was beyond irritated at his new boss, but at the same time it was not like he could do anything. He had one of the most valuable fellowships in the country, and he really didn't want to have to find somewhere else to work. So he did what he was told, but that didn't mean he was going to be happy about it.

After his shower he quickly changed into a pair of clean scrubs and threw his soiled clothes and labcoat back into his bag. He opened his locker door wide, and shoved his stuff in more aggressive than necessary. He was so caught up in his thoughts that he nearly jumped when someone spoke right behind him.

"Excuse me," the man said.

"What?" Greg snapped.

"I need to get to my locker," the guy said, pointing at the locker that adjoined his.

"Sorry," Greg said, moving aside at looking at the stranger. The man was very young, probably a few years younger than he, and was clean cut, with brown hair and eyes. The guy was incredibly well groomed and had a pocket protector in his white lab coat. This was the sort of person that Greg usually didn't associate with, so he ignored the guy.

"First day?" the man asked, as he opened his own locker.

Greg looked at him. "What makes you think that?"

"I saw you earlier this morning, you looked lost," the man said.

"I wasn't," Greg insisted.

The man only smiled before closing his locker door. "I'm James Wilson, an Oncology resident."

"Well, Jimmy," Greg said, trying to get a rise out of the man. But he didn't react. "I'm Greg House, the new infectious diseases fellow."

"I was just about to get some lunch," Wilson said. "Want to join me."

"Sure," Greg replied starting to walk with Wilson towards the cafeteria. Then he decided to try a little experiment. "I forgot my wallet!"

Wilson shrugged. "Don't worry, I've got you covered."

"Thanks," Greg said, more and more intrigued by his new acquaintance.

"Any time," Wilson said, not knowing that for many years to come, those very words would come back to haunt him.

Within days Greg House had found a good friend in James Wilson. Wilson was the only person who really seemed to get Greg, and was the only one who could understand his strange sense of humor. Despite what Greg initially thought, Wilson wasn't a pushover like Crandall was. Sure Wilson was overly kind to everyone he met, but at the same time he was far smarter than he let on. Both men knew, even that early that this was one friendship that was going to be around for a very long time.

AN: This chapter was inspired by a QandA session on the House website called Ask the Show. When somebody asked how did House and Wilson meet this is what they said: House and Wilson have been friends since shortly after House started working at Princeton-Plainsboro. Their lockers were next to each other and they had the same lunch period.

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