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Sora gazed upon the vehicle before him.

"It's a-?"

"Gummi ship!" Chip squeaked.

"What, you've never seen one before?" Dale screamed.

Sora shook his head. "I haven't seen anything interesting for a while. Not even food."

Sora's stomach rumbled as he remembered the last meal he had eaten several days ago on Destiny Islands. Sora gazed at the vehicle.

"So, how do you keep it clean?"

Chip looked at Dale. They both shrugged. "It doesn't need to be cleaned." they both squeaked.

Sora approached it and began prodding pieces of it. It was soft... and smooth.

Chip looked at his watch. "Hey Dale! It's our lunch break now! Sora, can you watch the ship?"

Sora's stomach lurched. "Uh, yeah."

An hour later, Chip and Dale returned to the hangar to find Sora right where they had left him, leaning against the gummi ship. Then they stopped.

"Hey Sora, where'd the port side engine go?"

Sora cocked his head toward the ship. "Oh... uh... we'll guys..."

Chip and Dale raised their eyebrows in anticipation.

"You see... I was... standing here... and..."

Chip began to look worried.

"And... the ship... it said-it said, 'Hey Sora!' and, well, ships can't talk right? So I didn't listen, but then it said it again..."

Dale began to lean forward. "Sora?"

Sora didn't listen. "But... it said it again okay? It was like, 'Hey Sora, you look reeeeal hungry,' and it was right, you know 'cuz I haven't... so I said 'Yeah.'"

Chip motioned to Dale that he was going to find help, then began backing away slowly.

"So... I took a little nibble off of the engine, right? And what do you know! It tasted like, those things they sell in Traverse Town. What're they called? Gummy bears!"

Dale began to look pale.

"So then I thought, 'well, maybe I'll just have one more piece, right?'"

Sora took a bite from the ship, then continued talking with his mouth full.

"Tho Mahum phamnga, mha?, nhumnga... fwem... it gwen goo. Grelle, id taft luk gmmy brs!"

He swallowed. "Here, try some!" He offered a piece to Dale, who nearly fainted.

"Sora, that's a different gummy."

Sora stopped telling his story. "What?"

"Gummy bears and gummi ships aren't made of the same thing."

Sora looked at the ship again. "But the ship said... that... oh."

Sora puked.