Enough (Revised)

A Sailor Moon fic by Gigi

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Chapter 1: A Weary Soldier

A/N: So I want to finish Enough, but I reread it and realized that, since it has been years since I've even opened this document, my writing style and general approach to the story have both changed drastically. It would be a train wreck for me to just pick up where I left off. So, I'm pretty much revamping the entire story. Seriously. You must reread the first five chapters, since about 90 percent of the story has been changed. In the long run, it's very much the same story, but these first five chapters, since they were the lead-in, ended up looking nothing like the original five. This is much darker than the original Enough, but I'm hoping the writing is stronger. I've taken several creative liberties with the Sailor Moon Classic, but those will become clear as you read. I've babbled on for too long already. Just one quick thing: Usagi and the senshi are all either going on 17 or actually 17 years old, and the boys are 22. Alright, enjoy!

Sailor Moon sighed heavily as she slipped through her bedroom window after yet another tiresome night of patrolling Tokyo. After nine long months of such nights, she was far past frustration. It had been a month since a crystal carrier had been found. A month of nights devoting her patrols to finding the seventh and final rainbow crystal, hidden within some unsuspecting individual. Exhaustion weighed on the Sailor Senshi so much that she barely remembered to dehenshin before her body hit the soft mattress covered with a pink, bunny-themed bedspread.

Usagi Tsukino stared out the window through which she had just climbed at the full moon's calming presence, weary but unable to fall asleep. Patrolling the city for Negaverse activity and combing the streets day and night for the seventh crystal carrier had a horrible side-effect of plaguing the blonde warrior's slumber with nightmares. Sleep was hard to come by anyway, but these nightmares were certainly no incentive to try.

The black cat curled up at the foot of Usagi's bed stirred when the mattress shifted under her charge's weight. Sleepy red eyes blinked open to see Usagi's pensive expression, illuminated by the gentle moonlight. "No luck?" the cat asked with a mother's sympathy. This poor girl worked herself far too hard.

Usagi's gaze settled on the talking feline and tiredly opened her arms so she could hold her. She needed the comfort right about then. "Not tonight, Luna," she exhaled, tracing the golden crescent moon on her cat's forehead that marked her as the high adviser and guardian to the royal line of the Moon Kingdom. Too bad, Usagi thought ruefully, that we can't find the princess for Luna to fulfill her duty and advise. Locked away and hidden for her own protection, the Moon Princess was, at the moment, the ultimate reason behind Sailor Moon's relentless nightly patrols. What began as just scanning the city for youma attacks in order to keep Tokyo safe had transformed into a desperate mission to find the last rainbow crystal so that it would combine with the other six crystals to form the Imperial Silver Crystal of legend. Only then would the Princess of the Moon, the only person in the universe able to weild the crystal to its fullest potential, reveal herself. Only then would the Sailor Senshi's true purpose of protecting the princess be realized.

"Maybe if you got the other senshi involved in the search," Luna suggested, as she did every night.

"Let them sleep," Usagi insisted. "I don't want to get anyone seriously hurt because the senshi are too exhausted to perform at their best level. I only have one attack, and it's to finish off the youma. The other girls need their energy to weaken them. I'd rather be the only one not performing at one hundred percent."

Luna propped herself up by resting her paws on Usagi's chest in order to look her charge directly in the eye. "You should at least tell them what you're doing so that they understand why you're always so klutzy and falling asleep," she urged.

Usagi shut her eyes and shook her head. "This is how they've always seen me," she said patiently, keeping her eyes closed. "They don't know I've spent every night patrolling practically since I've been a senshi."

"But that makes them respect you less, because they don't know," Luna pressed. "They would see you and treat you more as their leader if you told them."

"I know they don't really respect me, and it does bother me. A lot. But telling them would accomplish nothing."

"And why not?" the feline huffed.

"They've seen me trip and wail and sleep in class and space out constantly for the past seven months. Even if I told them I go out every night to patrol, they wouldn't attribute all my ditziness and klutziness to that," Usagi explained. "They see me as the girl who takes nothing seriously, but they wouldn't understand that I act like that in public because I take everything seriously. If I stop to let myself think about anything beyond food and boys, I get so anxious that I have to transform in the middle of class. So I sleep."

Luna glowered. "And you allow the girls to think of you as a lazy, irresponsible senshi."

"They never needed my permission," the Senshi of the Moon deadpanned. "They see what they want to see of me, no matter what I do. I'll admit, I hate that they think so little of me. It's not as easy as it was to grin and bear the constant jabs at my intelligence. I'm not some lab rat. I have a fully functional brain and, yes, hard as it is to comprehend, I can understand the human language."

"Then why don't you show them that side of you?"

Another sigh fell past Usagi's lips. She felt so much older than her meager 16 years. "As a senshi, I can't suddenly snap into being a good leader in thei eyes. They'd think it was some sort of fluke, or worse, think I was joking and not listen."

"And as Usagi?" Luna prompted.

"I'm always too exhausted to stay focused in class or on my surroundings, Luna," she stated softly, a note of defeat edging its way into her words. "My attacks in battle drain me exponentially faster and to a greater degree than the other girls' attacks do, and whatever rest I do get when I'm back from patrolling, those stupid nightmares keep me from actually recovering. So I fall asleep in class, and I zone out a lot. I just don't have the energy to change their opinions of me when it's all I can do to make it through the school day."

"Can I ask you something?" Her charge nodded and began stroking her fur. "Is any part of the Usagi you show everyone else actually you?"

Cornflower blue eyes slid open once more, reflecting the moonlight in such a way that it seemed as if the irises themselves glowed. "I'm not usually pretending to be happy or cheerful. And the way I act around Mamoru-baka isn't an act."

"You don't sound very happy," Luna observed with concern. A paw stretched out and touched the girl's cheek as if wishing she could do more.

"I know, but I really am happy in the moment, like when I am with Naru-chan or just hanging out with the girls without any senshi business involved. Like I said, I don't let myself think too much and just enjoy the fact that, for the moment, I'm a normal girl and the people I love are safe."

The words struck a chord within the talking cat. Guilt rose up within her at the fact that she had taken this carefree young girl and turned her into a seasoned warrior, in whose beautiful big blue eyes floated the knowledge of someone far older. She hadn't had a choice in the matter, and it wasn't as if Luna could have done anything but approach her once she discovered the girl was a senshi. As she watched Usagi finally succumb to the sleep in the moonlight, Luna wished with all her heart that the other girls could see the wisdom and maturity in their leader's eyes.

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