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Sweet Poison


"Heika!" Yuuri wasn't sure who shouted it, only that, in a span of a few minutes, their caravan was surrounded on all sides. Conrart, Wolfram, and even Günter had their swords drawn, but the group was vastly outnumbered. "Stay back!"

Again, he was sure who said it. There were so many faces, so many voices, all shouting, and he even had trouble hearing that over the sounds of the steel swords.

"Conrart, what's going on?" For the first time, Yuuri's voice wavered as his hands reached for Morgif.

"Just common bandits, Heika. Nothing that we can't handle." Conrart flashed a smile to him, but it didn't do much to ease his worries.

"What do you plan to do with that, wimp? Get back in the carriage so you don't get hurt!" Wolfram shouted at him. It seemed like the wise thing to do, but honestly, how could he? All of his friends, his loved ones, were basically heading into battle, and as their king, he should be right there by their side, right?

"You better listen to the pretty boy before I get a hold of you, Heika." The gang of bandits parted as a smaller figure stepped forth. He looked no older than Yuuri and Wolf, his tawny brown hair was long and pushed to the side, spilling over one shoulder. His cold silver eyes bore holes into the Demon King as he slowly stepped closer to the group. "After what you did to me, don't think you're getting out of this so easily."

"What are you talking about? I've never met you in my life!"

"Shut up! I don't want to hear anything you have to say! After the way you tore my family apart, after the way you killed my father!" Yuuri's eyes widened in shock. He had never killed anyone in his life, at least not consciously. Maybe something he had done while his body was under the Maou's control? Yuuri dreaded the thought.

"Liar!" Wolfram's voice snapped the Demon King out of his reverie. "Yuuri would never raise a blade to anyone! What is your real purpose here?!"

"Shut up, Little Lord Brat." Wolfram visibly bristled at the nickname. "You obviously don't know anything. Thanks to that son-of-a-bitch, my father was killed. Honestly, humans and demons, living in harmony? What a farce!"

"Shut up!" Yuuri shouted, no longer able to control himself. "I'm sorry that your father was killed, but that doesn't have anything to do with me!" The young man smirked.

"Oh really? My father was killed because you insisted" he added a sarcastic flourish with his arm. "that the Western Human territory, my father's territory, open up to the Demon Tribe. Persuaded that he jump on your Bandwagon-O-Justice to fight Dai Shimaron. And what did he get for it? What did I get for it?" the young man's fists clenched around the hilt of his sword. "One of your Mazoku scum broke into the castle. Killed three guards, and…and…" One of the bandits placed a hand on the young man's shoulder. "And they killed my father, as well." Seeming to have snapped, he unsheathed his sword, and glared at Yuuri's party. "Shibuya Yuuri, Harajuku Fuuri, 27th King of the Demon Tribe. My name is Deon d'Arnaud, crown prince of Belle Terre, the Western Territory of the Human Lands. I am here to destroy you." Deon turned to his bands of troops and cried out, "Kill them!"

The battle began immediately. Swords clashed all around him, and the cries of those wounded grew louder and louder. It waged on for maybe minutes, maybe an hour, but it seemed like an eternity, and Yuuri just wanted it to stop.

"I won't let you hurt Yuuri." Wolfram's voice seemed to carry over the chaos, and Yuuri finished off his opponent before turning to face his fiancé.

"Ha! No matter. As long as he is six feet under, I wouldn't mind killing one of you demon trash as compensation." Deon smirked, and his sword made a dive for Wolframs skull, but the blond, being the talented soldier that he was, blocked it easily. The two grappled like that for almost a whole minute, before Wolfram got the upper hand, effectively pushing Deon back a few feet.

"You just got lucky." the tawny haired prince snarled. "Now prepare to die!" He charged forward, intending to run the blond through with his cold steel. It was then the something in Yuuri took over, and he rushed forward just as the blade came barreling at the blond.

Yuuri couldn't say what happened next, all he felt was searing pain. All he heard was Wolfram's voice calling his name. It was then that everything went black.


"Yuuri!" Wolfram cried out as the blade was pulled from his fiancé's torso. He ignored the pain and blood on his own and dropped to his knees, cradling the young king's head in his hands as his resolve slowly slipped away from him. "Yuuri, please!" the blond prince begged. "Please don't die!" Wolfram's vision began to swim, and he had assumed it was from the unshed tears.

"Our work here is done." Deon stated, his voice cold as he sheathed his sword. Wolfram's head snapped up and green eyes met icy grey.

"But your highness, shouldn't we finish the rest of them off? What if they try to strike back?" Deon merely held his nose up high and scoffed.

"Let them. If they're precious Maou was so easily defeated, how strong can the military be?"

"How dare you-" Conrart bit out, but was cut off as Wolfram choked out a sob.

"I'll leave you to your king. After all, I wouldn't want to intrude on any funeral planning." With an almost sickeningly sweet smile, Deon, with his band of men, retreated.

"Should we go after them?" Gunter asked, obviously torn between helping his king and tracking down the little spoiled brat and giving him what-for.

No!" Wolfram snapped, holding Yuuri close, as though he were using his body to stop the blood flow from his beloved's gut. "No. We have to save him." He looked up at his brother and former tutor with those big green eyes, and Conrart noticed then the glazed look that was held within them. He got the strange feeling that it wasn't because he was overflowing with emotions.

"Wolf, are you alright?" Honestly, he wasn't. His head was swimming, his limbs felt heavier and heavier, and all he wanted to do was sleep. But he had to make sure Yuuri was okay first.

"I'm fine! We have to hurry and get Yuuri back to Gisela, before…" Wolfram couldn't get the words out. He couldn't stand the though of Yuuri going back to Earth, let alone the thought of him dying all together. "I'll stay in the carriage with him. Just get us back to Blood Pledge as soon as possible."

Conrart and Gunter didn't need to be told twice. More quickly than he prince had ever seen them move, the two were back on their mounts and Wolfram was hauling his fiancé into the carriage. The blond put a hand over the Maou's chest, heaving a sigh of relief at the feel of a, very faint, heartbeat. There was still time, but not much. Hopefully the horses were fast enough to get them back to the castle before it was too late.


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