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Sweet Poison

Chapter Three

"So, they're drugging you now? My poor baby." Yuuri laughed as he ran his fingers through those blond curls. Wolfram just huffed from his place in Yuuri's chair, which still held refuge in the former Maou's office.

"They apparently think I'm some invalid who needs constant medication to remain sane." The blond still had mixed emotions about having to take the Poison, as he now called it. With good reason too; after taking two doses, like Gisela said, he was dead to the world, free to spend as much time with his beloved as he pleased. Yuuri smiled and leaned over the prince and gently pushed their lips together. Wolfram sighed. This was how it was always supposed to be. Yuuri, here, with him and without a care in the world.

Wolfram couldn't help but smile at the thought, and Yuuri pulled away to gaze down at him, curious as to what was so funny.

"What?" he asked.

"Nothing. I was just thinking about how we should have done this a long time ago." He flashed his former fiancé a genuine smile, and Yuuri had lost his control. He grabbed the blonde's wrist and hoisted him up, out of the chair and into the Maou's arms.

"I agree." He swooped down for another kiss from the blond, who, at that moment decided to play coy. If he couldn't dream like this every second of the day, then he was going to have fun with the time he did have.

Smirking, Wolfram turned his face at the last moment and Yuuri's lips met with his soft cheek. Chuckling, the prince wiggled out of his fiancé's grip before moving behind him.

Yuuri smiled as he took in the demon's appearance. Wolfram's hair was disheveled, his green eyes sparkling merrily. Everything about him was young again, and more joyful than Yuuri had ever seen him. His smile falling way to a devilish smirk, Yuuri quickly reached out for him again, taking Wolfram by surprise. Yuuri then pushed the blond against the nearest wall, bringing his own body flush against his fiancé.

Wolfram immediately took advantage of their new position and leaned up to ravage Yuuri's lips in a breathtaking kiss, their hands roaming and tongues battling for dominance.

"Yuuri, it's not true." Wolfram panted out as he broke the kiss. "It just can't be."

"What can't be true, love?" the Maou asked before leaning in to kiss his prince again. Wolfram, once again, moved his head to the side, Yuuri's lips crashing into his cheek instead.

"This can't be just a dream." Yuuri froze. "This feels just too real. You feel too real, Yuuri. You just can't be dead!" the blond was getting more and more excited at the concept of his beloved being alive. Yuuri, however, couldn't let that happen. "If I can just convince everyone else-"

"Wolf." The prince froze, and the Maou rested his forehead against his beloved's. "You can't do that. No matter how real this seems, no matter how much we love being together. This isn't real, it's just a dream."

Wolfram didn't know what exactly made him cry. Maybe it was the words themselves, or maybe the lack of remorse Yuuri held while he spoke, but something about hearing it from him, of all people, made something in the blond snap.

"Don't say that! You wimp! Don't say things like that!" Wolfram pounded his fists against Yuuri's chest. "How can you say that? Don't you want to live again? With Greta and I, and with everyone else?"

"Why? You aren't." A sob broke free from Wolfram's throat as the words cut through him. "I'm so sorry, I didn't mean to-"

"Just stop!" Yuuri held the young man close as he cried. He couldn't bear to put his fiancé through this, but what could he do?

"Wolfram, please. For me and for our daughter." Wolfram released another sob as his head rose to meet those deep black orbs. "Please, just wake up."

Wolfram shot up in bed, nearly knocking Greta onto the cold floor.

"Wolfram?" Her little voice questioned as she rubbed her hazel eyes. It was already morning, sun spilling into the King's bed chambers and lighting the darker corners. The blond looked down at his daughter and smiled reassuringly.

"It's nothing, Greta. Just a bad dream is all." When the girl smiled and nodded before cuddling up to him. "Are you ready to get up? Or did you still want to rest?"

"Hmm, I'm ready to get up." Wolfram laughed at her again as her hoisted her up and carried her out of their room.

"Come on, little one, it's bath time."

"Oh, Wolfram!" A voice called from behind him. The prince turned to see Conrart walking toward him, a concerned look marring his features. "You're needed in the conference room. It's urgent."

"Can't it wait? I was just about to give Greta her bath." The little girl nodded in agreement, but Conrart wouldn't relent.

"I'm sorry, but you're needed. I'll make sure Greta takes her bath, but they must see you, right now." Wolfram sighed, but handed Greta over to his elder brother.

"Be good for him, okay?" he replied, patting her head before he turned to leave. He had a feeling as to what this was about, but he didn't want to admit it to himself. After all, it was still too soon.


"Wolfram von Bielefelt, it's nice to see you again." Wolfram couldn't put a name to some of the faces at the table, with the exception of Gwendel, Gunter, and his own uncle, Wolrana von Bielefelt, but it seemed only natural to assume that they were the rest of the Ten Nobles of the Demon Land. In a far corner, Cecilie stood with an ever-rare expression of worry. Something was up, and Wolfram could just tell that he wouldn't like it.

"Sir Wolfram, as much as it pains me to say, we feel that the Kingdom has mourned long enough." Gwendel didn't waste any time in getting down to business, not that the younger prince minded. He wasn't really in the mood to have his time wasted with a reunion.

"I'm sure you remember when Yuuri went returned to his world for the long period of time. We had reached the decision that you should take his place as the Maou of Shin Makoku. In these dark times, we have come to the conclusion that the same decision should be re-instated. We would like you to rule Shin Makoku as the new Maou."

Wolfram's head began swimming. Wasn't it still too soon to choose a new king? How could they even find the nerve to mock him so, forcing him to take the place of, not only his late fiancé, but by far the greatest ruler since The Original King?

"Brother, I don't think I can." His voice sounded so small, he would be surprised if they had even heard him. "I could never live up to Yuuri. I could never be the ruler he was." Wolfram felt like he was trying to convince himself rather than the Ten Nobles.

"Enough, Wolfram. Such talk isn't befitting the soon-to-be King of Shin Makoku." Wolrana sat there, smirking as though he himself were crowned.

'He thinks he's so slick. He finally got his damn way.' Wolfram glared down at the carpeted floor of the grand meeting room, afraid that if he even looked at his uncle, he was snap. Wasn't it bad enough that he lost the man he loved most? Wasn't it awful enough that he was still haunted with these painfully real dreams? Why make it so obvious that the situation was clearly being taken advantage of?

"It's your responsibility, not only as a prince and Royal Consort, but as a citizen of Shin Makoku, Wolfram. Think of how proud you're father would be!"

"Enough, Wolrana!" Cecilie snapped from her place in the corner. Her green eyes shone with unshed tears, and for once, the young prince felt like someone was on his side. "You don't understand what he's going through right now! He lost his first and only love, not but weeks ago." The former queen moved to wrap her arms around her youngest son. "Such a sight can destroy a person, and to have to watch such brutality take place, before one's very eyes-"

"He wouldn't be like this if you didn't baby him so much, Cheri-"

"Be that as it may, Her Highness is right. He is of no use to the nation in his current state." Lord von Spitzweg, Cheri-sama's brother, chimed in. He couldn't understand how the boy's paternal uncle could act so coldly, but he wouldn't have any of it. Wolfram was his nephew, too, after all.

"Lord von Spitzweg is right. Wolfram, the decision still stands, and you shall be the new Maou." Gwendel stated, cool and collected as ever. "However, you shall only act as figurehead until you're condition has improved. Gunter and I shall take care of the happenings in the city, as well as Conrart."

"I'll help, too." Cheri smiled at her youngest son. Wolfram was so overwhelmed, between the argument, the decision, his mother and brother, he almost didn't realize that he was crying, simply from the emotion of it all. A part of him felt ashamed, naturally, for losing his macho cool, in front of the Ten Nobles of all people, but mostly he felt loved.

"Thank you." He managed to choke out between the subsiding sobs that wracked his chest, and he buried his face in the crook of his mother's neck.

The Ten Nobles, all except Wolrana, smiled lovingly at the former queen and her prince. Wolfram would get through this, even if they had to come together every night to help him do so.


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