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Lilly dutifully unpacked the books from the moving box, tossing them haphazardly onto her bed, not caring completely where they fell. Her two cats, Tabitha and Figaro, played together somewhere in her apartment, and she smiled to herself as she heard them meowing and their running feet. After completely emptying the one box, she blew out a breath and wiped away the fine layer of sweat that had developed along her hairline. Even though all the windows were open and she had an area fan blowing on high, it was still relatively hot in the apartment, especially with all the heavy lifting and physical exertions. The air conditioner was broken and was supposed to have been fixed before she moved in, but it figured. She'd call first thing in the morning. There was no way she was going another day with this heat.

Deciding to take a break from her unpacking, Lilly left her bedroom and walked into the kitchen, reaching into a nearby box and removing a glass before filling it with water from the tap and gulping it all down. She kept chugging the water as she watched her two kittens tear through the kitchen and keep going through the living room and into her bedroom. She finished drinking, took a huge breath, and chuckled, shaking her head.

"Silly kittehs," she said to herself, wiping her mouth on the back of her hand and setting the glass on the counter. She's take care of it later. For the moment, she had more unpacking that was necessary.

Lilly had just recently moved to L.A., not as one of those young women who traveled so far with dreams of becoming an actress or famous singer. She didn't have such stars in her eyes, especially since she was already pretty much famous in the science world. At only 25 years old, she was one of the top neurosurgeons in the country. She had been considered a child prodigy when it came to science and math while in school, and had skipped many grades, then graduated early from Harvard and began to directly begin work as a surgeon. Lilly had secured a job at one of the most prestigious hospitals in California as a neurosurgeon that required her to move from her hometown of Boston to L.A. Life was going to be much different here, the weather incredibly different she had thought to herself at one point and mentally rolled her eyes. Luckily her cats didn't seem to mind the move and had adjusted almost immediately.

Because of her previous job with another prestigious hospital in Boston, she had been able to get a job that was equal in stature to her previous, but with an even better salary; and her salary before had not been "meager" in any way. She knew she was rich a hundred times over but did not like to flaunt her wealth and so put most of it away into savings and led her life on a comfortable, self-instituted allowance. She had splurged on one thing, however, and that was her car. She simply could not resist driving her dream car, a mini cooper. But not just any mini cooper, one that was specifically made for her: cherry red, white racing stripes, customized seats and fabrics, the works.

Lilly finished unpacking the second box of books she had been working on and collapsed backwards onto her bed, arms out and eyes staring straight up. Everything ached from heavy lifting and moving and the constant motion of reaching and placing. Suddenly, a loud "meow" sounded in her left ear and she nearly jumped off the bed. But it was only Figaro jumped onto the bed to join her.

"Hey Fig," Lilly cooed softly, pulling the jet black cat onto her chest and petting him vigorously, which he liked best. Figaro purred his approval and pushed his tiny face into her hand, looking for more. Figaro finally settled down onto Lilly's chest, and still purring, allowed her to continue the ministrations on his fur that grew softer and softer with each passing minute, as Lilly began to drift off to sleep as she was exhausted. Before she realized, she had passed out with Figaro asleep on her chest and Tabitha curled up to join them next to her side.

Lilly woke to the whirring of the fan that was still running and the insanely loud chirping of birds. Seriously, they sounded like they were sitting in the window instead of right outside on the large oak tree whose branches reached out towards her bedroom windows. Lilly ran a hand down her face and twisted her arm to glance at the watch on her wrist and groaned when she saw that it was almost noon.

"I haven't slept in this late since I was in college," she moaned, sitting up at the edge of the bed and running a hand through her hair. Figaro and Tabitha had woken long ago and were now playing in another room of the house. But once they sensed Lilly was awake, they raced into the room and began to yowl for food.

"Yea yea, you guys, I know, I'm hungry too," Lilly said, standing and treading into the kitchen, preceded by her two yowling cats. Lilly poured some food into the food dishes for the cats and as they munched away happily, she poured herself a bowl of rice krispies and milk, and settled down at the counter to eat it, pondering what she wanted to do today.

The hospital had given her three days to completely move into her new place, and this was the third day of the three given. Lilly still had a ton of boxes to unpack and she groaned at the thought. But at the present moment, she was in no mood to spend another afternoon and evening bending over boxes. She had spent too much time already simply unpacking, and she hadn't yet devoted any time to finding her way around the area she now lived in. Lilly finished her cereal and washing the bowl out quickly, set it next to the glass that was still on the counter from the previous morning.

"I'll deal with it later," she repeated, knowing full well it would be a while until it actually got cleaned and put away. Dishes were her one household nemesis and she couldn't think of anything she loathed more than doing the dishes.

Lilly took a decent length shower and then after quickly drying her long, blonde hair until it poured like silk down her back, she padded into her bedroom and rooted through the many boxes strewn on the floor looking for something to wear.

"I knew I should have labeled these better," she muttered to herself, after opened her fourth box with still no luck. On her sixth try she found her underwear and bras and the box after that yielded some t shirts and shorts. She donned the necessaries and then a simple pair of short jeans shorts and a form-fitting black cap sleeved t shirt. Brushing her hair out of her emerald green eyes, she grabbed her makeup bag and proceeded to apply a thin coating of mascara and eyeliner to her eyes then ran a mineral powder brush over her face before finishing. That was one thing she prided herself on, requiring little maintenance to still look amazing. After she finished getting ready, Lilly made sure all the windows were closed, the cats were all right, then she grabbed her purse and keys and left.

Lilly spent the day out and about, getting used to the area she was now living in and what small shops and such were within a comfortable walking distance to her. She entered her apartment around 5 in the evening and was met with mewling kittens, eager to see her.

"Hey, babies. You guys hungry? Me too," she said, dropping her purse on the end table next to the door and making her way into the kitchen. Luckily, one of the things she did make sure to unpack quickly was her food. That way, making meals and grabbing snacks wasn't such a hassle. She fed the cats their normal meal then opted for some quick and easy pasta for herself. Finally sitting down with her plate of pasta in front of her, Lilly sighed in contentment and began to eat.

As she ate, the beginning tendrils of nervousness were beginning to creep their way into her stomach as she thought about the start of her new job tomorrow. She was nervous about whether the people there would accept her and be friendly, or if she would be stuck working with complete monsters. She was also nervous about her performance. The biggest worry to her was messing up and costing the patient some sort of damage, or even worse. She knew it was all a head game though, and that she hadn't come this far this quickly for no reason. She had earned her place among the top ranked surgeons in the country because of her dedication and skill.

Lilly gave herself this mental pep-talk as she finished her meal and took care of the dishes, this time taking care to actually put all of the dishes into the dishwasher. That way the cats wouldn't knock things over sometime in the night.

"All right, my loves. Bedtime," Lilly called to wherever the cats may be in the large apartment. She knew they would venture into her bedroom to sleep if she wanted, which is why she left her door propped open an inch or two as she walked in. She brushed her teeth, ran a brush through her hair, then dropped into bed with a weary sigh. She closed her eyes for only a moment, intending to open them again, but instead fell immediately asleep.

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