Chapter Two: My Little Angel

Chapter Two: 'Accidentally' in love

(Time skip)

After 6 years have passed, Kirisaki now has grown up into quite a young girl, although, her attitude, mostly, has never changed that much… She still, however hasn't been to any school at the moment, but her father, plans to do so…

-Around 8:oo am in the morning-

"Otoo-san… Otoo-san… Otoo-san" Kirisaki murmurs as she continues to nudge/shake her father…

"Huh… Wha…?" Seto said as he begun to wake up as Kirisaki continued to nudge/shake him.

"Come on! Wake up lazy bones!" Kirisaki said loudly enough to wake Seto up

"You promised me we'd go around Domino city so… Let's go already! Go! Go! Go!" She added as she dashed to the bathroom and took a bath…

"Kirisaki sure is excited…" Seto said as he sat down at his bed.

He really wanted to spend the rest of his free time on sleeping, resting and relaxing. He even planned a visit to the spa for a full body massage…

But since he promised his daughter, he has no choice but to move his schedule at the spa and some other things connected to his 'relaxation day' and spend the day with his daughter.

"You can do this Seto… Just zone it out like you always do…" He murmured to himself and stand up and went to his own bathroom.

Within a few minutes, Kirisaki is already at the kitchen, sitting down at one of the chairs waiting for her breakfast to be prepared.

"Here you go young mistress." Said one of the maids as she laid the plates with breakfast in front of Kirisaki.

"Arigato Ynah-chan!" Kirisaki said with joy written all over her face.

"Well, looks like young mistress is pretty happy today." Ynah, the maid, said as she continued to lay the plates and fix some of the silver ware.

"Yep! Dad and I are gonna go around Dongino city!" Kirisaki said in joy.

"Er, Young Mistress, I think you meant 'Domino City' not 'Dongino City'" Ynah corrected.

"Oh yeah… Sorry about that." Kirisaki said as she sweat dropped…

"That's okay young mistress…" Ynah said as she finished preparing for Kirisaki's breakfast. "Young mistress' breakfast is prepared" Ynah said.

"Ah arigato!" Kirisaki said… "Demo what about you…? Aren't you gonna eat up yet…?" Kirisaki asked

"No young mistress… I already ate my breakfast. Thank you for asking." Ynah answered.

"Okay then. I'll just call you if I need anything." Kirisaki said with a BIG smile on her face.

"Okay then young mistress. I'll be leaving now." Ynah said as she left the dining area.

Then Kirisaki looked at the breakfast served in front of her.

"Wowee…" She said.

There were mashed potatoes and a little serving of steak by the side; there was also bacon and eggs, and a Caesar salad on the side. On her left there was an empty glass, and on her right was a bowl of warm corn soup. There was also, on the side, garlic bread.

"Boy… This breakfast sure is… well… big…" she said…

Then she took only a small amount of what she would eat and begun.

"Itadakimas!" She said before she started eating her breakfast.

Then after some time, not that long after Kirisaki started eating breakfast; Seto came down to eat his breakfast as well…

"Looks like young mistress is doing really great these days sire." Said Ynah as she began to place the same things she did at Kirisaki in front of Seto.

"That's a bit out of your business woman…" Seto said as he glared at Ynah.

"Gomen…" Ynah said as she left after placing the breakfast in front of Seto.

Then Seto looked at the little Kirisaki who's eating a bit of the salad.

"Ne? What's wrong…?" Kirisaki asked her dad as she noticed that he was looking at her.

"Nothing… You just remind me of Her…" Seto said.

"Oh… Mom huh…" Kirisaki said as she started to eat a little of the mashed potatoes…

"Yeah… Somehow…" Seto said as he drunk his coffee and read the newspaper.

"Why…?" Kirisaki asked her father halfway on eating up the strip of bacon.

"Well…" Seto said as he put down the newspaper for a while and talked to his daughter.

"Both of you have the same eyes… The same attitude… The same looks…" Seto said, "As if you were the spitting image of her." Seto continued as he began to eat his food.

"Wow… Yeah… Didn't notice that I look like her…" Kirisaki said as she continued to eat.

"Oh come on! You wake up in the morning to see yourself in the mirror, no way you didn't notice that Kiri." Seto said.

"Ha ha ha!" Kirisaki laughed sarcastically.

"Ok. I'm not sure if it's a good idea to take you with me around the city…" Seto said trying to convince Kirisaki to delay a little the tour thing.

'Please Lord! Make it work! I really want that full body massage at the spa…' He thought.

"OH DAD! Come on! You got me locked up in this house… Sure you let me fly around some other countries but I'm not that much familiar around Domino city!" She exclaimed.

"Kirisaki please I really want that spa massage…!" Seto said.

Then he saw his daughter using the puppy eyes at him… only difference from before, it's more cuter, more teary-eyed, and worse of all, more un-irresistible.

"Kirisaki please not those eyes!" Seto said trying to resist as he looked away.

"Onegai! Please! Sige Na! Por Pavor!" Kirisaki said as she continued to babble 'Please' words in different languages.

"OH FINE!" Seto said… "Man for a thirteen year old you sure are… childish" He said as he continued to eat his breakfast.

"I'll take that as a compliment thank you!" Kirisaki said as she, too, continued her breakfast.

'Why must my daughter be so good at pursuing people…?' he thought.

"So which place do you wanna go first…?" Seto asked his daughter.

"Well, for sure, I need some cards… I need to fix my deck…" Kirisaki said

"Well, Yugi's gramps' card shop might be the best place to get those." Seto said.

"Nice! Well then dad, after the trip around 'tis done can I request something from you…?" Kirisaki asked her father.

"Sure… Make sure it's not a waste of money like that virtual petting zoo with duel monsters and 'toon monsters in it…" Seto said

Then Kirisaki twitched and a vein popped on her head.

"Not that type… I'd like to learn more about dueling" Kirisaki said.

"… A duel?" Seto said, as he was halfway on eating his steak.

"Yes. I've been watching some videos for a while and learned to duel wit the help of Yami-san… and I'd like to learn more…" Kirisaki proudly said.

For about 5 minutes Seto was silenced on what Kirisaki just said

"So… is it ok?" Kirisaki asked once again.

Then Seto made a little chuckle…

"I'll think about it…" He said.

"Ok then…" Kirisaki said.

"Okay, so shall we go now?" Seto said as he stood up.

"Wait! I haven't brushed my teeth yet!" Kirisaki said as she wiped her mouth with a napkin and went straight to the bathroom to brush her teeth.

In a few moments of waiting, Seto shouted.


"Okay! Okay! Just wait man!" Kirisaki said as she went out, wearing a t-shirt with a hood on the back, six-pocket pants with some chains by the side and some shoes.

"…Why are you dressed like that?" Seto asked his daughter as he saw what Kirisaki was wearing.

"It's better than wearing trench coats everyday like you do ha ha ha…" Kirisaki teased.

"Yeah whatever, let's just get going to that shop and get this over with…" Seto said as he entered the car.

"Alright already…" Kirisaki said as she entered the car.

'I wonder what dueling skills does my daughter possess…' Seto thought…

So the car left already and went straight to Domino city!

On the way Kirisaki was sitting on the back and her father was in the front…

"Are we there yet?" Kirisaki asked…

"No" Seto said…

After a few more moments…

"Are we there yet?" Kirisaki asked once again…

"Yes…" Seto answered.

"Really?" An excited Kirisaki said…

"NO!" Seto said…

After at least half an hour, the car has finally arrived at Domino City…

"Okay Kirisaki, we're here…" Seto said

"No. I am not falling for that prank again!" Kirisaki said.

"I am not kidding you!" Seto said.

Then by that time Kirisaki looked outside the car window. There, in amazement, she saw Domino just before her eyes! Buildings, streets, all those and stuff! She herself was amazed. It's even better than what she imagined!

"Y-you m-mean t-this c-city?" Kirisaki stammered in amazement.

"Yeah, I know it's a pretty boring one… Nothing spe…" Seto said but was cut off when Kirisaki exclaimed.

"OH BOY! This is HEAVEN! Shops, salons, and such things just waiting to be explored and seen!" She said with eyes sparkling like stars in such joy! By that moment she began to imagine the things she can do… Like use her credit card unlimitedly, shop for clothes and so much more…!

"I know your what your planning Kirisaki and I am NOT planning to allow you to do that." Seto said…

"…You ruined my perfect shopping mood, plan and expedition just now" Kirisaki said as she glared. "Besides it's very rare for me to come here so let me embrace the opportunity!" she said.

"We'll come to Yugi's gramps to buy you some cards first…" Seto said, "Then you can go shopping all you want…" He added.

"Yay! I'm so glad to have a dad like you!" Kirisaki said.

"…You're obviously just saying that so you can use credit card," Seto said.

"No I'm serious!" Kirisaki said…

"Spare me your excuses little brat… We're almost there…." Seto said who wasn't that excited…

"Oh golly I can't wait…" Kirisaki said sarcastically who obviously had also adopted Seto's not-so-excited mood… Without any reason at all…

Okay let's go to Gramps' shop first

"Yugi, are you sure this'll help me?" Asked a familiar lady…

"Yeah, that starter kit can help ya…" Joey answered…

"You know she was asking me…" Yugi said as he was holding 3 boxes that are even bigger than he is… and now he's starting to wobble a bit and lose a bit of his balance…

"You seem pretty busy there so I answered Ren-chan's question instead." Joey said as he saw the boxes that Yugi was holding.

"Gimme that…" He said as he took one of the boxes and helped him carry the boxes.

"Let me help you guys…" Ren said as she, too, also took a box and helped Yugi carry them.

"No Ren it's ok! Really! Me and doggy here can handle it!" Yugi joked.

"HEY! You can't just call me 'doggy' like that!" Joey shouted back…

"Ha ha ha real funny guys but I think I'd better help out…" Ren said as she placed the box on its proper place.

"Thanks Ren… and sorry to trouble you…" Yugi said.

"Aw, come on it was nothing!" Ren said.

Meet Ren Yamamoto. 20 years, tall, fair complexioned, longhaired, pretty… Your not-so-typical girl… More on the Girl-next-door type… She is one of Yugi and the gang's good friends… Although one person hasn't met her yet… and yes you've guess whom that person is… Seto…

Yes. He was too busy and too focused on Kaiba Corp… so, I guess you can say he's a hardworking guy… (Cough cough)

…Or so he thought they haven't met…

"Okay so shall we get started with making your deck…?" Yami said as he stood up from the couch (out of nowhere) and went to Ren.

"Yeah I guess… After all that's what I came for…" Ren said as she went nearby the cashier and bent down to see if there is something she can do.

"Okay first thing's first, your deck… Now what type of cards would you like to put in…?" Yami asked.

Then, a black car stopped in front of the shop… Guess who? Well it's obvious enough (Ha xD)

"Wow who ordered the stretch!?" Yugi said with amazement as he saw the car.

"I have a good guess on who that is…" Joey said as he muttered, "Must be moneybags…"

Then, of course Seto entered the shop.

"Wow, didn't expect company around here…" Tristan said.

"What brings you here?" Yugi asked as he took away the boxes.

"Ask my daughter… I just got dragged…" Seto said.

Then from Seto's back, appeared Kirisaki.

"Uncle Yami! Uncle Yugi! Uncle Joey and Tristan! Guess who!" Kirisaki said with a cute grin.

"Oh it's Kirisaki!" Yugi said as Kirisaki went to him.

"IT'S TROUBLEMAKER!" Tristan yelped.

After hearing what Tristan said Kirisaki gave Tristan the 'shut-up-or-else-you-die' glare…

"Ha! Who would have thought that a short girl like Kirisaki would gain a bit more height! Good job!" Joeys said as he patted Kirisaki on the head.

"Oi…" Kirisaki said as she looked up at Joey. "I might be small but I sure have more brains than you have loser!" She said.

Then Joey twitched. A vein popped on his head.

"TAKE THAT BACK!" Joey shouted

"Why should I? Isn't that true?" Kirisaki said with a playful grin on her face.

"Kirisaki, better watch your words around doggy…." Yugi said.

"Yeah he can be touchy sometimes…" Tristan said as he calmed down Joey.

"I AM NOT DOGGY!" Joey shouted with a pissed off face.

"What brings you here anyway?" Yami asked.

"I'm here to cause mischief, chaos and mayhem!" Kirisaki said playfully "Isn't that a wonderful thing?" Kirisaki said

"NO!" Yami shouted back.

"I just wanted to buys some cards!" Kirisaki said.

"You duel already?" Yugi asked Kirisaki.

"Well… My dad has taught me a thing or two, but I'm the one who builds my decks and make my techniques!" Kirisaki said proudly.

"Wow! So have you dueled anyone yet?" Yugi asked her.

"Well, I've dueled some people. And I haven't lost!" Kirisaki said.

"Well what are you waiting for? Let's go and get you the right cards!" Joey said.

"Yeah! We have a bunch of great cards around here." Tristan said as him and Joey begun to show Kirisaki around the shop so she can choose her cards.

"Are you sure that teaching Kirisaki to duel is right. I mean she…" Yami said but was cut off when Seto spoke.

"Yes. She's determined enough... and I guess she can handle it…" Seto said.

Then Ren stood up after looking down at the cashier.

"Yami-san! Where do you…?" Ren said as she was cut off when she saw Seto.

"Oh there you are Ren! I want you to meet a friend of mine." Yami said.

Then Ren went out of the cashier to go to Seto and Yami.

"Seto this is Ren Yamamoto. She's a friend of mine." Yami said as he turned to Ren. "Ren This is Seto Kaiba. The CEO and head president of Kaiba corp." Yami said.

Then Seto turned to look at Ren…

-We are now going inside… Seto's inner mind theatre! -

He looked at her from head to toe. Every inch of her was perfect! Not a single strand of hair was misplaced. She had that pinkish-white skin that was just perfect. Her eyes, oh the lovely eyes! Those blue orbs that shine like the moon in the night. Oh and how it sparkles!

Man, his heart was beating 10 times faster than ever; he felt like melting into a water puddle and wanted to hide away from Ren. Oh poor Seto, not realizing he's falling in love! Yes Seto now is in love-dovey mode…! (Forgive me about that 'Lovey-Dovey mode' thingy… ran out of crazy adjectives… .)

- Okay! Time's up! Back to earth people! -

"So he's the guy you're talking about." Ren said as she looked at Seto. "Nice to meet you." She said with a sweet smile on her face.

Then Seto returned back to earth from his thoughts.

"Oh n-nice to meet y-you…" He said a bit of blushing.

"Seto? Blushing? Now that's new!" Yami thought as he saw how sheepishly Seto acts…

"Mostly whenever I introduce him to a lady he'd do something as cold hearted like saying 'Back off woman' or 'Don't get close to me you Btch.' But… wow… " Yami thought…

"So you're a CEO of your family business? That's very impressive!" Ren said.

"OI! Yami! Kirisaki needs the help of the 'King of Games' over here!" Joey hollered.

"Yeah not by some self-proclaimed 'Godfather of Games'!" Tristan added as he looked at Joey.

Kirisaki then made a giggle… " 'Godfather of Games'? That's new…" Kirisaki said

"Grrr…" Joey Muttered…

"Coming…" Yami said as he looked at Seto and Ren "I'm gonna leave you guys alone first ok?" He said as he went with Kirisaki and the others.

"Why do I have this feeling that I've met you before…" Seto asked Ren with a questioning look on his face.

"Same with me… I just don't remember where and when… and… how…" Ren said. "So you're the CEO and President of your family business/company? That's very impressive!" she added.

"Well, I'm used to it I guess…" He said.

"How do you handle the pressure? I herd Kaiba Corp. is a very big company so probably there's gotta be some pressure…" Ren said.

"You bet. Sometimes I have to stay awake for more than a week without sleep just to finish my job…" Seto said.

"Wow. Even I can't do that… How do you stay awake anyway?" Ren asked.

"Coffee does the trick." Seto said. After speaking, he suddenly stopped for a while and gazed at Ren… He really wasn't really gazing, he's reminiscing something…

"A-are y-you ok? Y-Your staring at me…" Ren said with a little smile and blushing face as he tried to look away from Seto's gaze.

"I remember you! You're the one who served me coffee back then!" Seto exclaimed.

"Huh? I-I don't remember…" Ren said trying her best to remember as well…

"Yes you were! You were! You did!" Seto said.

"Oh! Now I remember!" Ren said. "So you were the guy who looked like you didn't have sleep for weeks!" She said.


It was around 3:00 pm Seto was at the coffee shop, in front of his laptop. He was currently working on the company's profits and their bank status for 8 hours straight.

Ren, the lady who was making and delivering coffee was by the cashier. She was making her daily orders of mocha frappucino and various other coffees. She was serving orders when Seto caught her eye…

Seto, on the other hand, doesn't notice that Ren was looking at him. He has been working too hard that he can hardly feel the presence of other people. Why, he can barely stay awake…

"Poor guy… He must be really tired…" Ren thought. Then an idea came to her mind…

Seto was feeling really drowsy this time… He had to make his speech in the press conference, fire and hire some random workers and employees of their company, fix up the computer system after Mokuba used it for playing online games and accidentally corrupted the company files, give his driver his salary, take care of 3y/o Kirisaki and calm her down whenever she's crying in her crib, type up reports and such other documents to "The Man Behind Domino", and now, balancing the company profits and bank status.

"Must… Stay… Awake…" He said to himself but it wasn't helping him. He's just getting more tired by the moment.

Then, something made him wake up. A waitress, which happens to be Ren, Approached him and placed a cup of hot coffee beside him. Extra espresso to keep him awake…

Then Seto looked at Ren.

"Overworking yourself isn't nice…" Ren said with a sweet smile.

"…How much for the coffee?" Seto said as he took out his wallet.

"No, no it's ok… I made that myself, no need to pay…" Ren said. "Besides it seems that you need to stay awake…" Ren said. "Working on something?"

"Quite obvious enough woman…" Seto said quite coldly… (He's usually like that whenever he doesn't get rest… do forgive him sweat drop)

"Ok then…" Ren said as she left the table.

But after Ren took a few steps Seto began to say something…


Then Ren stopped walking. "Hm?" She asked.

"Thank you…" Seto said as he went back to work.

Then Ren went back on walking with a smile on her face.

- Flashback ends-

"No wonder you were working so hard back then. You were a CEO!" Ren said.

"Well yeah…" Seto said.

"Ha ha ha! Who would think that the person back then was you!" Ren said while laughing.

"Ouch… You hurt my feelings woman…" He said as he did the perched-in-the-heart-by-an-arrow motion.

"I mean back then you look like you haven't slept for days and look so messy but now you look good, well groomed and kinda cute!" Ren said.

Then Seto looked at Ren. "…Cute?"

Then Ren realized what she just said.

"Er… Wha-what I-I mean t-to say w-was… I er…" She said stammering as she was blushing from a bit of embarrassment.

Then around the shop, where Kirisaki, Joey, Tristan and Yami were at, noise was herd.

"What is that?" Seto said, a he herd the noise and went there.

"I dunno…" Ren said as she followed to see what was it all about.

This time, this ruckus isn't Kirisaki's fault. Well she started it but she's not in it…

"No! Spells are the basic need in a deck! They're unexpected and awesome!" Joey shouted.

"You got it all wrong! Traps are the needs! They can lure your opponent and there's much many capabilities with the use of them!!" Tristan hollered back.

"You both are big idiots! Monsters! Without monsters, how will she be able to attack the opponent huh!?" Yami exclaimed.

"She can use the magic card 'snatch steal' to use the opponent's monster instead! And attack the opponent directly!" Joey said "That's why spells are the best!"

"Oh yeah? What if the opponent uses magic cylinder?! She's a goner!" Tristan said.

Kirisaki and little Yugi, just stood in front of them, as she sweat dropped…

"What just happened here?" Seto asked Kirisaki.

"Well, I asked them what is the basic need for a deck… Then that happened… They threw insults, then almost punching themselves, and now, having a debate to answer my stupid pun question…" Kirisaki said…

"What a pathetic bunch…" Yugi said as he face palmed.

"Guys! It's ok! It's just a pun question! I know the answer!" Kirisaki said as she tried to break up their fight…

"THEN WHY DID YOU EVEN ASK US!?" Hollered Yami, Tristan and Joey at Kirisaki.

" 'Cause I'd like to know who's the lesser idiot on the three of you… and sadly enough, all three of you are idiots…" She said.

"Well if you really know the answer miss smarty-pants tell us!" Joey said.

"Even a kid knows that cards are the basic need for a deck!" Kirisaki said as she crossed her arms. "Without any cards at all, how do you think will a person be able to make a deck huh?" Kirisaki said.

All three made an anime fall.

"That was the answer!?" Yami said.

"Duhhh… well… Since you guys were fighting about the type of cards while I asked what you needed for a deck… I take back what I just said on you guys being idiots…" Kirisaki said.

"If we're not idiots… What are we?" Tristan asked Kirisaki.

Then Kirisaki made a mischievous smile…

"That's pretty simple… You guys are WORSE than idiots! You guys are BRAINLESS idiots! You guys didn't even think of the question properly!" She said… a bit of joking and a bit of meaning it…

Then Tristan, Joey and Yami began to chase Kirisaki and Yugi around.

"Oh you'll pay little missy!" Joey shouted as he chased Kirisaki.

"Yeah! You'll pay!" Tristan said as he too, chased Kirisaki.

"Feel the power of the pharaoh!" Yami shouted as he as well, chased Kirisaki.

"EEEP! Dad help me!" Kirisaki said as she was trying to run away from Tristan, Yami, and Joey.

"Why do you guys have to chase me too?! WHY!? T-T" Yugi said as he ran away with Kirisaki as well.

"You started it Kirisaki. That's your problem…" Seto said.

The 5 of them began to chase around and around like 3 year olders…

"Who's that girl Seto-kun?" Ren asked Seto.

"She's my daughter." Seto said.

"You have a wife?!" Ren said

"Aw… Looks like I have no chances…" She thought.

"Yeah. But she got murdered…" Seto said looking down…

"Oh I'm very sorry, I didn't mean to pry…" Ren said.

"It's ok…" Seto said.

"…Does she miss her so much?" Ren asked.

"Well, we don't usually talk about it. I don't talk about it that much with her…" Seto said.

"How was she murdered… just asking…" Ren said.

"I'm not quite sure about that… Her murder case still remains unsolved… I just saw her, all bloody, dead and as cold as a corpse…" Seto said.

"And Kirisaki? How did she take the news?" Ren asked.

"She didn't… She saw it in front of her very eyes…" Seto said…

After what Seto said, Ren's eyes got big.

"Then she might be the key to the murder! She might be able to crack it up and solve it! She can give her testimony and…" Ren said but was cut off when Seto looked at her.

"She didn't give her testimony… And she never wanted and never will she… it was too much for her I guess…" Seto said… "Let's just talk about something else please, I'm getting all emotional…"

"Oh I'm very sorry for the both of you…" Ren said.

"It's okay. Besides she has some friends. Tristan, Joey, Yami and the rest…" Seto said as he brightened up a bit and smiled.

"Ha ha but don't you think she needs friends that are a bit on 'her age'? Besides, what school does she go to?" Ren asked.

"I haven't entered her to any school yet… " Seto said…

"Wow. I think you should!" Ren said…

"Think so?" Seto said "Wouldn't she have a hard time fitting in?" Seto asked.

"Not really… A girl like here's a floater. She can fit in easily." Ren said with a smile.

"Thanks…" Seto said… "Ren, would you mind talking with me for a while? I'm kinda bored…" He asked.

"Sure!" Ren said with a happy smile…

The both of them began to chat again. This time about various things… their favorites, hobbies, cars, movies, food, all kinds of stuff… Seto didn't even realize that Kirisaki already went to the mall with Yugi and the others to go shopping. Kirisaki asked permission but since Seto wanted to chat with Ren so much he just said "Yeah sure whatever…"

-Around 7:30 pm-

Kirisaki and the others went back at Gramps card shop. They saw Seto and Ren, still chatting.

"So you do like to cook!" Ren said to Seto.

"Yeah maybe…" Seto said.

Both began to laugh.

"Boy those two seem to enjoy each others' company…" Yami said as he was carrying several paper bags and much more filled with the things they shopped for.

"Yeah… They even might end up together at this rate if they go on." Joey said.

"…Together?" Kirisaki said as she overheard a bit. She looked down and think for a while.

"If they do… will dad's love for mom remain…?" She asked herself mentally…

"Joey! What did you do?!" Tristan said as he saw Kirisaki looking a bit down…

"What?" Joey said.

"Are you feeling ok Kirisaki?" Yami said as he knelt down and looked at Kirisaki.

"Yeah I'm ok I guess…" Kirisaki said, trying to smile.

"Are you sure little girl?" Yami asked her one more time.

"Yeah, thanks…" Kirisaki said.

Then Seto noticed Kirisaki and the others were back.

"Oh your back." Seto said.

"Yeah… And I think it's better if you take Kirisaki home… It's 7:30 pm already… she seems pretty tired already…" Yugi said.

"Yeah I guess so…" Seto said as he looked at Ren… "Well I guess its bye bye for now…" He said.

"Don't worry, I'll call you." Ren said with a smile on her face. "Make sure you'll call me too ok?" She said, smiling.

"Yeah sure no problem." Seto said with a smile. Then he went to see Kirisaki… there he saw lots of bags and things around…

"You bought all of these?!" Seto exclaimed.

"Not all… Some are my money and I treated uncles too… don't need to worry…" Kirisaki said.

"Whew… Ok so let's go home?" Seto asked Kirisaki.

"Yeah sure… Ne, otoo-san, who's the lady?" Kirisaki said smiling as she took some of what she shopped for and went with Seto as both of them rode the car.

"She's Ren." Seto said. "We're really good friends…" He added.

"Bye Joey-san! Bye uncle Tristan and Yami! Bye Yugi-kun! I'll see you guys soon!" Kirisaki said smiling as she waved her hand.

The car has left and went straight home…

"Man, Kirisaki sure is fun…" Joey said.

"You bet…" Tristan said…

"Ne, how old is she?" Ren asked Yami.

"She's 13 why?" He asked.

Then Ren's eyes widened.

"13?! AND SHE HASN'T BEEN TO A SCHOOL!?" Ren exclaimed.

Back at the Kaiba Residence…

The car has finally arrived. They left and went in the house…

"Wow… I'm pretty beat!" Seto said as he went to his room and changed his clothes and take some rest…

Kirisaki, on the other hand, hasn't spoken a single word on the way until they reached the house… She was too lost in her thoughts on what will happen to the love that her mom and dad shared if Seto and Ren would end up together, like what Joey said…

"More importantly… Will he forget about mom…?" Kirisaki said as she turned off her lampshade and went to sleep…

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