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Chapter 3

Several days had passed, and Yumi still couldn't stop thinking about her unpleasant experience. She had wasted a couple of soaps from taking a bath way too often in an attempt to erase the feeling from her skin, even bruising her own body, hurting herself in the process. Of course no matter how many boxes of soaps, a hundred of them, a thousand times of bathing, there was no way the memory would be erased in her mind. Her parents were worrying about her, though they didn't know what happened to her. She kept it a secret, and managed to construct a lie about the bruise in her cheek when she got home a day after the incident. But she couldn't hide her screams at the middle of the night as she had nightmares about the event. Luckily, it was only Yuuki who always heard her, probably because his room was next to hers. And whenever he asked what it was about, she kept silent, and he respected her privacy on the matter.

However, nightmares weren't the worse of it, because no one could even come close to her now except her family, Sachiko and the other members of the Yamayurikai. Any students who approached her freak her out, much to their shock. And many speculations were starting to spread around, though none came closed to the real event. Only she and the rest of the Yamayurikai knew, and they kept it as a secret, though no one dared to come close enough to her to be in contact, whether by hands or any parts of their body, because she cringed away from them. Also, they made sure that no other student came in very close contact to her. It was really hard, especially inside the class where she was surrounded by people. The teachers were concerned, though why they weren't talking to her yet surprised her. But probably her friends had something to do with it, too, to protect her.

Still, amidst all that troubles, the most that bothered her was that even a contact with Sachiko was scaring her. As much as she didn't like it, she flinched every time she came in contact to her. Even one time, she startled Sachiko with her shriek because she accidentally touched her, and Sachiko was so shocked that she was speechless for some time, while she was so sorry with it but was powerless to do anything. After that event, she had spent the next few hours scolding herself while Sachiko lost herself in a deep thought.

"Yumi, would you stay with me tonight at my house?" Sachiko asked after thinking for some time. This just couldn't go on forever. Enough of Yumi's suffering. She wouldn't have this going on anymore.

Yumi agreed easily, feeling guilty of her actions to Sachiko who did nothing but worry about her. In fact, Sachiko wasn't leaving her side unless they were in class. And Sachiko took her home every afternoon, and fetched her every morning. She wanted to object to that, but not because she didn't want Sachiko with her, but because of the task of going to and fro in her house when it was so out of Sachiko's way from her house to school. She had said so to Sachiko but the latter wouldn't hear any of it. When she insisted, Sachiko said that she would stop doing so once she was sure that she, Yumi, was fine already. Seeing a doctor was out of question because she wouldn't agree to it sort of anyone dragging her to a clinic.


Later that night, at Sachiko's bedroom when they were ready for bed, Sachiko gazed at Yumi seriously, before she softly said, "Kiss me, Yumi."

Yumi was so caught up with her worries about hurting Sachiko's feelings that she hadn't heard Sachiko talk. She was sure that she wouldn't be able to stop herself from shying away from Sachiko's skin touching hers when they lay to sleep beside each other.

Sachiko repeated her request nervously.

"Kiss me, Yumi."

Once Yumi's brain processed what had been spoken to her, her eyes widened in surprise.

"O-onee-sama? What are you saying?" Yumi asked in confusion. Surely her ears were only playing tricks on her mind. It only happened in her dreams. Sachiko saying it in reality was not something she had even dared to hope. Was Sachiko aware of what she was saying?

"Kiss me please," Sachiko repeated softly. "Touch me, Yumi, love me please…"

Yumi's heart started beating very fast as she gazed at Sachiko with surprise and confusion. Certainly she wanted to do that, wanted to do it for a long time. But at her state right now, not to mention of her surprise to Sachiko's unexpected command, she didn't think she could.

"Kiss me and touch me, Yumi. I won't hurt you, I promise. I won't even move," Sachiko said as she took off her night gown slowly. Once it was off, she just sat there, eyes closed, with only a small piece of clothing covering her body. She was trembling with nervousness. What would Yumi do? Would she do as she asked or would she cringed away in disgust to her actions? However, she figured this might be the only easy way to overcome Yumi's terror of her skin being touched or touching with another. She would let Yumi do to her anything she wanted to, even hurting her, in the hoped to erase her nightmares, in the hoped of ending the suffering of her love.

Yumi stared at Sachiko, mesmerized at her beauty, and yet scared at the same time. She watched as two perfectly shaped mounds rose and fell with each breath that the beautiful woman took. Her breathe hitched as her eyes traveled the length of the woman in front of her. She closed her fists, feeling her palms starting to sweat. She stared hard, her mind swirling in too many emotions to describe at the moment.

"You won't move?" Yumi asked in a throaty voice, seeking reassurance.

"I won't. I promise," Sachiko said, eyes still closed, an adorable blush on her cheeks, waiting for Yumi to make a move.

Slowly, Yumi moved closer to Sachiko and gently touched her lips on hers, then pulled back immediately in fear. She did it a couple of times. And then she tried again and kissed Sachiko, harder this time. She could hear Sachiko's sharp intake of breath as she kissed and bit her lips almost painfully. She kissed her hurriedly, not allowing Sachiko to respond. And then almost brusquely, her hands reached for and squeezed the gentle swells in Sachiko's chest, causing the latter to jerk a bit in pain. Then she pulled away again and gazed at Sachiko's flushed face with wide eyes.

"They touched my breasts, and then…and then…" she said in fear as the memory once again crossed her mind.

Sachiko opened her eyes only to see the terror back in Yumi's face.

"Hush, Yumi, forget about them. You won't see them again," she commanded almost harshly, not for Yumi but for those girls.

"Really?" Yumi asked in unbelieving eyes. True she hadn't seen them in the past week. But that didn't mean that she wouldn't next time.

"Yes," Sachiko said firmly.

Yumi stared at Sachiko intently. Sachiko would never hurt her, that was for sure. With that in mind, she leaned once more and kissed Sachiko's lips as her hands touched Sachiko almost painfully, deliberately. She wanted to erase the unpleasant memories from her mind by doing that. And then once again, she pulled away a little and watched Sachiko heaved her breaths. She raised her hand and trailed a finger on Sachiko's face, her eyebrows, her nose, her jaw line, her lips, before moving it lower to her neck down to the valley in her front while watching as the delicate skin her fingernail had traveled left a pink trail. And then she moved her finger to Sachiko's left breast, trailing circles gently, before pinching hard the proud nipple while staring at Sachiko's eyes that turned darker in pain and pleasure.

Sachiko gritted her teeth and clenched her hand tightly, her knuckles white with the effort, as she tried so hard not to touch Yumi back. The pleasure was almost killing her, despite the pain that Yumi was inflicting with her almost harsh touched. She could feel her knees trembling as Yumi pushed her to bed and moved on top of her and proceeded to stroke her all over, her lips and teeth following the movements of her hands. Sachiko was sure that later on she would be covered with bruise and red marks, but she didn't and wouldn't mind it. The thought of her covered in Yumi's love bruises even thrilled her, making her moan again. Right at the moment though, what she needed to concentrate was on controlling herself or else she would grab Yumi and kiss her senseless, and that wasn't really a good idea right now. There was no way she would do anything to scare Yumi away.

Yumi lowered herself and enclosed one hard rosy nipple and suckled it gently and painfully in alternation. She raised her head in fear when Sachiko moaned. Staring at her, she could see droplets of sweat on Sachiko's beautiful brow, her eyes tightly shut, her lips parted as she heaved her breath. For some time again, she stared at the beautiful woman under her, and seeing the marks she made starting to show, she felt satisfaction and remorse at the same time. Struggling over herself about the fact that she had hurt, physically this time, the one person she loved the most and whom now she could feel that loved her so much, too, she tried to reign control of herself from deliberately hurting her some more. Once she had tighter grip of that particular emotion, and as excitement and desire started to overwhelm her, Yumi called Sachiko's name softly.

Sachiko opened her eyes and gazed at Yumi in daze.


"I've always wanted to kiss you, to feel you, Sachiko, but I never imagined it to be an unmoving Sachiko," Yumi said breathlessly.

"Kiss me back, Sachiko, touch me back, love me back," she commanded softly. She now understood Sachiko's intention. Sachiko wanted to return to her what had been unwillingly taken from her. Sachiko wanted her to overcome what had been done to her by freely offering herself, not minding of the bodily pain she was inflicting on her. She wouldn't disappoint Sachiko. She would try her best for her own sake and for the people that cared for her, especially Sachiko. Sachiko's action made her love her all the more.

Sachiko swallowed.

"But I'm scared, Yumi. I'm scared that I might hurt you."

"No, you won't," Yumi said soothingly. She placed her hands on her pajamas and took them off completely. Then, gazing squarely at Sachiko's eyes, she held the latter's hands and placed them on her breasts, fighting the involuntary urge to flinch while her cheeks turned deep red. She could feel Sachiko's hands tremble on her breasts.

"Touch me, Sachiko, please."

It was all Sachiko was waiting for. With a moan, she touched Yumi as she leaned in to kiss her lips. She loved Yumi as gently as possible.

Yumi tried hard not to think about what the girls did to her and instead focused on what Sachiko was doing to her. She closed her eyes tight and bit her lips when Sachiko touched her breasts, expecting pain. She waited and waited, but none of it came. Instead, what she felt were feather light touches, making her feel warm all over. Sachiko's tenderness made her want her more. It also made her impatient.

"Take me please…" she begged as she reached for Sachiko's hand and plant it firmly at her center. Both of them moaned at the contact of soft fingers to damp and waiting flesh. She felt her ears burn when she heard Sachiko giggled but nevertheless not let go of her hand and instead moved it over her.

Sachiko didn't need any more encouragement as she covered Yumi's lips as her fingers played with her. She did it slowly, teasing her, smiling to herself as she felt Yumi's body tremble with pleasure while at the same time urging her to go faster with her body.

Whatever thoughts plaguing Yumi's mind earlier and in the past few days, they were shoved away as she felt her mind and body moved into heights. She growled when Sachiko continued to tease her and so to get back at her, she moved her shaky hands to Sachiko's breasts and caressed her while her teeth delved into her soft shoulders shallowly, trying to make her point.

With a moan and one last giggle, Sachiko gave in to Yumi's request and move faster and deeper, filling Yumi's with her adept fingers just as Yumi joined her movements and met her thrusts with her hips.

When Sachiko felt that Yumi was almost at the edge, she gave one final hard, deep thrust just as Yumi felt something inside her explode, her body moving on its own accord while Sachiko held her tight and licked her fingers with a satisfied grin, making Yumi's eyes widened and her stomach lurched with pleasure as she felt liquid desire travel her body once more.

Once Yumi's mind was coherent enough and she could move her body according to her will, she continued where she stopped earlier and proceeded to make Sachiko feel what she felt.

And that night, the two made passionate and both hard and tender love, erasing all of Yumi's fears of what happened to her, of Sachiko's fear of what almost happened to Yumi and what was happening to her, and the nightmare was replaced by a wonderful dream.

And when Yumi woke up that morning snuggled to Sachiko, her body enfolded in a protective embrace, she leaned up and kissed Sachiko's lips tenderly and whispered softly, "Thank you my love, my heroine."

She smiled when Sachiko's lips curved into a beautiful smile as her hands tightened around her.


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