Hi there!! while I'm working on ideas for a longer fic this came out, it's going to be a two chaps maybe three thing.

Plot: Six months after leaving New Orleans with the X-men (cajun spice) Rogue accepts that she likes Remy and starts to think about how much she missed him, unaware that our favorite thief has just arrived the mansion in order to see her again.

A/N: bold italics are Rogue's memories. Just italics are Rogue's thoughts or French for Remy's case.

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Chapter 1. Rogue

It was half past one in Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters, everybody was already asleep, except for one girl, the X-men better known as Rogue. Unable to sleep she decided to take a bath in order to relax herself a little, unaware that somebody was watching her from the outside.

Stepping out of her bathroom, she put on her pajamas, a purple tank top and patchwork girl's boxers, a gift from Kitty; part of Rogue was sure that the gift was Kitty's attempt to make her feel more comfortable with herself.

"There are totally for you Rogue"

"Ah don't know Kit, ah mean thanks but ah'm sure ah'll never wear this"

"You totally will… c'mon Rogue, you can wear them, since we got separate rooms you're alone at night, so there is no risk"

"Well maybe…"

"Just like try, I'm absolutely sure you'll like them"

Somehow Kitty was right, after her unexpected gift, the only dormwear that Rogue wore were tanks and boxers. At nights she kind of allowed herself this little joy, she felt happy and free. Seeing her barely covered body Rogue sighed, nights where the only truth part of the day that she was actually able to walk around like this, not covering her entire body, and by 'walking around' she meant only her room.

Silently she looked herself at the mirror. She'd never considered her a beauty one and less with Jean Grey and Katherine Pryde around the house, besides on top of all she was untouchable, so how ever a boy could lay eyes on her. She used to have a crush on Scott Summers, best known as Cyclops, her team leader and Jean's boyfriend. Even at some point –whilst living with the Brotherhood– she found herself a little attracted to Pietro Maximoff, aka Quicksilver, Magneto's son and twin brother of her friend Wanda Maximoff, the Scarlet Witch, who unlike her stubborn brother has joined the X-men after their dad's disappearance.

To think about Magneto made Rogue remember the Acolytes, rather one Acolyte, Gambit, the Cajun that kidnapped her and took her with him to New Orleans a few months ago in order to save his adoptive father. She hated to admit it, but she liked him and more than in a 'foster unloved child' empathy way. She liked everything about him, his red on black eyes, his unshaved beard, his loose hair, his Cajun accent, his cocky manners but above all she loved the way he made her feel. That time in New Orleans Gambit made her feel beautiful and that was the reason she realized that her childish crush on Scott and her dazzle for Pietro were nothing compared with her feelings for Gambit.

Suddenly the need of his presence overwhelmed Rogue. Six months ago, at the Bayou, he walked away on her and stayed with his father. Six months ago, at the Bayou, she decided to stay with the X-men. Six months ago, at the Bayou, as a farewell he gave her his Queen of Hearts card…

"What is it with you and cards?"

"Well, it's like havig' 52 explosives tucked away in one little pocket. I always save her for last."

"Queen of Hearts?"

"My lucky lady. She's gotten me out of a whole lot of jams."

With the excitement of a kid opening his Christmas gift, Rogue opened her night-table drawer and took out the Queen of Hearts card. Then curling up on her bed, card on her hands, she sighed one more time, she missed him. She didn't know him that much, but still she missed him and yes, she loved him.

Lost in her thoughts and unaware of her open balcony Rogue didn't notice the man that entered her room. He knew she was crying, even if she had her back to him, he could hear her sobbing. Rogue never listened him until he sat down on her bed and said…

"Bonne nuit chérie…"


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