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7. The place I belong…

Gambit sighed, yes he was there because of Rogue, he could have gone anywhere, any place but he's choose Bayville in order to be closer to her, he even consider joining the X-men now that his contract with Magneto was finished and there was of course that big detail… he can't go back to New Orleans, by refusing marry Bella he's disobeyed his own father, the Guild Master so, in other words he's betrayed him and the entire Guild and in response he's been expelled. Remy chose his words carefully not wanting to embarrass an already nervous Rogue.

"Ya see Proffesseur, dere have been problems in N'Awlins, mon pére asked moi to leave de city et…"

"Ask you Gumbo or make you?" Logan suggested

"Ok for the sake of everyone in this room I'll have to ask you to leave, so Logan, Jean, Scott leave me alone with Rogue and Mr. LeBeau please"

Jean and Scott left the room holding each other hands, by now Jean was more relaxed and even has started to think that having Gambit around could be in fact a good thing for Rogue. She liked her and despite their hard beginning anybody could tell that they're friends now, not as she was with Kitty but close enough. Besides as a telepath she could feel her fears and Jean Gray was never wrong, at least in things related to someone's mind, so yes having that gorgeous Cajun around will be definitely good for Rogue's sake, come on you don't have to be a telepath to see how much those two were attracted to each other.

As for Wolverine, he didn't have a choice; he respected Xavier too much to have problems with him, especially because of that Cajun. Besides against all his wishes he'd to admit that Rogue seems to really like him and worst of all trust him, well maybe he's wrong and Gambit was sincerely interested in Rogue, man he's even willing to join the X-men for her, something that wasn't an easy choice, well at least it hasn't been for him years ago. Ororo Munroe was walking behind him; Logan felt her soft hand in his left shoulder, it was her attempt to calm him down, and he didn't know why but it always worked. That weather witch must have some real witch blood running through her veins, in fact turning his eyes one last time towards Gambit and Rogue he smiled remembering that years ago it was a pretty girl, one of his reasons to accept Xavier's offer. And now here he was, walking along that pretty girl, who's become the gorgeous woman behind him.

"And Ororo could you please tell the other students that dinner will be serve at 6:00 and that is obligatory for them to attend since I'm pretty sure I'll have to introduce our new member"

"Yes Charles I will" Storm closed the door behind her, leaving the three alone, easing the tension for Gambit but also for Rogue, who has never been a fan of crowds.

"So now that we're alone, tell me Mr. LeBeau why do you want to join us?"

"As Remy told ya… mon père asked moi to leave N'Awlins in order to save mon life but also de entire Guild…" Remy sighed and Rogue and the Professor noticed how much the whole situation hurt him "Remy didn't keep his word, betraying de Guild Master, mon père, so oui dey expelled moi"

"Well you can stay here the time you consider necessary before things come back to normal and you can return home"

Just the idea of loosing him again scared Rogue; she doesn't want him back in New Orleans but here in Bayville with her, what if he never come back leaving her alone once more. God she was being so selfish, she more than anyone in the Institute knows how much New Orleans was important to him… yet here she was wanting Remy LeBeau becoming an X-men.

"Non Proffesseur, ya don't understand Remy can't go back, dis time Remy's issues with both guilds, thieves et assassins… œil pour œil, an eye for an eye. Remy refused to marry de daughter of de Assassins Guild Master so in order to keep his life, Remy can't be seen in de city anymore"

Rogue put her hand on his knee, she understood him and despite that wedding arrange to a girl she didn't know but she already hated, she knew that being expelled has been too much for him. Remy lowered his eyes, looking at her hand he took it between his and added.

"Besides Remy doesn't want to go back, he's everything he needs right here"

"Well you're free to stay in the Institute and become an X-men, if that's what you want, you'll be treated as any other resident you'll have the same rights and obligations. This is no Guild nor Brotherhood nor Acolytes, so as you may know we fight for what we think is right, a peaceful coexistence between humans and mutants"

Remy remained in silence, he was raised a thief, he's worked with Magneto before and now here he was listening to some peace preacher…

"So do we've an agreement Mr. LeBeau?"

Gambit took a deep breathe before answer "Oui m'sieur, we've"

"Fine, then see you at dinner. Rogue could you please take him one of the free rooms"

"Yeah Professor"

Rogue stood up and left Xavier's office followed by Gambit, once she was outside the Professor called Remy one more time, to add one more thing now that the girl was already out.

"And Gambit" the former thief turned around to meet Xavier's glare again

"I know this is new for you, so I want you to be sure…" he fixated his eyes on his red on black ones, unable to read his mind because of his empathy.

"What will you do now Remy?" Remy LeBeau looked back at the open door by which Rogue's just left, then back at the Professor.

"Stay where I belong. At Rogue's side"


"This one is the nicest to meh, you've the whole view of the gardens" Rogue opened the balcony and smile "see"

"Merci chère"

"So yah like it?"

"Oh oui Remy likes what he's seeing" Rogue turned around to see he was staring at her

"Gawd Remy did yah listen to what ah said"

"Oui, oui… and Remy likes de gardens too mais likes his belle chère more" he walked towards her and grabbing her by the waist he wrapped his arms around her.

"…" she turned her eyes away avoiding his glare

"What is it Rogue?"

"Remy are yah sure of this? Ah mean of becomin' an X-men and all… aren't yah doin' this just because yah can't go back to New Orleans?"

"Rogue look at moi… as I see it, we have two options, we can move forward or we can live in the past"

"Ah think so"

"And chère believe moi, I'm more dan willing to move forward" he lift her chin and cupped her face between his hands, fixing his red on black eyes on her green ones "with ya"

Rogue's eyes filled up with tears, she was beautiful; the most beautiful girl Remy's ever seen.

"Tu es très belle chère, ya know dat…"

"No one has say that to meh before"

"Mebbe not in yer face"

"Ah don't care ah like to hear it from yah" Rogue smiled

"Oh petite and you'll"

"Ah love ya Remy"

"Je t'aime aussi Rogue"

Freeing herself from his embrace she make an attempt to leave

"Ok, see yah at dinner ah guess…"

"Non…" he grabbed by the wrist making her to face him again "don't leave chère s'il vous plaît" Remy ran a hand trough her auburn hair, taking one white lock and curling it between his fingers.

"No more tears ma belle" Then his hand traveled towards her face and rubbing her soft lips with his covered fingers he added.

"Merci Rogue…"

"For what Remy?"

"Everyt'ing… for bringing moi here, for showing moi home, for singing these tears… finally I've found dat I belong here"

"Yah owe meh nothin' sugah"

"Oui I do… at least dis" and saying this he grabbed her by the waist and wrapping his arms around her tiny figure, he crushed his lips against hers, kissing her passionately. Smiling to himself, Remy LeBeau thought that if there was a place he could call home, he was sure it could be anyone as long as he has Rogue next to him.


French translations:

Proffesseur – professor
- my
pére – father
– dear
– little
s'il vous plaît
- please
- but
œil pour œil -
an eye for an eye
- yes
– sir
– thanks
Tu es très belle
– you're so beautiful
Je t'aime aussi
– I love you too


Xavier: What will you do now, Remy?
Gambit: Stay where I belong. At Rogue's side.

New X-men 46

And I thank you for bringing me here
For showing me home

For singing these tears
Finally Ive found that I belong here

Home by Depeche Mode

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