Bonus Chapter

Tails woke up from his coma. He sat up in bed and looked around. He saw many gifts and get well cards from friends and relatives. He sighed and was ready to head home when a cute bunny walked into his room.

"Um hello." Tails said turning in his bed to se who it was.

"Hello. How are you feeling?" The bunny asked.

"Oh fine thanks. Who are you?" Tails smiled. He thought she was cute but kept it to himself.

"Oh my name is Cream. Your's." She said smiling.

"Tails. What are you doing here?" He smiled. It was true he now had a major crush.

"Oh well I'm here visiting patients who seemed to be lonely. I thought you could use a friend to talk to." She smiled walking up to his bed.

"Sure. I can always use another friend." Tails smiled.

"Well glad to be your friend Tails." She smiled and sat on his bed. The two chatted and became close.

Three months later

"Hey Tails I saw the news! Some guy was found killed by a gun shot. It's so sad. But he was he's been chased for sometime now. So I'm sort of glad he was caught." Cream smiled at Tails. They were at the park together when Tails was finally strong enough to walk.

"Really? Did they found out how killed him?' Tails asked.

"No but they did say he shot a girl by the name of Amy Rose. I hope she's okay." Cream sighed.

"Amy Rose? I know her." Tails said in shock.

"Really? Oh that's so sad. Let's hope she's safe and happy." Cream smiled.

"Yeah. I really hope she and Shadow are okay. Tails sighed.

"Who's Shadow?" Cream asked.

"Oh that's Amy's boyfriend. Well I think he is. last I remember the two were major close." Tails smiled.

"You mane like us?" Cream laughed.

"No not like us. I mean very close. Shadow stayed over her house to make sure she was safe from son…someone I knew." Tails frowned. He hasn't seen Sonic at all since he awoke from the coma.

"Well who was it that you knew?" Cream asked now curious.

"I uh. Hey look ice cream!" Tails smiled. Cream smiled and ran with him to the ice cream cart.

Two years

"Man I'm tired." Yawned Tails. He found Sonic yesterday and was glad his pal was in one piece.

"Morning Sonic." Tails said looking at his pal. The two were up in a tree. Tails was on a low branch while Sonic was in one high up.

"Hey Tails. So you were talking about a girl earlier yesterday night. Is she cute." Sonic asked smiling.

"Is she ever!" Tails smiled. Sonic laughed and hopped out of the tree.

"So let's go and look around this place and head off on a new adventure. I'm bored of just helping cats out of trees and stuff. Let's move!" Sonic laughed speeding off. Tails spun his two tails and followed Sonic.

They were off to wherever the wind took them.

On year later (proposal year)

"Cream can I talk to you?" Tails said looking at his girlfriend.

"Sure Tails." She smiled. The two have matured greatly and grown closer then before. They went out to the park from Tails's house. He took her hand and brought her to the little pond. It was pretty close to noon so the sun was setting slightly. Cream stood as Tails went down on one knee.

"Cream?" He said smiling.

"Yes?" She smiled.

"Will you marry me?" He smiled pulling out a ring.

"Ehhhhhhhh!" She screamed and jumped him for a hug. He laughed and held her close to him. The two stayed there watching the sun set slowly. Tails and Cream held hands and watched it together.

Tails couldn't wait to tell Sonic.

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