Mikan Sakura is a fifteen year old Junior high school student of Sakura High who's life is well described as perfect. She's one of Japan's top idols and is believed to be the heiress of the Sakura Industries in which was founded by her parents. Many of her fans adores her and many envies her perfect lifestyle. Although, majority believes the idea of how perfect she and her living is, in reality, all may seem like a lie. Her mother, Yuka Sakura the founder of the school she's entering died due to gunshot from one of their branches of banks around Japan when Mikan was only eight years old.

Her Father, Sano Sakura was a well-knowned business tycoon internationally. Even though he may be able to appear through every news or issues of business or lifestyle magazines, his true identity remained as a secret. Neither one of Mikan's experts can get through the strict security of her father. He lives somewhere in America and he never came back to Japan right after he left Yuka and Mikan for work when Mikan was only three.

But despite the lack of attention from her busy parents, she has grown spending her time with her only best friends and her career partner. Hotaru Imai - A genius living in an ordinary life whom she met because of Natsume Hyuuga - The successor of the Hyuuga Group and Mikan's first ever best friend. Soon he appears to be a rival of Luca Nogi - another celebrity who belongs one of Japan's top idols, getting a great impact from the fans if is paired with Mikan Sakura.

Natsume who decides to come along with his family to New York due to financial issues, Mikan's optimistic side finally gave up. Mental disorders, breathing difficulties, The once was healthy girl became weak. Having almost every significant person to her disappear, she found herself useless for not being able to do something about their leave. Mikan, although was sad about having Natsume without her, found herself developing a crush for her career partner, Luca without even having Hotaru informed about it.

Will anyone be able to cure her sickness? Will Natsume be able to come back and accept his fault? Will Luca ever realize her feelings for her too? Will Hotaru know all those secrets kept by her best friend to herself?

"I believe that you're the perfect match for me," - Mikan

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"Never talk about that bastard when your with me. He'll just bring more problems so, might as well have him forgotten."

"She's always like that, she never wanted any of us worry for her."

"I'm suppose to be mad at you now, but since you're too cute, I'll let it slide."

"What the-"


Author's notes:

Because of the sudden change of plot I had in mind, I've decided to change the title too and so as some of the upcoming chapters. It has been decided too, that sometime soon, I'll delete the other fic of mine which is entitled as "Princess Mikan and Prince Natsume". WARNING!!! If ever you don't want to get spoiled at what's going to happen soon in this story, then don't read the other fic of mine. Compared to what I have written before, this revised is edition is better:) I'll be looking forward for your reviews everyone!:D Chapter one and two will be out any second now.