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Water pours down from the sky. At the cemetery, he stood there, beside the gravestone.

"Why?" He said to himself.

It's all too soon for him.

As the lightning flash, he remembers, the evening when it all happened.


He walked slowly. Tired after the detention Mr. Lancer gave him. He crosses the road, unaware of the speeding car. Then it all seems like a slow motion.

"Fenton!!" then he saw someone run towards him.

Then the car honked, screeched, and crashed.

"Omigod!" The driver came out, "We crashed someone!"

"Call 911!" The other said.

"It's too late. We gotta hurry him to the hospital!"

(At the Hospital)

"Please hold on! You can make it" A voice said to him when he's rushed to the E.R.

"Doctor, we're losing him!" The nurse said.

"Prep him!"


"Clear!"As the shock goes into his body, it jumped. But his heartbeat still flat.


"Clear!" The medical team repeated for over and over again.

Then the doctor came out just after his parents arrived.

"We're sorry…" The doctor said.

His mother fell onto her knees cried.

"My baby…" She said "My poor, poor baby…"

(At the funeral)

"My son, he…" Her mother said "He wanted to give you this…"

His mother gave him a book, a notebook.

"May I have this?" He said.

"Sure." She said sobbing.

The funeral ended. He's left all alone.

He opened the latest page, the last entry. It said:

I think I might have lost my mind. As much as I hate him,

I actually like him. Maybe I'm in love.

I feel like there are butterflies in my stomach when I saw his blue eyes.

I got a strange habit now. I usually stalk him to his home.

Just to make sure he's alright.

If it's possible, I want to be his guardian angel, so that I can protect him from any harm.

I knew that he can protect himself. But still I worried about him.

I'm afraid. What if my friends found out?

Hope they won't.

If they did, they probably ditch me.

Funny, I cried while writing this.

I'm scared. What if he hates me?

When will I have the chance to show my true feelings?

I hope it won't be too late.

--End of FlashBack--

At the cemetery, he stood there. He stood still.

The rain hides his tears as he cries.

The teddy bear he holds is now soggy.

Then he puts it on the gravestone.

In the middle of the cold rain, he felt warmth.

"Stupid… You know I can protect myself."

"But of course you can be my guardian angel…" He said.

"…Dash…" Danny smiled, wrapping his hand around his own body.

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