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Start date:- 7th May 2008

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Past, Present And Future

Chapter One

Like any other night during the week, P3 was packed with lively, dancing patrons. It's joint owners, the Halliwell sisters Piper, Phoebe and Paige, were late, no where to be seen, and they had left Emma Nixon in charge for the night. She may only have been a barmaid on a typical night, but she was one of the very few people inside the club who the sisters trusted. The reason behind the trust, however, had nothing to do with her position at the club. The Halliwell sisters, as well as being club owners, were the most powerful witches on the side of good known as the Charmed Ones, and Emma was a previous innocent.

Emma was a witch who practised the Wiccan religion. Although she would never compare herself to the sisters, Emma had been gifted with a power. She was a psychic, and a powerful one according to the sisters, if only she could figure how to use her power properly. About a year ago, Emma had been targeted by a demon who was taking out all of the forces of good in this world, all those who could help the side of good in the future. Apparently, that was Emma. It was only then that Emma had learnt she was a psychic. Up until that moment, she had only been practising Wicca as a… well, hobby, sort of. The sisters had saved her just in time and since then she had managed to keep in touch, even getting a job in the club. She had also made herself useful from time to time with the sisters outside activities.

Meeting the sisters had opened up a lot of new doors for Emma. She had a job she enjoyed, had gotten the chance to learn more from her craft, and met a lot of very interesting people.

"Yo, barmaid!" Emma heard a male voice shout from the other side of the bar. With a roll of her eyes, Emma turned to see a guy in his mid to late twenties leaning across the bar towards her. He was the typical guy you found in this or any other club. Hair slicked back, silk shirt open at the top, and thinking every girl in the room wanted to be seen with him.

"Am I gonna get some service over here," the guy said once she turned to him. Biting back al the things she wanted to say, Emma plastered a false smile across her lips and walked over to him. "How about a beer then, darling."

Again biting back her words, Emma turned to take the wannabe Romeo's order, knowing full well his eyes were still roaming over her. One of the unfortunate things she was forced to get used to in this job was how to deal with idiots like him.

Turning back round to take the guys money, Emma couldn't help but notice the horrible, appreciative smile on his face.

"Thanks, gorgeous," he said with another smile, this time looking her up and down. Emma said nothing, just took the money and turned her back on him.

"Emma," she heard a more familiar and welcome voice call to her. The smile was real this time as she saw Chris beckoning to her.

Chris was one of those interesting people Emma had met through the Halliwell sisters. He had simply appeared in the Manor attic a few months ago claiming he was from the future here to save Wyatt. Emma had met him during one of her visits to the Manor and the pair had hit it off immediately, instant friends. It was only recently that her, and the sisters, had found out exactly who Chris actually was. He was Piper and Leo's youngest son, little brother to Wyatt.

"Hey, Chris," Emma said, stepping up to him. "You want anything in particular, or are you just here to grace me with your presence."

Chris actually smiled then, and Emma couldn't help but smile back. One, because he had such a gorgeous and infectious smile and two, because Emma had to admit that she had the smallest of crushes on the guy. Few girls wouldn't because he was gorgeous, there was no denying that. She watched him when he was in the club, the amount of girls that came up to him or gave him the eye that he turned down. She guessed that he was still getting over Bianca, his fiancée from the future he had lost at the hands of Wyatt. But he could be such a sweet guy when he wanted to be. The sisters didn't see the side of him that she did. Unless he was on one of his demon benders, he was a great guy to be around. Whereas she got to see the fun side of him, the only thing the sisters ever saw him as was their sarcastic, neurotic Whitelighter/nephew from the future.

But, despite how much she did care for him, there were two good reasons why she would never let anything happen between them if the situation ever arose. Firstly, Chris was from a different timeline and would be going back there when he finished what he had come back to do. She didn't want to fall in love with him then be the one left behind when he went back. And secondly, she already had a fiancé herself, whether he was one she loved or not.

"I was actually looking for Piper," Chris said in answer to her question, his smile still in place.

"Sorry, the sisters are AWOL tonight," Emma told him.

"All night?" he asked.

"Yep," she answered. "Which would explain why I'm back here on my own." Just then, a bunch of slightly intoxicated girls on a hen night stumbled loudly up beside her, ordering their next round. Seeing the difference between being too drunk to stand and simply having a good time, Emma served them with a smile. Turning back round, Emma was happy to see Chris still stood where he had been moments ago.

"Do you want a drink or something anyway?" she asked him.

"No, that's ok," he answered. "I'll be in the back room if you want me."

"Chris," Emma said, reaching out for his arm as he turned to leave, causing him to turn to her. "You know, it can't be right or healthy staying permanently cooped up in that tiny room."

"I'm fine, Emma, really," Chris said, trying to pull free of her grip but she was holding too tight.

"Stay out here for a bit," Emma said, almost begging. "Have a drink, talk to your friend who lately, you don't spend more than a minute at a time with." Chris actually smiled at that, half-laughing.

"I wish I could, really, but…."

"You've got a job to do, people to save, I know, I know," Emma said, having heard him say it time and time again. "Fine, I'll just go back to manning the bar… alone. Oh, and if you hear a commotion, I've just snapped with the stress and attacked the customers."

"Are you really that over-worked out here?" Chris asked.

"Well, all three sisters are out for the night, and I'm not blaming them. They deserve a night off with everything. But it's also Izzy's night off, and Matt called in sick. The only help I've got is Katie, and we all know how little work she does when Piper's not around. She spends most of the night flirting with the customers. So, basically, I'm on my own."

For a minute, Chris just sat there, watching Emma as she hurried around the bar from customer to customer. Eventually he stood up, climbing across the bar to stand at her side.

"What are you doing?" Emma asked once she saw him.

"Making myself useful and helping you out," Chris answered. "You look like you're about to drop."

"What about your other work?" Emma asked, raising her eyebrows.

"It can wait," Chris said, shrugging it off.

"In that case, thank you," Emma said, leaning up to kiss him on the cheek in the affectionate way she did so often.

For the next half an hour or so, Chris and Emma danced past each other as they moved to serve the waiting customers. Every now and then, Emma watched with a smile at the way Chris was around the female customers that were practically grabbing at him. He'd smile that irresistible smile of his, maybe wink at the occasional girl, but he was always polite when he eventually pushed them away with their drinks.

Emma didn't notice but every now and then, Chris was watching her. She had worked here for a while now, so she was almost an expert when it came to dealing with all the guys that were flirting with her. She really was a beautiful girl, so it was no wonder nearly every guy she served tried it on with her. She would smile sexily, and that smile of hers really was sexy, then maybe she'd let out a sweet laugh at whatever attempt at a joke they had made. She would flirt, play nice with them, but always walk away once they had their drinks, flashing that smile.

"Chris, honey," Emma called to him in that sweet tone that meant she wanted something.

"Yes," Chris said with a deep sigh, turning to her.

"You wouldn't be a doll and get a crate of vodka from the back would you?" she said, smiling innocently at him. "We're out, and it's far too heavy for little old me to carry."

"For you, anything," Chris said with a mock bow, making Emma giggle slightly as he left.

"Thank you!" she called after. He just raised his hand to show he'd heard her as he walked into the back room.

Chris had been back there for almost ten minutes before Emma wonder what might have been taking him so long. She turned to the back room in time to hear a low, muffled crash and see the door rattle slightly. Looking around the club, Emma saw that she seemed to be the only one who had noticed.

Jumping across the bar herself. Emma moved through the dense crowd and to the back room. Stepping through, Emma immediately had to duck the fireball heading straight for her head, giving out an involuntary yelp. Her appearance in the room caused both Chris and the demon who had threw the fireball to turn her way.

"Emma, duck!" Chris yelled at her as another fireball flew her way. Darting forward, Chris grabbed Emma's arm, dragging her out of the path of the fireball and inadvertedly putting himself in it. The fireball grazed across his shoulder with enough force to knock him back against the far wall.

The minute Chris went down, the demon again turned his attention to the newcomer and who he saw as the weak one. But before another fireball could fly, Emma sent a spinning kick his way, hitting him directly in the stomach and making him stumble backwards. With all the demons now in her life, Emma had taken the opportunity to learn martial arts. She didn't have powers, but that didn't mean she had to be powerless.

The demon stood back up and Emma again went to kick him, but he was ready this time. Her kick didn't get chance to land as he grabbed her foot, pulling back and knocking her hard onto her back, her head hitting against the wall. Slightly dazed, Emma didn't get chance to move as the demon fired up another fireball. Smirking, he released the fireball, sending it flying towards Emma.

All Emma could do what let out a terrified shriek as the fireball flew at her, knowing that with the speed of the thing she would never move in time to get out of it's way. But that wasn't need as, inches away from her, the fireball changed direction, returning to sender and vanquishing him in a burst of flames. Panting with fear, Emma looked up to see Chris lowering his arm, moving to stand over her.

"Are you alright?" Chris asked, helping her to her feet.

"Yeah, my head just hurts a little. You're the one that's bleeding," Emma said, reaching out and gently touching his wounded shoulder.

"It'll be fine," he said. However, he had trouble hiding the small grimace of pain as he moved his shoulder.

"Sure it will," she said with a smile. "As soon as Leo heals you."

Chris opened him mouth to argue, but at the almost pleading look in his friends eyes, he gave in and sighed, holding out his hand to her. Emma, however, didn't take his hand like he had expected. Instead she just stared at him, looking like she didn't want to take his hand, which Chris truly didn't understand.

"You gonna take my hand or not?" Chris said.

"Not if you're gonna orb, no," Emma answered, crossing her arms over her chest.

"Well, yeah, I was," Chris said, not dropping his hand. "You're the one who wants me to go back to Leo."

"Yeah, but I didn't mean orb there," Emma said with a slightly childish but very cute pout. "It always makes me slightly nauseous as it is, and I already fell a little dizzy."

"Em!" Chris droned out, holding his hand out closer to her.

"Fine," Emma said with a slightly defeatist tone, slipping her hand into Chris'. Smiling comfortingly at her, Chris gently pulled her a little closer to him, orbing the two of them out and back to the manor, landing in the living room in front of Piper, Phoebe and Paige.

The minute they materialised, Emma staggered slightly, Chris catching her as she fell into him. When they saw Emma stagger, fall, the sisters were on their feet as well, obviously thinking the worst.

"What's wrong? Are you ok, Emma?" Paige asked.

"Yeah, I'll be fine," Emma said, straightening herself up with Chris' help, his arms still keeping a hold on her. "You can blame the demon who thought it was fun to throw me around the room."

"Demon?" Piper said, her eyes going wide as they flicked between Emma and her adult son. "Where? What happened? Are you sure you guys are alright?"

"We're fine, mum, both of us," Chris said, soothing his panicked mother.

"No, you are not, Chris," Emma said, purposefully poking at Chris' wounded shoulder, even if it was only gently, and making him groan slightly.

"Oh my, God. Leo!" Piper called, finally noticed her son's fireball grazed shoulder. Seconds later, obviously hearing the panic in his wife's voice, Leo orbed in.

"What's wrong?"

"Chris," Piper said, pointing at their son as Emma moved out of the way, letting Leo see the wounded shoulder, which he immediately healed.

"What did this?" he asked.

"A fireball," Chris answered simply.

"Yeah, and we're still waiting for you to tell us exactly what happened," Phoebe said, looking between the now healed Chris and Emma. "Either of you."

"It was in the back room of P3," Chris answered. "I went back to get a crate of vodka and there was this demon already waiting for me. I barely had chance to duck out of the road when he attacked."

"That's how you got hit?" Phoebe asked, motioning to his shoulder.

"No. Emma came in the back and I got this trying to pull her out of the line of fire."

"Yeah… sorry for distracting you," Emma said with a slightly nervous, please-forgive-me smile.

"Rather me than you," Chris said with a true smile back at her.

"Do you recognise what kind of demon this was?" Paige asked.

"No, and it doesn't matter now," Chris said, brushing this attack off in his usual manner. "He gone, vanquished to the pits of hell."

"Yeah, but there could still be more after him, maybe even wanting revenge for their fallen comrade now," Paige said. "And it's clear they're after you, Chris."

"And you came up with that theory how?" Chris said.

"Well, you said this demon was waiting for you when you went in the back room," Piper said.

"Yeah, but it's your club, mum. The demons have gotta know that by now, so they could have been after any of you three."

"Yeah, but you're the only one who uses that room. We need to look in the Book, find out what demon it was. And you…." Piper said, pointing a finger at Chris. "You are not going back to the club tonight."

"And where am I suppose to sleep?"

"Anywhere but the club. I'd say here, but there's simply no room with everyone here tonight, honey."

"Mum, I appreciate the concern, I really do, but I doubt they will be back. Not tonight anyone."

"Do you really wanna test that?" Phoebe said.

"I know I don't," Emma said with a soft smile, raising her hand slightly.

"Ok, but I repeat, where am I supposed to stay?"

"You can always stay with me."

Emma wasn't even aware she had said that until it left her mouth. But now she was more than aware of the eyes of all the family on her.

"Are you sure about that?" Paige asked her.

Emma paused, turning her eyes solely on Chris now. She was about to say that although she really wanted him safe, maybe him staying with her was not the best idea because of her fiancée, Shaun. He already didn't really like Chris, mainly because of just how well Emma seemed to get on with him. And for however long Chris was going to be in her life for, she really didn't want anymore arguments between her fiancée and her best friend.

But the minute her eyes caught onto Chris', saw that look somewhere between pleading and excitement at the prospect, Emma again found herself speaking with without full awares.

"Yeah. I'm sure."


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