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Chapter 10- The Twins

"Hello?" Julie asked lightly knocking on the Levin's front door. "Kevin? Gwen? Are you guys there?" Ben put a hand on his wife's shoulder gaining her attention.

"Let me do it." He said simply. Julie cocked an eyebrow but stepped aside. Ben then proceeded to start banging on the Levin's door. "Hey! You guys awake?!"

"Ben!" Julie yelled covering little Kenny's ears. "Stop it! They're probably asleep." Just then the door open and Kevin was standing there glaring down at Ben. Ben just smiled sheepishly at his cousin-in-law and scratched the back of his neck.

"Correction," Kevin started. "We were asleep. What are you guys doing here? It's TOO early."

"What do you man 'too early' it's only half past 10!" Ben replied. Kevin just ignored the brunet (AN: That's how you spell it when your mentioning a guy with brown hair, right? ... Sorry for interrupting.) and looked toward Julie, who was cradling little Kenny in her arms.

"What are you two doing here?" Kevin demanded. Julie just rolled her eyes.

"We told you guys yesterday we were coming. Remember?" Julie answered. Kevin just grumbled and turned away leaving the door open for the Tennysons'. Ben and Julie sighed at Kevin's usual antics and walked inside closing the door behind them.

"Gwen! Your cousin, his wife, and their kid is here." Kevin called walking toward the room both Gwen and himself shared, with Ben, Julie and Kenny following.

"Then let them in!" Gwen called back. Kevin then opened the door.

"I did." Kevin replied smoothly sitting down next to his wife on the bed. Julie waved at Gwen taking.

"Hey Gwen. Sorry about being half an hour late." Julie apologised. Gwen just shook her head.

"It's okay, Jules. Come over here, I'd like to say 'hi' to my little nephew." Julie smiled and walked over toward Gwen and sitting on the opposite side of which Kevin was sitting on.

"He has his daddy's eyes." Julie mentioned showing Gwen. Little Kenny was wrapped in a little green blanket. He was as tall as half the size of Julie's arm. What Julie mentioned was true, he did receivethe green eyes both Ben and Gwen had. On his head he already had a little tuft of brown hair.

"He's going to look just like his daddy when he grows up." Julie commented as Kenny wrapped his little digits around a loose lock of Julie's long black hair, giggling and gurgling. Gwen smiled.

"Yes he is. Hopefully, he'll have some of his mom's and his aunt's smarts. We don't want him to have a brain like his dad's." Gwen teased.

"Hey! I resent that." Ben whined. Gwen rolled her eyes.

"Yeah, of course you could."

"Hey, I was pretty smart as a kid." Ben replied puffing out his chest causing Julie to giggle at her husbands silly antics.

"Uh, yeah right. The only time you act relatively smart, was when you were Grey-" Gwen then stopped right in the middle of her sentence and gasped.

"Gwen, what's wrong?" Kevin asked taking his wife's hand. Gwen's eyes widened, then screamed in pain squeezing her husband's hand. Kevin flinched a little at Gwen's strong grip. He then let go of her hand.

"I think that's a yes." Ben said. A few seconds later, Gwen screamed again grabbing a pillow and literally ripping it in half causing the stuffing to fall out. Julie then handed little Kenny toward Ben.

"That doesn't look good, we have to get her to the hospital!" Julie replied helping Gwen stand up. "Kevin! Stop sitting around! We could use some help! Why don't you grab her night bag or something!"

"Yeah! Night bag! Right on it!" Kevin yelled running toward the closed pulling out a light blue bag. Just then, Gwen screamed again squeezing Julie's hand. After a few second she let Julie's hand go.

"Ah! My hand!" Julie yelled holding her now red hand in her other. "My god Gwen!"

"You think your hand's in pain?! That's about one twentieth of the pain I feel!" Gwen snapped.

"Okay. We defiantly need to get the hospital." Ben said. Ben then handed Kenny back toward Julie, who was ignoring the pain in her left hand, and the both ran out of the room. While Kevin held Gwen's hand leading her out yelping whenever she squeezed his hand, but never letting go.


A green and black stripped car zipped down the streets, occasionally almost driving on the other lane causing curses to follow it's path of destruction. Screams were heard as the car passed, coming from inside.

Yes, Kevin still had his precious car. Why would he give it up? Lots of things happenedinvolving Kevin's car. Like, the first time Ben and Julie went on a date, that car drove them there. Kevin drove that car to bothhis and Gwen's first date with each other. Ben, Gwen, and Kevin rode around looking for other members they could add to Alien Force. Kevin drove Julie to the hospital when when was in labor. Many other things happened involving that same black and green car.

Now, Kevin was driving that same car with his wife, his ex-enemy, and that same ex-enemy's wife and their child. Now, Kevin was driving to that very same hospital he only just drove to a month ago, because his wife was in labor. Kevin winced as he heard her scream from the backseat.

"Breathe Gwen. Breathe." Kevin reminded, swerving so he didn't run into that on coming car.

"I know how to fucking breathe Kevin!" Gwen yelled taking deep in even breaths.

"Kevin?" Julie said.

"What?!" He snapped. Ben glared at Kevin.

"Don't snap at my wife, Levin." Ben threatened, only to have his threat fall on deaf ears.

"We passed the hospital about three blocks ago." Julie said. Kevin then executed a messy U-turn.


"Okay. I swear. This hospital has something WRONG with it." Kevin muttered. Standing up Kevin, Ben, Julie, little Kenny, and Gwen (who was in a wheel chair) went to the front desk.

"Hey! We've been here for what? Three minutes. My wife is in labor for Pete'ssake! Why isn't anyone helping us?!" Kevin demanded. The lady who was sitting in her huge chair turned around. It wasn't the same lady as the month before, but she looked VERY similar to her. She had short bubble gum hair and was chomping on a piece of gum.

"The rules are clear, Mr.," The receptionist started. "You have to sign the papers and-" She was stopped in mid sentence when a pink energy surrounded her lifting her from her chair and right into Gwen's angry face.

"Listen here woman. I have two twins in me that want to come out now.-" Gwen's eyes starting glowing pink to know and the receptionist was starting to squirm a bit under the cold glare she was receiving. "-And I would like to have some fucking doctor help me. If I don't you will be blasted into smoldering bits of shit! You got it?" The receptionist nodded. Then the pink energy around her died away.

"Now, I would like some help." Gwen demanded the receptionist quickly picked up a phone and started talking.

"A-assistance needed i-in the waiting room. A woman is in labor. P-p-please send some personal down here." The receptionist squeaked.


"AHHHH!!" Gwen screamed.

"Your almost there, Gwen. Just a few more pushes." Kevin coaxed.

"Shut the hell up Kevin. Your not the one pushing two living beings out of your fucking body!" Gwen screamed.

"Your husbands right Mrs. Levin, your almost there!" The doctor, Mrs. Foley encouraged. Gwen's screams worsened when the nurses saw a little head.

"Kevin Ethan Levin! If you ever touch me again I swear I'll burn you to a fucking crisp myself!!" Gwen screamed, Kevin just flinched still holding her hand, which was a noticeable white color. There was definitely going to be broken bones when this was over. Just then a slap and crying was heard.

"It's a boy, Mrs. Levin" Mrs. Foley announced, Gwen smiled even though she was still in pain. "Get ready for round two." Gwen momentarily froze. She didn't think she could go through that again. But she wasn't just going to let her baby die.

"Push!" Mrs. Foley instructed. Gwen screamed and started cursing at Kevin and how all this was his fault, but starting pushing. Kevin paled at some of the things Gwen said, and knew one thing. He'll be glad when this was over.


"AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!" Ben flinched at hearing his cousin scream waiting outside in the hallway. Ben felt a hand on his shoulder, he turned to see his wife.

"It's going to be okay." Julie reassured. Ben smiled and put his larger hand over her hand that laid on his shoulder.

"I know. I know." Ben sighed. He then felt a little pressure on his back.

"Then no need to worry." Julie murmured as she pressed her forehead to Ben's back, while cradling Kenny in her arms. Ben smiled, "Fine, Julie."


"They're cute." Julie cooed sitting next to Gwendolyn. "What are their names?"

"He's Devlin Daniel Levin and she's Jaylynn Verdona Levin." Gwendolyn replied. Julie leaned back into Ben's chest to see her little nephew and niece. Well, technically, second cousins, but does it really matter? Julie cradled Kenny while he stared at his cousins (third cousins, WHATEVER!) with wide green eyes.

On Gwen's other side Kevin had his arm wrapped around Gwen's shoulder. His other hand was wrapped in gaze from Gwen's labor. When Jaylynn was born, blood was shed. And it wasn't only just from Gwen. So when the gaze was removed, their was going to be one hell of a scar.

"I don't think I'm ever going to forget this." Kevin told earnestly. His wife smiled a little and leaned her head on his shoulder.


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