Title: In Search of Sara, My Friend

Author: Nicksfriend


Spoilers: Good-bye and Good Luck

Disclaimer: They do not belong to me...that is for sure.

Author's note:This is my first CSI fic. Please be gentle.

You know how I am, taking a very short break as usual from my longer fic, I just wanted to help resolve something, the relationship between two very good friends. Nick loves Sara but it is a different love than Grissom's. It is the very best friend kind of love. I watched as Nick tormented himself over his friend's abduction and thought to myself, he knows what it feels like to have someone else in control of your life. Let's see how Nick is doing since Sara left and how far will he go to say GOOD-BYE.

As he sat in the lounge of the crime lab he could not help but to think how sad Grissom had become since Sara's sudden departure. Cowboy poetry? How low do you go, he thought to himself.

Sara had taken Grissom's heart, the spark that he had seen just weeks before was gone,and even though Grissom had chosen not to talk to him about Sara he knew the pain his boss was suffering. It was evident in his walk, how he dressed and how he spoke to others. The man was sad, but so was he.

Sara had left a big gapping hole in his heart something a friend should not do to a friend. He needed to rectify it,but how?

Warrick walked in disturbing his inward thoughts,"Hey, you want to go and get a beer?" Seeing that it was time for them to leave and they both had finished up their cases.

"I'm going to pass, I have a headache, think I'll just go home and go to bed," He stood and picked up his discarded jacket and pulled it over his arm, not taking the time to put it on.

"Okay, maybe another day. Hope you are not coming down with something." Warrick's voice was full of concern for his friend. Taking in his friend's pale appearance and his blood shot eyes.

"Nah, I'm just tired. See you tomorrow night." He gave Warrick a small wave, turned and headed for the garage.


When he arrived at his SUV he stopped and just stared at the vehicle, the sun was just coming up and and as he stood there it hit him. He was not going to waste another day wondering what had happened to his friend and why she had not said good-bye.

He hit the alarm key and then opened the door. He threw his jacket into the back and got into the vehicle. Today he was going to resolve something that had bothered him for months,why had Sara Sidle left without a word.

He hit the speed dial on his phone, waiting for an answer.

"Grissom. What is it Nick?" he asked rather confused as to why his CSI was calling.

"Grissom I need a few days off for a personal reason. I need to go out of town." He felt confident that his boss would allow it, he never asked for a day off and he had been doing a lot of triple shifts of late.

"Nick, we are rather short staffed since Sara left, I don't know, where are you going?" Grissom rubbed at his tired eyes, a pile of paperwork sit before him on the desk.

"It's personal, I would rather not say." He felt that whatever he found out he would inform Grissom later, but for now he was not willing to give out his destination.

"Sounds as if you need to resolve something Nick," He paused as if he was trying to figure it out,"I hope you find what you are looking for."

"Me too Grissom, Me too. I should be back Monday." He did not wait for a response, he hung up his phone and turned the key in the ignition. He needed to stop by his house to get some things and then he would head for San Francisco.


Short beginning and I promise another chapter to In God's Hands by tomorrow night. I was just wondering if anybody else felt this way...that Nick was sort of left out. He really hasn't talked about Sara, he just gives that look when she is mentioned by others, a rather sad look.

Tell me what you think.