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A/N: They say that everyone has a twin, somewhere on the Earth. You may meet them you may not but chance stands to say that they exist, for the heroes of Karakura town that chance was found to be ever more possible.

Chapter 1: The sighting

Once the winter war had ended a peace fell upon the land and many were happy, past enemies became friends as new relations began to spring up all across the three worlds. Aizen was overthrown and locked away for all eternity in the prisons of soul society, as many could breathe a bit easier. The relations between Hueco Mundo and Soul Society improved, they were not great but they were for the most part civil. The group of brave ryoka had parted, Ichigo the informal captain, had moved on to take up a position as a captain amongst the thirteen squads. Chad believed it was best for him to learn more of his abilities and decided to stay with the arrancar where Grimmjow granted him a position as an honorary espada. As for Uruyu and Orihime they thought it best to remain in the world of the living keeping a close eye out for hollows and other vagrants. For everybody else it seemed to be business as usually, Kon the poor mod soul smooth talked Urahara into giving him a gegai to call his own. Rukia moved up the ranks and became a lieutenant, deciding to follow under Ichigo in his squad. Apart from other reasons, she admitted that Ichigo would need the help. But one realizes that you can only have bliss for so long before something has to go wrong…

The sun was shining and the air was warm another great start to another day in Karakura town. Kon and Uruyu had made their weekly stop over to Kiske's shop for some small supplies and the most recent news of hollow activity from abroad.

"I don't know what to tell you guys, things have calmed down. The hollows just don't seem to be coming around like they used to," Kiske noted as he continued to stock his shelves.

"It almost seems like we may be out of a job soon," sighed Uruyu taking a seat in one of the chairs close at hand. "Kurosaki send any word as of late?"

"And what about nee-sama?" shouted Kon leaping toward Kiske eagerly looking for a response. "Oh how I miss my nee-sama."

"Nah, it's been quiet there too. Last I heard they were training a bunch of new recruits though."

"Kiske I still can't wrap my head around the idea of Ichigo wanting to stay in soul society, I would have thought that he would have wanted to stay here and continue working as a soul reaper."

"It's not so much that, but the simple fact that he was granted a captains position is what floors me," noted Kon picking himself up off the floor.

"Well look at what he has done, to go that far in such a short time is surely incredible. I am quite positive that the Captain Commander wished to keep him for the simple fact that he is one of the most powerful there. That can both be used in a means of guidance and inspiration for lower class soul reapers and as a show of force toward their enemies. One must realize that when you guys showed up there and Ichigo started plowing over high ranking officials like nothing, news wouldn't stay too long within the city walls."

"I guess your right Kiske, and as mush as I hate to say it I do miss everybody. But we must be off Orihime promised lunch."

Kiske's eyes went big, even he knew of the things Orihime was able to cook up. "Well pass on my regards to both Orihime and to your guts."

"I'm not too worried, her cooking skills have improved, but I will pass on the message. Talk to you later."

"Later Kiske," said Kon as the two of them left the shop.

Rounding the corner the two began their trip home goods in hand. The trip was quick, there was no need for a car and it kept them healthy. As usual Kon was on the prowl, his fascination with women and breasts hadn't faded. Typically if the girls didn't shoot him down Uruyu did, one swift kick to the back of the head and he was back to reality. Stopping to check his phone he let Kon make the last corner before the house, only to alerted by a large amount of fussing and screamed. Poking his head around the corner Uruyu had found that Kon had run into a small girl.

"Kon why didn't you watch where you were going?" he asked setting down his things and helping the small girl up.

"It wasn't my fault she ran into me," he barked brushing himself off and standing up off the sidewalk.

Kneeling down in front of her Uruyu found her to be crying and in a bit of a panic, she couldn't keep her attention on him. They could see her eyes darting around seeming to look for something. It was then that he noticed the chain attacked to her chest. Immediately Uruyu became cautious.

"Kon, I want you to take her to the house."

"What?" he questioned seemingly surprised.

"No questions, just do it, we might have some company," he told the mod releasing his bow.

With a quick nod Kon grabbed the child and made a bolt for the house. Then is if on cue a hollow burst out of the wall in between the two of them knocking Uruyu to the ground. Kon had stopped to look back, Uruyu yelled at him to keep going while he picked himself up off the ground. Drawing his bow he fired and arrow and sheared off one of its legs. The hollow bellowed in pain and spun around to almost meet him eye to eye. Jumping back he fired off another and the hollow managed to dodge it throwing out its tongue hoping to grab the young quincy but missed.

"What's your next move quincy?" the hollow asked checking his three remaining legs.

"Your demise," Uruyu replied looking over his opponenet.

The hollow almost reminded him of a dog the way his limbs and tail were positioned, not to mention the long nosed mask and sharp teeth but being about the size of a small car it could pose a bit of a problem. Uruyu charged, so did the hollow. The hollow leap at him, dropping onto his back Uruyu had a clear shot at the beast's stomach. Putting a bit extra energy into the arrow for good measure he released and the hollow was no more. Standing up and brushing himself off, something felt different, as if he was being watched. Casually glancing around it was then that he saw him, just off to the right and in the distance. There, his image just hanging in the sky. It was then he felt the spiritual pressure it was immense, almost engulfing the senses. Clad in white and a mask hanging from his shoulder it was clear that this was an espada. But why? For what reason was he here? It was then that Uruyu saw a face, he froze as then the espada faded out of sight.

In soul society…

It was another peaceful day at the Kurosaki estate, Rukia was going through some papers while sitting on the deck overlooking the large field requested by Ichigo. She peered over across the way to find Ichigo sparring with Kenpachi. The two of them loving every moment of their battle, severely restricted of course but a battle non the less. Taking a sip of her tea, she continued to go through her work as a young man walked up behind her.

"Lieutenant Kuchki, I have a message that requires you and Captain Kurosaki's attention," he lightly stammered.

"Oh…" she said turning her head to look at him. "Just a moment… OY! ICHIGO!"

"What?" he mumbled taking eyes off the action just for a moment to pay attention to Rukia.

"Oh no you don't!" Kenpachi called out.

Turning his head to look back at his opponent, he had just enough time to see Kenpachi grab him by his head. From beneath his hand came a muffled scream as he took Ichigo's head and drove it into the ground. Pulling off, Kenpachi stepped back a bit as Ichigo popped back up on his feet in true anime fashion quickly pointing a finger at his combatant and complaining that his move was a cheap shot.

"Get your ass up here, we got a message," Rukia called to him while he placed his zanpactou back in its rightful place.

The two captains crawled the hill to meet them at the deck. "We'll fight again Kurosaki, but I have to be going, see you at the next meeting," noted Kenpachi as took his leave.

"Yeah catch you later," replied Ichigo. "So what's this message."

"Sir, you or someone from your squad has been called to the world of the living to handle a soul burial."

"That's it? I don't see why one of us need to take care of something small like that," noted Rukia looking over to Ichigo.

"No Ms. That's not all of it, there was an espada sighting. The Quincy Uruyu Ishida put in the call Sir."

"That shouldn't be an issue we are having no trouble with the espada or the arrancar," noted Ichigo calmly.

"You see sir, he said the espada looked like you…"