Wildcat Promenade


Wildcat Promenade consists of various short stories of the Wildcat gang during their senior prom night in 2008. The story is in everyone's individual point of view starting from Troy and ends with Ryan and Martha plus the whole gang's story. It will show you stories before and during the ball, behind the success of the party, and the post prom get-together.

Prom, set in the luxurious Lava Springs Hotel – a Lava Springs franchise still owned by the Evans - has a masquerade theme where all girls are dressed elegantly behind a mask. Pairs are oddly separated at the beginning of the prom. As the minutes go by, the gentlemen should find their ladies before the special awards will be announced. Once the queen is crowned for the night, all masks are free to be removed from the ladies' faces and the slow dancing begins.

Help Troy find his perfect date as he sadly wishes for Gabriella to be with him. Wonder with Gabriella if she can come to the prom before the clock strikes twelve. Give Sharpay the special prom she deserves after all the hard work she's put to the ball looking less Sharpay-ish. Provide Zeke enough courage to finally ask Sharpay one simple but important question. Save Chad from making the worst masquerade mistake he can ever make. Soothe Taylor before she explodes in excitement of what she expects for prom. Take Jason seriously as he plans for a special prom night. Cheer for Kelsi as a lot of surprises head her way. Convince Martha that someone is admiring her that night –and forever. Watch out for Ryan and his surprising announcement in front of the whole senior crowd. Enjoy the night as the gang spends the post prom get together with smiles on their faces.

Ten stories, one night. All these in Wildcat Promenade.


Story 1: Masquerade Hunt
Summary: Troy is sent to a hunt to find his 'date' on prom night but he isn't up to it especially that all he wants for the night is Gabriella. Will he let the girls pass him onto another and get involve in a blind date? The date he never wanted? Or so he thought. This is the first 'Wildcat Promenade' story set in Troy's point of view.

Story 2: Dear Fairy Grandmother
Summary: Gabriella just wants what's best for her grandmother, even if it means saying no to going with Troy to the prom. But all it takes is a swish from her grandmother's hand - and wallet – to make her attend the prom. But will she make it before the clock strikes twelve? The second story set before the prom in Gabriella's point of view.

Story 3: Behind That Fishnet
Summary: It seems like the prom's getting a lot more enjoying as the night goes deeper. But to Sharpay, stress is all that it bring. She hasn't joined her friends yet and it feels like she's about to faint. Can the ice-queen-turned-responsible-head-committee get the compliment she deserves? Is her last prom ever going to be special? Bringing you behind all the excitement of the party, the third story is set in Sharpay's point of view.

Story 4: Through The Disco Light
Summary: Zeke worries a lot about Sharpay since she hasn't been around the ballroom for longer than 1 minute. He knows she attended the party but it seems like she's not even there. He is desperate to give Sharpay the best prom she can ever have. But will he ever give her the best prom knowing that it is hard to ask Sharpay on a dance even for just a minute? Will he ever ask one question without shaking and failing? Romantic story, fourth in line in Zeke's point of view.

A:N The introduction may be altered as soon as I get closer. But for Troy, Gabriella, Sharpay and Zeke stories, they are official so watch out for them. I will be posting Masquerade Hunt soon and will alert everyone if ever I changed anything with the introduction and added the summary of the other stories. There are ten (or eleven stories) all in all. I hope you will all watch out for it ;) Thanks!

Disclaimer: I only own the ideas, plot and story-telling.