Chapter Seven:

            Then Kris broke it off.  "Well, I think we can say the vacation really is over.  You did what you set out to do."

            "Whatever are you talking about?" Jill asked innocently.

            "You know what I mean."  They laughed and Jill brought the boat in.  "So, now all I have to worry about is my job."

            "Oh, I don't think you have to worry about that."

            Kris looked at her, "Don't even tell me.  How often did you call Charlie with progress reports?"

            "Only when necessary.  Actually, he helped my confidence."

            Kris was surprised.  "Really?"

            "Yes.  When I saw the shape you were in I knew it had to be really bad and I started to wonder if I could handle it and help you.  You see, even your big sister has confidence issues sometimes.  Especially when it's important.  Charlie said I could do it though and it looks like he was right."

            "I guess Charlie only hires the best to be his Angels."

            "That's right.  You know you have to be pretty special to be one of Charlie's Angels."


            They were soon packed and on their way.  It was late when they got to the beach house, so Jill stayed over in the guest bedroom.

            "I don't think the nightmares will come back.  They're gone for good."

            Jill smiled at her kid sister.  "I think you're right."  After they went to bed, though Jill lay awake and thought about the things she'd learned about her sister.  She'd had no idea that Kris felt that she had to prove herself to anybody, least of all to her.  Jill had always taken for granted that Kris knew how special she was.  She got up and walked Kris's room.  Her sister was asleep with a peaceful expression on her face.  She sighed with relief.  Kris was going to be okay, thank God.  She went back to her own room. 

            Both sisters slept through the night and the next morning Jill woke to the smell of something cooking.  Kris was in the kitchen.  "It's a celebration breakfast:  My first nightmare-free night since I don't know when.  Thanks Jill."

            They sat down to a scrumptious breakfast of pancakes, bacon, eggs, orange juice, and coffee.  "So, are you going to the office today?"  Jill asked.

            "I have to sometime.  I do owe them an explanation."

            "Hey, it's up to you what, if anything you tell them.  I'm not going to say anything."

            "I know.  They're family, though."

            Jill nodded.  "They were worried about you."

            "You think I should tell them?"

            "That's up to you."

            Kris sighed.  "I know.  I also know you think I should tell them."

            "Not talking about it was what got you into trouble in the first place."

            "True.  I do agree with you.  I'll tell them.  You want to come along?"

            "I wouldn't miss it for the world."

            "Well that's what you left behind to come to my rescue."

            "You're priority for me.  You certainly mean more to me than all the travels and trophies.  I've looked out for you since you were a baby and I'm not about to stop now."

            They were soon on their way to the office.  As luck would have it, everybody was there wrapping up the Better Baubles case.

            Bosley was the first to see them.  "Look who's here."  

He and Kelly got up to hug them.  "Are you alright?  What's been going on with you?" she asked Kris anxiously.

"I'll tell you.  Let's go sit down." 

Just then the phone rang.  It was Charlie.  "Hello Angels."

"Guess who's here?" Bosley asked.

"I know.  My little lost angel's been brought back into the fold by her big sister."

The girls looked at each other.  "How does he do that?" asked Tiffany.

"We're never going to know that," Kelly stated.  She turned to Kris.  "Go on, Kris."

So Kris told them everything that had been going on.  "If it weren't for Jill I don't know how I would have hung on.  I was seriously losing it.  Thanks for finding her, Charlie.  And thanks for not giving up on me when I was almost ready to give up on myself."

"It's quite alright, Kris.  You are a very special person in your own right and worth everything."  Bosley and the girls echoed Charlie's sentiments.

"Yes, well now I know what I should have always known, I guess."

 "And don't ever make us go through something like that again, young lady," Bosley scolded.  "You talk to us."

Kelly nodded.  "That's what we're here for.  You're never alone."

"You can talk to me too," added Tiffany.

Jill turned to Kris.  "So it's agreed.  The next time you're in trouble you'll go to any one of us, right?"

"Is that an order?"


"Okay, I know.  I promise that I will.  Hey, we're a family."