Pretty In Pink

Tezuka leads a very straight, and very normal life.

That is what he is terribly inclined to believe.

That is not, however, what his teammates (specifically a certain Fuji Syuusuke) believe.

With this, Tezuka arrives for tennis practice. As he enters the locker room, he finds a bright pink note stuck to Fuji's locker.

Later, Fuji is not surprised to see his favourite buchou standing at the doorway of the locker room furiously shaking a piece of paper which reads:



How Fuji clung to that smile in the blizzard that was Tezuka is a mystery even to Fuji.

(113 words)

Spectacles vs Contact Lenses

Many people wondered why Kite wore glasses. In the first place, glasses weren't that common in the countryside that was Okinawa. Moreover, there was always the option of contact lenses, so much easier to play tennis in than spectacles that bounced and clouded and so on.

Kite never did tell anyone, but it's something almost sentimental. It represents his leadership of the tennis team. He's the only one among them with spectacles, and somehow that gives him the psychological right to judge and critique their play.

They most certainly have nothing to do with the fact that they make him look smarter than he really is.

(106 words)


Aoi Kentaro was not noisy. He was merely friendly. Being friendly, he wanted other people to realize that he was friendly, and that meant making his friendliness as obvious as possible. Loudly.

After all, wasn't it better to be friendly in a loud and obvious way than in the way Echizen-kun did, always pulling down his cap and pretending indifference? There was such a huge possibility of being misconstrued as being unfriendly.

Of course, Kentaro, being the broad-minded and big-hearted person he was, had understood at once that this was Echizen-kun's way of being friendly and proceeded to make up for the other's reticence by being twice as loud as before.

(111 words)

Collar Pin

All aristocrats are calm and charming and Atobe is no exception. However, in certain trying situations, even Atobe has his limits.

"Atobe, your collar's crooked."

"Buchou, collar."

"Attooobbeee- Hey, check your shirt collar."

Atobe, overwrought with constantly checking his uniform finally loses it and screeches, "WHY IS EVERYONE TELLING ME ABOUT MY COLLAR?" And in a style that could only be possible in cartoons, he screams until all his clothes explodes and he is left seething in the middle of the tennis court in his underwear.

Kabajii walks up to him and states, "You're having a bad shirt day."

(98 words)


It's really not fair to be called a Jimmy when you're actually perfectly not boring. (Jimmy is the Romanization of the Japanese word for boring-- 地味). After all, he and Higashikata were very good at doubles and had indubitably surpassed the 'basic' level. Minami would have understood if they were called Jimmies for playing very basic doubles, but since they didn't, it was quite inexplicable and inexcusable.

"Hello, Sengoku. I see you're representing your team? Who's this? Ah yes, one of the members of the Jimmies, right? Um… what's your name again?"

Really, what was so boring about him that he deserved to be forgotten like this? Didn't having spiky hair count for anything?!

(116 words)

Good nature, Bad nature; Who cares when you're living in a pirate ship

Tachibana believes in good nature. This, he thinks, will make the world a better place.

"Hey Akira-kun! Stick out your tongue and say 'I live in a pirate ship'! It's a really neat trick!"


"Onii-chan told me the trick."

"O-okay. 'I live in a pila-shit'."


"An-chan!" An pointed to Tachibana standing close by who turned and blinked.

Akira, his face red, gave Tachibana the most 'I-no-longer-have-any-respect-for-you-you-horrid-person' look and ran off into the sunset, the droplets trailing behind him twinkled.

'Good nature, good nature, good nature,' Tachibana chanted to himself. Behind him, An continued to laugh.

(100 words)

Needs of the (not so) Quiet Kind

Akazawa is a sensible person with sensible needs.

These include air, tennis and his computer.

This does not bode well with his manager who feels he only needs tennis and Mizuki. Which is him.

"You're cheating on me? Death!" Mizuki promised as Akazawa ducked from the tennis balls lobbed towards him.

"NO! I'm- Wait, I'm not even in a relationship with you!"


"No! We have an on/off relationship!"


The last thing he heard was Mizuki muttering darkly about an iMac Laptop before a particularly vengeful tennis ball took him out.

(105 words)

Wii, FTW!!!

Contrary to popular opinion, Sanada Genichirou was not a rock. If you went to him asking about it, he would have directed you to Tezuka Kunimitsu after a very scary tarundoru-ing for the disrespect.

But that's beside the point. Sanada was, as we just established, not a rock. He professed to be a very passionate person, particularly about tennis, kendo and Yukimura. If he was a rock concerning other things, namely video games (what on earth is a Mario?!), that couldn't be helped.

Though, admittedly, he could perhaps learn to become passionate about a Wii. Especially when Yukimura was playing tennis on it.

(103 words)

Problem Solving, Made Easy

Mizuki likes purple. Not because he's gay, or maybe not primarily because he's gay. The real reason is, you see, all his favorites look good in purple. Like himself, for example. And Yuuta. And that gorgeous Atobe, who's just delicious in purple.

There was only one problem. Fuji Syuusuke wore purple too. Worse, he looked good in it.

Mizuki had racked his brains to find a way out of this dilemma for weeks before he finally hit upon the answer.

Fuji Syuusuke was not pleased to find that the 'purple freak' had started to stalk him, along with Yuuta.

(99 words)

Revenge of the Arm

Shiraishi has never, ever, wished anyone harm. Especially not an idiot like Kintaro.


"NOOOOO!!!! NO, NO PLEASE, BUCHOU!!!!! SPARE MEEEE!!!!!" yelled Kintaro as he ran from Shiraishi whose shoelaces were untied (Kintaro's doing).


Shiraishi straightened, "Uh, sorry?"


Shiraishi stood there thinking he never did wish anyone any harm.

(108 words)

My Earring, My Pride

Earrings were a cult thing in Jyousei Shounan. Cool guys wore them, because only cool guys could wear them without looking gay.

Naturally, the tennis buchou wore an earring. He was, after all, cool.

Inevitably, there came a day when he lost his earring.

"He's got no earring… must have been demoted."

"EHHH?! Kajimoto-sama's earring is gone!!! He's not cool anymore!!!" –BAWLZ--

Kajimoto stewed for the whole day under his schoolmates' scrutiny. When he went to practice, Wakato grinned and asked sympathetically, "No longer cool, Kajimoto?"

That was the final straw. Kajimoto blew up with impressive force. "I JUST LOST MY EARRING THIS MORNING!!! WHY IS EVERYONE HARPING ON IT?!!! LEAVE –"

His rant ended with an undignified croak when he realized that Wakato himself was wearing Kajimoto's all-important earring.

(130 words)

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