Equal Eyesight

A Chon/Pei Pei poem by Setsumi-san

Disclaimer: Shanghai Noon belongs to Spyglass Entertainment and Buena Vista Pictures. I do not, never have, and never will plan to make any money off this fanfic. If I did own the movie, Roy would not have dumped Falling Leaves for Lin.

Pretty little servant

Do not look away.

For your ruler wants to

Teach you something new today.


Wipe away the borders

Which you have been taught.

Forget all about them.

For to us they should mean naught.


Please, this time don't see me

As untouchable.

Look upon me, Chon Wang.

I want to be your equal.


Show me those brown jewels which

You call your own eyes.

I'll forfeit all my riches

If I can possess that prize.


Ah! At long last I have

Woken from a dream

And know my happy ending's

Not far away as it seemed.


Shall we have a wedding

And a honeymoon

When you make me moan

Clutch your silky hair, and swoon?


Wake the hundred songs

Long dormant in my flesh.

Make me blossom, lover.

Make this princess new and fresh.


Don't treat me like a goddess

As the others do.

If anything I should

Be the one who bows to you.

Love it? Loathe it? C&C is appreciciated. Flames will be uses to set Van Cleef's mustache on fire. I'm actually rather proud of submitting the first ChoPei poem to the site , myself.