Clipped Wings

by: Madame Morrison

Disclaimer: I own Caria Moore. Cara Fertig belongs to Cara Mascara. Becky Anderson belongs to Snap DDT.

Type: Wrestling

Fan-Fiction Post: Chapter Story

Pairings: CM Punk/OC/Jeff, Shannon/OC, Cody/OC, etc.

Chapter One: Waiting For Her

A/N: To my babe, Cara. Love you, chick!

Story put in Jeff's POV. I hope you enjoy Cara and my lovely other readers! The first chapter is a little short, but it's just an introduction to the story.


The fans were at their feet. Cara stood out in the open in front of thousands of fans with a microphone in her hand. She stood at the top of the runway, smiling at the whole arena. Every seat was filled in the house. All the WWE fans were here.

"Hello, Boston!!" she screamed into the mic. Her voice echoed throughout the place. The crowd cheered loudly, holding up 'Welcome Home Cara' signs.

Boston. I never really liked this city. I wasn't too crazy about it. In my opinion, it was pretty cruddy and filthy. Almost as Los Angeles. Well, nothing was ever as bad as Los Angeles...

Cara wasn't too much of a fan of this city in particular, either. But really, she didn't care. It didn't matter. Because whenever she found out that we were heading to Massachusetts, she'd get all excited about coming back home.

Although, she wouldn't be able to visit her parents or any of her family up here, I knew that she was excited to be here.

I watched from my locker room as she spoke about her title match against Mickie James at Backlash. Then, until, I felt a hand touch my shoulder.

"Hey man, what're you doin'?" asked a thick, familiar voice. Matt.

"Just watchin' Cara talk about her title match." I told him. "You gettin' outta here?"

"Yeah, goin' back to Cameron. What about you? You coming with or just going to head to the next state?" he asked me.

"I'll come with, but can you wait for a few? I wanna wait for Cara." I said. "I'm gonna see if she wants to come along."

"Well what if she wants to go with Phil?" Matt asked.

Ugh. I wish he hadn't mentioned that little detail. I cringed slightly inside at the very sound of his name being mentioned. You can say I wasn't too fond of Phil Brooks. To me, he comes off as obnoxious and just a piece of shit. And he also has Cara. My best friend. My closest friend, besides my own brother. I dealt every day with watch him hang all over her and around her. It killed me. But I didn't say anything. I didn't give any signs. I just tried and ignored it the best I could.

"Then she goes with Phil, and we'll just go home, man. No problem." I shrugged, and pretended like it was nothing.

But Matt knew better, I know he did. As he grabbed his bag, he passed me out the door.

"Don't wait too long, Jeff." he said.